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Peyton Bristow 1790 - 1860

Frances Ellen Bristow is the name of my maternal grandmother.  I was named after her.  She was born December 14, 1860 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. 

Sarah Bristow Gibbs ?

The West Country Bristows took their name from the City of Bristol, once called Brickstow or Bristow.  Many of them were associated with the Church, particularly Malmesbury Abbey in Wiltshire.  The Bristows of Northern Ireland, many of whom were distinguished clergy (Church ofIreland), may belong to this family.  Some Bristow families trace their  descent from Stephen Fitz Hamon alias Stephen de Burstow.  The Fitz Hamons were of Norman lineage.  They came to England with William the Conqueror and with him trace their descent back to Rollo (Ganger Rolf the Viking.)

Some of our Bristow family believe they are direct descendants of Thomas Bristow who was in Prince William CountyVirginia c. 1737.  In 1736/7 he paid rent to Wansford Arrington Orphans.  He also paid Thomas Osborne's debt to Orphans.  A Thomas Osborne was elected Burgess fromPrince William County in 1736.  The election was challenged by Peter Hedgman.  Burr Harrison made a deposition in Hedgman's behalf althoughHarrison's wife was a sister to Thomas Osborne's wife.  Osborne was expelled from the House and a new election was held that was won by Hedgman and Valentine Peyton.

William, Benjamin and Thomas Bristow had a life lease in Loudoun CountyVirginia from Lord Thomas Fairfax.  William Bristow was listed as one tithe in Shelbourne Parish, Loudoun County in 1777-78-79.

William Bristow, Sr.  was born on 6 October 1747.  He was a merchant, according to tradition. He may have been employed by Leven Powell at his "Sally Mill" near Bluemont in Loudoun County.  William married, c. 1767, Margaret Powell, Leven Powell's sister.  Margaret was born in LoudounCounty,
Virginia in 1751.  Margaret and Leven's father was William Powell who was born on the plantation Greenfields, Somerset CountyMaryland. William was a son of William Powell, Sr. and Elizabeth Lane, a daughter of George Lane, Jr. and Denise De La Fountaine.  Margaret's mother was Eleanor Peyton a daughter of Valentine Peyton and Frances Linton, a daughter of Moses and Margaret (Barton) Linton.  Valentine Peyton was a son of Henry and Ann (possibly Harrison).  Leven Powell disposed of his business at Bluemont and William Bristow moved to Henry CountyVirginiain 1782.  In 1782-90 William Bristow was listed as one tithe and John Bristow was listed as one tithe with 10 slaves in Henry County.  From 1791 to 1797 William bought and sold land in Patrick CountyVirginia.  Patrick was formed from Henry County in 1791.  The Bristow land was on Goblington Creek.  William Bristow died in Patrick County in 1798.  His widow, Margaret, paid taxes on William's land, in Patrick County, from 1799 until 1811.  She died in Johnson CountyIndiana on 27 February 1833 and was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetary.  Margaret and Williams's children were:

 1.  Benjamin Bristow was born c. 1767-8 in Virginia.  He died in Adair CountyKentucky in 1804-05.  He married Sarah Miles on 7 December 1789 in Franklin CountyVirginia.  She was a daughter of Samuel and Sarah (James) Miles.  Their children were:

         A.  Margaret Bristow, 1791-1880.  She married Isaac Lewis (a cousin, son of Joseph Lewis, Sr.) in Shelby County, Kentucky on 24 August 1818  She died in Switzerland CountyIndiana.

         B.  James Bristow, was born c. 1783 in Virginia and he died in 1851 in GallatinDaviess CountyMissouri.  He married (1), in Shelby County, Kentucky, Sarah Prothero (a cousin) on 20 April 1813 and (2),  in Shelby County,  Catherine Kesler on 2 February 1819 and (3), in Jefferson CountyIndiana, Elizabeth Staten on 16 August 1835.
         C.  Miles Bristow was born c. 1794 and he died in Louisana in 1849.
         D.  Hannah Bristow, 1796-1852.  She married (1) in Shelby County, Kentucky, Josiah Harrison and (2) Hezekiah Davisson.  She died inJasper CountyIndiana.

         E.  Samuel Bristow, 1798-1868.  He married Ann Long in Franklin County, Kentucky on 11 October 1820.  He moved to Indiana and then toIllinois where he died.

         F.  William Bristow married Sarah Lewis (a cousin, daughter of Joseph Lewis) in Franklin County, Kentucky on 14 May 1821.            

