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1842 Nauvoo Census - Charles Hulet

Nauvoo Ward List (Excerpt)

By Maurine Carr Ward

Previous issues of The Nauvoo Journal have identified members of the Church living in over 600 branches throughout the United States and Canada between 1830 and 1850. Purposely omitted was the listing of those living in Nauvoo. Beginning with this and subsequent issues, some of the men, women and children from the 1842 Census of Nauvoo will be identified. Department of the Church in Salt Lake City, but could not be obtained in making this study. The census is divided into four main sections according to the civil wards into which the city had been partitioned since March 1, 1842 ……….

Here is the Hulet information contained in this book pages 31-33:

Born 3 Mar1790, Lee, Berkshire, MA to Sylvanus HULET and Mary LEWIS. He married Margaret Ann NOAH 10 Oct 1816 at Ravenna, Portage, OH. The next year, their first child was born at Nelson, Portage, OH. In 1830, Joseph SMITH and Parley P. PRATT came to Charles' home and taught him the gospel. After much study, Charles and Margaret Ann were baptized the following February, 1831. That year the family moved to Jackson County, MO on a farm, which he had bought; however, two years later they were driven from their home with very little possessions. After camping out in a grove during the winter, Charles took his family back to Jackson County in February. Here they again experienced persecution, so after six weeks they moved to Clay County where they lived for three years. This time Charles moved his family to Far West, Caldwell County, MO where housing was so scarce that another family had to live in the house with them. Charles, along with other brethren, presented claims against the State of MO for loss of his property, etc. His claim was in the amount of $4,000.00. Later, on 28 Nov 1843, he again signed the petition to Congress asking for redress for the wrongs suffered in MO. At one time while living in MO he was taken prisoner and witnessed his son being beaten.

In the spring of 1840, the family again moved thirty miles below Nauvoo, then a year later, they moved into Nauvoo. Charles is found owning property in the 1842 Hancock Co. Tax Records. He was ordained a high priest 8 Oct1844 by George MILLER. He also received his endowments in the Nauvoo Temple prior to leaving on 13 Dec 1845. Charles crossed the plains to Utah in 1850, settling in Springville, Utah, UT. He died there on 9 May 1863 and is buried there. The family group sheet in the ancestral file shows that Charles had a wife before Margaret Ann, Anna TAYLOR, married 22 Jun 18 14 in Great Co., and Caldwell Co., MO and probably in Nauvoo, IL. Margaret signed the petition to Congress, with her husband, for redress for the wrongs in Missouri. This was dated 28 Nov 1843. She was still living in ward 1 at that time. Before she left Nauvoo, Margaret accompanied her husband to the Nauvoo Temple on 18 Dec 1845 for her endowments. She crossed the plains with her husband in 1850. She died in Springville, Utah, UT on 15 May 1851, and is buried there. (AF-S; NAU1:14; FFU:83; NTE:26; HTW 1 1:422; NJ1:73; COC1:230-234; SEB)

Born 11 Dec 1817, Nelson, Portage, OH to Charles HULET and Margaret Ann NOAH. Anna Maria was baptized in Feb I83 1. After being driven from MO with her family, Anna Maria signed the petition to Congress on 28 Nov 1843, asking for redress for the injuries and wrongs suffered. On 18 Jan 1844, Anna Maria HULETT was married to Stephen PERRY, by Hynrm Smith in Nauvoo. Stephen Chadwick PERRY was a seventy and one of Joseph SMITH'S bodyguards. Their oldest child was born in Nauvoo in 1845, followed by two children born at Mt. Pisgah, Union, IA. The last five children were born at the family home in Springville, Utah, UT. She received her endowments in the Nauvoo Temple with her husband on 20 Jan 1846. Anna Maria crossed the plains in the 4th Co. in 1850, under James Pace. She died 27 Jul 1884. She is found under various spellings in the records: Anna Maria HEWLETT, Anna M., Anna Marie, etc. (AF-F;AF-S; NAU1:14; NJ1:73; CNM:29; JHC Supplement:1850; FFU:83; SEB; NTE)

