Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Brown Family History Quiz

Look at each question, think and then scroll down for the answer:

1. What is the coolest name the Brown family tree?

Answer: Luranda Carolyn Smith 1837 - 1904, wife of Reverend James Clawson Bristow, who is said to have given the first sermon in central Arizona.

2. Which Brown relatives lived in Nauvoo and knew the Prophet Joseph Smith?


James Gardner Smith died in Nauvoo.

James David Wilcox 1827 - 1916 Kimball 1st: Block 1, Lot 76, 1/3 acre

John Anthony Woolf:
"In 1843 John took his family to join the Saints in Nauvoo, Illinois. They bought a farm which adjoined the farm of the Prophet Joseph Smith, whom they saw often. They knew him well and loved him very much. One day their small baby, John Anthony, was very ill. The Prophet came and administered to the child, promising that it would get well, and then he sent a nurse to help care for the child."

Benjamin Brown and his family

Ira Oviatt and his family lived across the street from Joseph Smith

3. Which Brown was walking down the street in SLC and the person he was walking with pointed to another man walking across the street and said, that's your father.

Answer: Charles Sydney Brown. The mother of Charles S. Brown, Sarah Ann Woolf divorced Homer and she moved to Colorado. Charles was visiting in SLC and a man pointed across the street and said, "That is your father." Huge surprised.

4. Which relative was baptised for his own father?

Answer: One day Charles Brown (Farmer Brown) was visiting the St. George temple, talking with the Temple President. The man said, "I knew your father and I am acquainted with the case of how he was excommunicated, over water rights. The temple president arranged for Charles to be baptised for Homer. JCB has cuff links hand made by Homer and a gold pin commemorating the 50th anniversary of the saints coming into the SLC valley. The pin was given to Homer Brown.

5. Which Brown played ball with Joseph Smith?

Answer: Homer Brown. "Father to
ld of one occasion that was outstanding to him as a boy of 14 shortly before the martyrdom. A group of boys, of which he was one, were playing ball on a vacant lot in Nauvoo, when the Prophet passed by. He stopped and played ball with them for a time." Note: Homer Brown was born in 1830.

6. Who is the longest serving Temple Sealer in the history of the LA Temple?

Answer: Grandpa Brown

7. Who was a "Army Poster Boy" during World War II?

Answer: James C. Brown, here is the actual military photo:

8. John Anthony Woolf loaned money and clothing to Joseph Smith. A couple in our family line are both related to him. Who are they?

Answer: Her 3ggf, his 4ggf.

9. Which of our ancestors haunts a local restaurant?

10. Answer: George Woolf: According to a Sports Illustrated article: "The Iceman Cometh, or at least his ghost does, on nights when The Derby restaurant in Arcadia, Calif., is filled with patrons rehashing the day's card at nearby Santa Anita Park. Some believe The Derby is haunted by the spirit of George Woolf, a jockey known as the Iceman for the way he sat chillily on a horse until the very last moments of a race."