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Other Children of Robert and Margaret Gardiner

1.  Robert Stewart Gardiner 1869 - 1871 Died at 1 when the family was flooded out of their dugout home in SLC after a torrential downpour.

The marker next to Robert fell in 2013 narrowly missing his newly placed marker.

2.  Violet Ann Gardiner 1874 - 1878 Died at 4 years old.

SLC Cemetery record

Violet Ann Gardiner –

Spelled Violete A. Gardiner on cemetery record.  According to the Salt Lake City ordinances for 1875, the sexton was required to gather information on the deceased, including his or her name before the burial.  See attached.  If no one provided a marker for the grave, the sexton was required to do so.  One would think that the sexton would try to be accurate in gathering information so the marker would be accurate.

Spelled Violette A. Gardiner on city death record.  This is a correction from my earlier email.  This information could have been provided by a parent, physician, parent or other.  However, I didn’t find any requirement for anyone to do so.  If this information was provided by the sexton, then it is just a misspelling of the sexton’s records (which also may be misspelled).  However, if this information was provided by a physician or parent, it confirms the intent by the parents to spell the name differently than Violet (having done so twice).  I went back and forth on this quite a bit, but I now believe the city death record came from the sexton’s record.  I came to that conclusion, because the city death records include the plat, lot, etc. of the grave.  Most people would not know this kind of information.  The physician wouldn’t know and the parents probably wouldn’t remember.

Spelled Violet Ann Gardiner in obituary.  See attached.  This is a correction from my earlier email.  The information in the obituary was not obtained from the sexton’s records.  The middle name is spelled out.  Also the age in years  and months is given.  The sexton’s records just have a birth year of 1874.  There is detail in the obituary that is not in the sexton’s records which makes me think it was well thought out.  I now vote for this spelling.

Spelled Violet Ann Gardiner by Clarence Gardiner in 1957 (Robert Gardiner, Utah Pioneer of 1868).  I don’t know where Clarence got his information.  He had not been born in 1878, but he is a sibling.  However, Clarence is not infallible (none of us are).  He gives a wrong death date for Violet in Robert Gardiner, Utah Pioneer of 1868.  I believe Louis Chamberlain just copied Clarence’s information.

A.M. Gardiner –

This is a harder call because there is no obituary that I am aware of for her.

Please provide me with any thoughts or information that you might have on either of the names.  At this point, does anyone object to “Violet Ann Gardiner” being put on the headstone?  I need to think more about A.M. Gardiner.  Thanks,  N

Research: Hi everyone, Attached is a clipping that refers to Robert Gardiner. Also, I think the spelling of Violet Ann Gardiner may no longer be an issue. Yesterday, I made a quick trip to the Salt Lake Cemetery to look at their records. They were a little different than what the information was that they had given me a few years ago. There are two sets of books at the cemetery. One set is the “Interment Books” and the other set is the “Lot Books”. Both sets are very big books that you would see in a recorders office. I am not sure they were the original records, but they look quite old and they don’t have anything older. I was told that the cemetery goes by the information in the “Interment Books”. The “Interment Records” take precedence over the “Lot Books.” If I had had a camera, I could have taken a picture of the relevant pages. The “Interment Books” spell V. A.’s name as “Violet A. Gardiner”. The “Lot Books” spell V.A.’s name two different ways, “Violate A. Gardiner” (Wasn’t Heber C. Kimball’s wife named Violate?) and “Violet Gardiner”. The second spelling has been added since I visited the cemetery a few years ago. Nowhere did a see a spelling “Violete” or “Violette”. A few years ago the lady there had spelled her name “Violete” on the paper she gave me. The bottom line is that the interment record which the cemetery uses as the main source of its information spells her name “Violet A. Gardiner”. So does anyone now object to putting “Violet Ann Gardiner” on the headstone? The cemetery records don’t spell Ann, but Ann is how her grandmother’s name was spelled. Now for A.M. Gardiner . . . The “Interment Books” spell A.M.’s name as “Adelain M. Gardiner”. The “Lot Books” spell A.M.’s name two different ways, “Adelain M. Gardiner” and “Adelaine E. Gardiner”. I think everyone can agree that A.M.’s middle initial is M, not E. In 1957, and perhaps earlier, Clarence Gardiner spelled A.M.’s middle name as Maude. Family Group records prepared by Eva Cushing and Hope Gardiner also spell A.M.’s middle name as Maude. More recently Dawn James spelled it Maud. Looking at 1890 newspapers, Maud was a common spelling for this time period. However, because the oldest spelling we have of A.M.’s middle name is Maude, and Clarence, Eva and Hope spelled it that way, that is the way I would spell it. The toughest spelling question is for A.M.’s first name. Should it be the Interment Books spelling, Adelain, or Clarence’s, Eva’s and Hope’s spelling, Adeline. None of them are infallible. See my earlier emails for my reasoning. Can everyone at least agree to her middle name being spelled, “Maude”? N

Deseret News Oct 23, 1878


3.  Adelaine Maude Gardiner 1889 - 1890 Died at 1 years old.


4.  Margaret Amelia Gardiner Gedge 1872 - 1950 Died at 78, and is buried in the SLC City Cemetery:

In talking about his uncle, William Reames Gedge, he said;

"We used to call his wife 'Aunt Maggie'. About all I remember of her is when she would tell me she used to ride her horse in the church house. She used to sing in the Tabernacle Choir and she had Uncle Bill trained real well. When she would call, "Will" he would stop everything and do what she wanted. I used to kid him about it and all he would do is smile."

Photo below: Robert Gardiner, William Reames Gedge and Robert Lynn Layton.


William Gedge missionary photo, last row third from right.



Margaret Amelia Gardiner Gedge from K on Vimeo.



Hi everyone,  I am looking for input/help on spellings of V. Ann Gardiner and A. M. Gardiner.  I have received some differences of opinion on how they should be spelled.  So I think it is best for everyone to provide any information that they might have to try reaching a consensus.  This is what I have so far.