         G.  Elizabeth Bristow, 1802-1862.  She married her first cousin, Thomas Prothero, in Floyd County, Indiana on 30 September 1824.  She died in Jackson County, Indiana.

         H.  Ann Bristow married her first cousin, John Prothero, in Shelby County, Kentucky on 24 July 1821.

     2.  WILLIAM BRISTOW, JR.            
     3.  Colonel James Bristow was born c. 1774-6 in Loudoun CountyVirginia.  He lived in Patrick CountyVirginia before moving to Woodford CountyKentucky.  He married Rebecca Jackson on 3 March 1801 in Woodford County.  She was a daughter of Reverend Francis Jackson, a Baptist minister, who came from
Amelia CountyVirginia.  Colonel Bristow commanded the 37th Regiment, Kentucky Militia in 1817.  His children were:

         A.  William Maddra Bristow.
         B.  Jackson Bristow.
         C.  Francis Peyton Bristow may have married Mary Jones in Shelby County, Kentucky on 30 August 1842.

         D.  Martha Bristow may have married William Smith, Jr. in Shelby County, Kentucky on 11 July 1827.

         E.  Matilda P. Bristow.
         F.  Rebecca M. Bristow married John Allen Logan, Esq.           

     4.  Thomas Bristow was born in 1777 in Virginia.  He married (1) Nancy Price on 13 November 1802 in Adair County, Kentucky and (2) Lucy Mosby on 20 January 1808 in Adair County, Kentucky, a daughter of William and Dianner Mosby and (3) Elizabeth Sparks on 6 November 1816 a daughter of William and
Mary Sparks.

     5.  Peyton Bristow was born in 1778 in Virginia.  He died in 1869 in Marion County,  Indiana.  He married Mary Price on 16 September 1802 inAdair CountyKentucky.  She was a daughter of William Price.  Their children were:

         A.  Powell Bristow.
         B.  William N. P. Bristow married Lydia Lawe on 22 December 1823 in Marion County, Indiana.
         C.  Sarah Bristow married K. Butler on 17 November 1831 in Marion County, Indiana.
         D.  Mary P. Bristow married David R. Clary on 29 December 1836 in Marion County, Indiana.
         E.  Alfred Bristow.
         F.  James Bristow married Martha Dunn on 22 January 1829 in Marion County, Indiana.
         G.  Evans Bristow.
         H.  Martha Bristow.
         I.  Lilly Bristow.
         J.  Cornelius Bristow married Phebe Bryant on 6 June 1836 in Marion County, Indiana.
         K.  Margaret Bristow married Joseph Smith on 5 September 1832 in Marion County, Kentucky.
         L.  Eliza Bristow.
         M.  Henry Bristow married Catharine Davis on 6 January 1842 in Johnson CountyIndiana.

     6.  Reverend Joseph (Jasper) Bristow was a Baptist minister. He was born c. 1781 in Virginia.  He married (1) Clarissa Elliott on 11 June 1807 in Shelby County, Kentucky.  She was a daughter of William Elliott.  Reverend Bristow married (2) Mrs. Rachel (Barnhill) Cruse in Davies County,Kentucky.   She was a daughter of  James and Hannah (Boone) Barnhill who were married in Shelby County, Kentucky on 13 December 1804.

His children were:
         A.  Benjamin T. Bristow.            F.  Hiram Bristow.
         B.  Jasper Bristow, Jr.                G.  Richard S. Bristow.
         C.  Ancel Bristow.                      H.  Hannah Ann Bristow.
         D.  Samuel Bristow.                     I.  Rachel Bristow.
         E.  William Bristow.                                      

     7.   Leven Bristow was born in Virginia in 1783 and he died in 1873.  He married Nancy Irwin (born in Tennessee) a daughter of John Irwin, Sr. In 1823 he was living in Adair CountyKentucky.  Leven was administrator of his brother Benjamin's estate and was by trade a hatter.  Their children were:

         A.  Ballard Bristow
         B.  Francis Marion Bristow.
         C.  Richard Perry Bristow.
         D.  Martha Bristow
         E.  Elizabeth Bristow.               
         F.  Tabitha Bristow married a Slapp. 
         G.  Juliana Bristow married a Hammose.

     8.  Henry Bristow was born in Virginia.  He married Peggy Patterson in Adair CountyKentucky on 22 March 1804.  She was a daughter of Samuel Patterson. 

     9. Margaret Bristow was born c. 1791-2 in Virginia.  She married James Atwood on 5 February 1810 in Adair CountyKentucky.

