Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Latest in Gardiner History

September 2010 
Linked up with a Bachman cousin who is a descendant of Verena Bachman.  In the 1970s he visited the Bachman homestead in Wiliberg, Switzerland

August 1 - 5th 2010
After camping in Panguich Lake, A, R, C and D all went to Summit. As we pulled up we noticed the door ajar so I called in, "Hey Barry are you in there?" He scurried around and came out. We chatted and he walked us through the Sylvanus Hulet Sr. home. The house has been left in disrepair and vandalized. Dishes and other items have been taken and dirty words written on the walls and furniture upstairs. Barry talked with us as we walked around the house and told us about various items. I videotaped everything. When we were about to leave I noticed a dusty picture on the floor in the corner of the upstairs bedroom. It was Catherine Stoker. I copied the picture and we left.

A few days before on the way to camping we met A.L., the oldest living Hulet in the area. On the way back from SLC I got a great interview from him. He remembers the house when it was fully functioning and remembers Sylvanus's second and third wives.

On Monday I visited with M... G.  who talked about her historical pictures and some family history. She said that Charles Gardiner went on a mission to Germany and that Fred helped pay for the mission.  Charles also was killed in an automobile accident.

On Tuesday I visited with three of William Kroksh's daughters, got interviews, pictures and visited the Deweyville Cemetery and Elwood. All documented.

On Wednesday I got up and went to Mountain View Cemetery. I did my videotaping and pictures on a dew-covered lawn. I noticed that one J Bachman had not died but his wife was deceased. So I called Deborah and had her look up the number, thinking that he was somewhere in Utah. She did. The address sounded familiar. It was the house overlooking the cemetery. I went to the door and met J. He flew in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, knew President Hinkley and is a sealer in the Logan Temple. Best of all, he owns the house Emma Bachman grew up in and the property that Jacob's log cabin was on. He had many stories and much history. We went to the house and got even more. We parted with a prayer and then I took more pictures.

Next I went to Enterprise Cemetery which was hard to find because it looks like a deserted field. There were notices on some of the fences around family plots. I called the number and found that the Green Family was not keeping up the cemetery. A group of relatives of the deceased want to take the cemetery over and keep it up. The nicest part of the cemetery is the Hulet section. It has logs around it and rocks around the graves to keep the weeds down. It also has three large bushes that are very green.

We went home on Friday and on the way home stopped at Fairview to visit with N.C. who knew a lot about Sylvester Hulet. The old Fairview fort adjoined her property and there is a fence post on the corner of her land that goes back to pioneer time. Then we went to the cemetery, took photos and to the Fairview Museum where Sylvester has a child's shawl. There is also a home in Manti which once was owned by Orville Cox and where Sylvester spent time. Then we headed toward Summit and got the A.L. interview. Great day.

May 15, 2010
Saturday was an amazing day. Carlene P. and Gerry and I all went down to Belflower and saw a Kroksh family home, picked up Carlene's mother and went to Laguna where some Kroksh relatives have lived since the late 1920's. I got some neat pictures of my favorite uncle: Glen Kroksh when he was a kid. We met 90 year old Winnie who knew Glen and Audrey. In fact she did her Laundry at Glen's parents's home and hung them out to dry because neither young couple had dryers. Fun. Tons of info, video interviews, pictures and some history. One of the banner days for me.

March 2010
Information received on Elizabeth Stewart and William C Rae.
Information found on the two missionaries that baptized James Gardiner: namely William Athol McMaster and William S. Baxter.
Visited Gery and video taped Gerry and his friend Bob.
Visited Arizona Gardiners and video taped.

April 2010 

I just returned from five days in Utah. It snowed, rained, was cold,
then warm and beautiful. I was able to
trudge through a foot of snow
and take photos of some grave markers in

the Summit Cemetery, photograph the Hulet home in Summit, visit with
M. Hulet E. in Summit who is the closest thing to my
grandmother I will ever find.

I also visited with K., 82, of Cedar City who was a
teacher and sealer in the St. George temple for 18 years. He gave me
some very valuable digital photos.