NOTE:  Rebecca Bristow, daughter of Colonel James Bristow, married John Allen Logan, Esq., an attorney of ShelbyvilleKentucky on 20 June 1837 in Shelby County.  He was a grandson of General Benjamin Logan of Kentucky.  John Allen Logan fought with the Lopez Expedition to freeCuba from Spain.  He died of wounds received at the Battle of Cardenas and was buried at sea near New Orleans.  There is a monument to him atFrankfortKentucky.  Rebecca and John's children were:
1.  Dr. Richard Francis Logan was born in 1839.  He married Lucy Jefferson Lemon in   LouisvilleKentucky on 16 March 1864.
     2.  John Allen Logan, Jr., was born in 1842.  He died before 1853.
     3.  James Richard Logan was born in 1846.  He died before 1853.
     4.  William A. Logan was born in 1848.  He died before 1863.
     5.  Benjamin Logan was born c. 1850.  He died before 1853.

William Bristow, Jr. was born on 5 February 1771.  He married Martha Beck on 3 October 1796 in Franklin CountyVirginia.  Martha was a daughter of Paul Beck, Sr., of Franklin County, and his wife Martha Lewis.  She was born on 16 December 1776 in Franklin CountyVirginia.  She died in Cumberland CountyKentucky. Martha Lewis was a daughter of Abraham Lewis and Rebecca Davis. 

Abraham was born in Dorchester CountyMD in 1772.  He married Rebecca Davis on 9 March 1743/44 in PhiladelphiaPA.  Abraham died in February 1802 in Loudoun CountyVA.  He left a will dated 27 February 1802 in Loudoun County.
William Bristow was an early settler on Indian Creek in Clinton CountyKentucky.  He had 200 acres surveyed there in June 1799.   On 26 June 1823 William deeded land to Moses Beck.  On 25 April 1824 he witnessed the will of William Goodson.  William Bristow died in AlbanyClinton CountyKentucky on
18 December 1834.  His daughter, Nancy, married William Holsapple, a grandson of Jacob Holtzapfel, a Hessian soldier of Darmstadt, Duchy of Hessen, Germany who served with the Hessian troops supporting the British Army in the Revolution.  William made his will on 15 May 1830.  He left his personal estate, goods and chattels to his wife, Martha.  After her death, his son John was to have the land and one bed and furniture.  All the rest of William's estate was to be sold and divided equally among his heirs.  Upon John's death, the land was to be sold and the profits equally divided among the remaining heirs.  Witnesses were Thomas and Leven Bristow.  William Holsapple was the executor of William's will.  William and Martha's children were:

     1.  Edward Bristow (1797-1857)                8.  Nancy Bristow (1811-1882)
     2.  Sarah Bristow (1799-1830)                    9.  Margaret Bristow (1813-1852).
     3.  PEYTON BRISTOW (1801-1861)      10.  James Bristow (1815-1832)
     4.  William Bristow (1803-1829)                 11.  John Bristow (1817-1850)
     5.  Thomas Bristow (1804-1853)                12.  Leven Bristow (1819-1861)
     6.  Clement Bristow (1806-1808)                13.  Martha Bristow (1820-1839)
     7.  Susannah Bristow (1808-1846)

   NOTE:  Martha (Beck) Bristow's sister and brothers were:
     1.  Moses Beck married Ann Richards on 25 August 1791 in Franklin County, Va.  He was a trustee of the Seventy-Six Baptist Church inClinton CountyKentucky.
     2.  Edward Beck married Nancy Oldakers on 2 September 1799 in Franklin CountyVirginia.
     3.  Joseph Beck married Hannah Thomas in 1785 and he married (2) Isabella Buckhannon on 31 January 1791 in Franklin CountyVirginia.
     4.  Paul Beck, Jr., married Nancy Ogle on 3 September1793 in Montgomery CountyVirginia.
     5.  Preston Beck and his wife were in Loudoun County in 1787.  He was in Franklin CountyVirginia before moving to Clinton County,Kentucky in 1799.  On 3 December 1827 he sold land to his nephew, Peyton Bristow, in Lawrence CountyIndiana.   He married Martha (Crouch) Goodson, widow of William
Goodson, Jr., in Clinton County.  Preston and Martha moved to Polk CountyMissouri where he died in 1861.
     6.  John Beck married Frankey Oldakers on 4 May1801 in Franklin CountyVirginia.
     7.  Susannah Beck married Clinton Lee on 19 September 1800 in Cumberland CountyKentucky.

Peyton Bristow, was born on 7 July 1801 in Cumberland CountyKentucky.   He married Nancy Ann Owens c. 1822.  His brother William married Sally Owens on 13 March 1823 in Wayne County, Kentucky.  Peyton died in 1861 and was buried in St. Clair County, Missouri.  In the deed records of Cumberland County it is recorded that on 12 May 1822, William Bristow gave the power of attorney to his son Edward Bristow to transfer a quarter section of land in Indiana to his son Peyton.  Peyton had a one-half quarter section of land in Lawrence CountyIndiana on 8 April 1825.  He bought one-half quarter section of land in
Lawrence County from, his uncle,  Preston Beck on 3 December 1827.  The sale price was $159.  Peyton sold land in Lawrence County on 10 October 1829 for $140.  Peyton lived in Lawrence County until c. 1835.  In 1837 Peyton was farming in the area of of Indian Creek in Clinton CountyKentucky.  In 1842,
Peyton was a member of Seventy-Six Baptist Church.  In 1845, Peyton moved to St. Clair County, Missouri.  In the 1860 census of WashingtonTownship, St. Clair County Peyton's real estate was valued at $700 and his personal estate at $400.  Listed in Peyton's household was a farm laborer and his wife. 
Peyton and Nancy's children were:

     1.  MARTHA (PATSEY) BRISTOW (1823-1863) was born at BedfordLawrence CountyIndiana.

     2.  Engeline Bristow was born at BedfordLawrence CountyIndiana in 1827.  She married Joseph Bristow.

     3.  John Owens Bristow was born in BedfordLawrence CountyIndiana in 1830.  He married Roseanne Witt who was born in Missouri.  John and Roseanne's son, Thomas A. Bristow, was born in 1855.  Roseanne died and John married Nancy Witt.  Their son Frazer was born in 1857.  In the 1860 census of
Washington Township, St. Clair County, John's real estate was valued at $500 and his personal estate at $500.  John's dwelling was next to his parent's.

     4.  Susannah Bristow was born at BedfordLawrence CountyIndiana in 1833.  She married John Witt.

     5.  Reverend James Clawson Bristow (1835-1921), a Baptist minister, was born at BedfordLawrence CountyIndiana.  He married Luranda Caroline Smith (Schmidt) in Polk CountyMissouri.  She was born in Kentucky.  Her parent's were Pleasant Miller Smith and Elizabeth Hosey. Pleasant became a Mormon
which alienated him from the rest of his family.  He was a son of Phillip and Emily (Atkins) Smith.  Emily Atkins was born in 1779 in Virginia.  She was a daughter of Owen and Agnes (Goad) Atkins.  She moved  with her parents to Sullivan County, Tennessee.  She and her brother, Owen Atkins, Jr., hid in a hollow log while her parents and  two other children were massacred by the Indians.  Pleasant's brother, Benjamin David Smith, was a Lieutenant Colonel in Polk CountyMissouri in the Civil War.  Reverend Bristow and his wife are buried at Middle Verde, Yavapi County,Arizona.  Their children were:

         A.  Mary Engeline Bristow was born at Humasville, Polk CountyMissouri.
         B.  Martha Ellen Bristow was born at Humansville.
         C.  Telitha Cumi Bristow was born at Humansville.
         D.  Lazarus Pleasant Bristow was born at Humansville.
         E.  John Ferris Bristow was born at Humansville.
         F.  Annie Tabitha Bristow was born at Humansville.
        G.   Naomi Abigail Bristow was born at Humansville.
        H.   Effie Burzille Bristow was born at Humansville.
        I.   James Thomas Bristow was born at Middle Verde, Yavapai CountyArizona.
        J.  William Peyton Bristow was born at Middle Verde.
        K.  Charles Owens Bristow was born at Middle Verde.

Martha (Patsey) Bristow married Joseph Burchett c. 1840 in Clinton CountyKentucky.

NOTE:  A Bristow family used the arms: ermine, on a fess cottised sable, three crescents or.  The crest: out of a crescent or, a demi-eagle displayed azure.

This is a correction to Peyton Bristow son of William Bristow and Martha Beck:

Peyton married Elizabeth Ann (Annie) Owens a daughter of John Owens and Rosannah Mason.  I have received information that they were married on 12 March 1823 in Wayne County, KY.  Peyton's brother William Bristow, Jr. married Annie's sister Sarah (Sally) Owens on 13 March 1823 inWayne County.  I have not seen any proof that Peyton was married on 12 March 1823 but seems to me very possible for their daughter Martha Bristow (my ancestress) was born in 1823.  She could have been born in November and December and it would work out.


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