I visited twice with M. in St George. M's wife told me about a
monument at Dixie College where one of our

ancestors (Sylvanus Cyrus Hulet Sr) is honored. I took photos.

January 14, 2010,
Los Angeles, We find out that E and H are cousins via John Woolf and that his great grandson was a famous jockey who rode Seabiscuit.

October 4, 2009 
Went to Grandview Cemetery and found George Scholl's gravesite. His headstone was completely covered. Also went to his old church, took pictures. It is located near his home. Also went to see JHG's gravesite and Suzanne's gravesite. What a day!

September 17-20 2009
I visited Utah and Idaho. I spent an afternoon in the SLC Cemetery looking for the grave sites of Robert and Margaret Gardiner, Robert's brother and sister, and as many of his ten children as I could find. I took video and still pictures and found some interesting information. Also visited Idaho where A..... was the third Gardiner to visit the "Gardiner Secret Cave".

September 2009
I called the state agency responsible for the care of cemeteries and got some info on the Grandview Cemetery
Glendale where George Scholl is buried. The lawsuit goes to court on Dec 10, 2009. Volunteers open the cemetery a couple of times a month. See info below:

By Ryan V.
Glendale News-Press, 4/10/2008.

GLENDALE — Less than two weeks after hundreds of mourners were granted access to Grand View Memorial Park for the first time in 10 months, stakeholders in the troubled cemetery are planning another opening in late May.

City not interested in taking over Grand View

One of the most often-asked questions we volunteers hear from people attending the limited visitations is "Will the city going to take over the cemetery?"
Glendale City Manager Jim Starbird attended a recent meeting of The Women's Civic League of Glendale in late January, at which he was asked this very question. Ruth Sowby of The Glendale News-Press covered his appearance in this report, and his answer was no. Reason given: "It's so fraught with problems."
Grand View Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif., has been closed for regular business since June 13, 2006 and remains under a preservation order by the court. Although it is anticipated that the cemetery will be restored to normal operations under new ownership in the future, it is not known exactly when that will happen, pending the outcome of various legal and government actions. In the meantime, Grand View is opened for limited public visitations from 12-4pm on specific court-ordered dates. This is a volunteer website created to provide the public with up-to-date information about these dates as well as background information about the cemetery's history and news coverage of the on-going cases.
September 20, October 4 and October 18"

For more info:

If this lawsuit becomes a class action and you want to join that effort, it will be posted on this website:


September 4, 2009
I received a packet of information from Elaine L who is the head of the Nauvoo Land and Records Office. The question we asked was: "What land was owned by Gardiners and or Browns in Nauvoo?" The short answer is Charles Hulet's family on the Gardiner side and Benjamin Brown on the Brown side. More information forthcoming. There is now much more thorough research into who owned what in Nauvoo than was done in the past under the direction of Elaine L.

Afterwards we found John Marshall High School where Elaine graduated in the early 1940's. See Elaine's S. page.

September 7, 2009

Deborah and I went to 1636 Golden Gate Avenue, LA and met Jason who graciously let me take all the pictures and video he wanted. George hand built the house in the 1920's. It took him 7 years to build and the house is doing very well today. See George Scholl's page for video.

Sandy also visited with Marjorie R. who has extensive information on the Weinert side of the family. Marjorie has a beautifully framed picture of the Weinert barn, and she has furniture made by August Weinert.  She was in contact with Audrey many years ago and today enjoys traveling and snorkling.

Sandy also visited the gravesite of Fredericka Van Der Schaeff's mother
Jan Jans Van Der Schaeff and found that she had changed her name to Jenny. She took pictures which are posted under Fredericka.

August 2009 

Sandy, while on a family vacation, visited the site of the Charles Hulet's Farm about 13 miles from Kirkland, OH. She took pictures and video and saw Charles Hulet's father's gravesite. These are posted under Charles Hulet, Pioneer, see Gardiner homepage.

August 18 to August 21, 2009 
I visited Falls City, NE. There I interviewed Paul W. at various family sites including cemeteries, Arago, a barn, and a falling down house that August Weinert built. This is the same house that Frederick Scholl lived in for a time and the house that George Scholl, Elaine's father, grew up in. See August Weinert and Frederick Scholl for videos.