Born 23 Jul 1839, Caldwell Co, MO to Charles HULET and Margaret Ann NOAH. (AF-F; NAU1:14; SEB)

Born 1 May 1823, Nelson, Portage, OH to Charles HULET and Margaret Ann NOAH. She married Silas HILLMAN on 10 Sep 1842 in Nauvoo, Hancock, IL. Electa and Silas had at least two children born to them, Adalinda/Malinda, 5 Oct 1843 in Nauvoo and GuiIieta Phidelia/Gienletta Fidelia, 2 Apr 1847. Electa died 15 Sep 1849 in Glenwood, Mills Co., M. Silas married Emily Ann COCKS in 1850 in Coonville, Pottawattamie, IA and brought his family to Utah. They became part of the Palmyra Branch in Utah County which was a forerunner of Springville, UT. (AF-F; AF-S; NAUl:14; Pahyra Branch Records FHL#000 1923 ; SEB)

Born 21 Jul 1832, Jackson Co., MO to Charles JXILET and Margaret Ann NOAH. She married Reuben WUCOM/WICKHAM, 21 Sun 1851. She died 13 May 1882. (AF-F; AF-S; NAU1:4; SEB)

Born 12 Apr 1835, Clay Co., MO to Charles HULET and Margaret Ann NOAH. She died at Mi. Pisgah, IA Aug 1847. There is a monument erected there in memory of members of the Church who died there in 1846, I847 and 1848. On the west side are the names of Sarah HULET and Sarah Ann HULET. (AF-F; NAU : 14; BUR: 1 1 ; SEB)

Born 14 Mar 1826, Nelsan, Portage, OH to Charles HULET and Margaret Ann NOAH. In the life sketch of Catherine HULET WINGET, she tells of a time when they were living in Jackson Co., MO when the mobs came to the home. She and a brother, six years younger, were home alone and crawled under the bed for protection. Earlier the family had been threatened that if they did
not leave by a certain date, they would all be shot like rabbits. Another time, she tells that her uncle had his ribs broken by one of the members of the mob and that her brother was struck on the head with a mop stick Both of these accounts appear to apply to Sylvanus. Sylvanus was baptized into the Church in 1839. Sylvanus married Catherine STOKER on 19 May 1850 at Mt. Pisgah, Hamson, IA. They crossed the plains in 1850 with his father, Charles and family and are found in the Utah County, Utah 1850 Census. Sylvanus and Catherine are the parents of ten children. He also married Elzina Robena MILLER, 23 Mar 1883 at St. George, Washington, UT (by whom he had five children), and Alice Elizabeth DALLEY, 7 Oct 1884, St. George, Washington, UT (by whom he had one child), He died 22 Oct 1901 in Summit, Iron, UT and is buried there. (AF-F; AF- S; NAUl:I4; HTW11: 422; FFU:83; SEB) T h e to Charles and Maryt are not includaret Ann prior to the I842 Census. bu ed mk

Born 12 Mar 1820, Nelson, Portage, OH to
Charles HULET and Margaret Ann NOAH. She married Cyrus WINGET in Nauvoo on 7 Apr 1841, so was not included with the family in the census: in ward 1. In fact., they are not found in any of the 4 civil wards in Nauvoo, even thought heir first three children were born in Nauvoo. Springville, Utah, UTand Monroe, Sevier, UT where she died 7 Oct 19 18. A short sketch of Catherine is found in OPR489-492 and COC1:230-234. (AF-F; AF-S)

Born 22 Aug 1838, Far West, Caldwell, MO to Charles HULET and Margaret Ann NOAH. She died Aug
1838. (AF-F)

Born 12 Mar 1820, Nelson, Portage, OH to Charles HLTLET and Margaret Ann NOAH, a twin to
Catherine HULET. She died in 1848. (AF-F)

Born about 1841 to Charles HULET and Margaret Ann NOAH. (AF-F)

Born2 Mar 1800: Lee Berkshire, MA to Sylvanus
HULET and Mary LEWIS. He is a brother to Charles, above. He affiliated with the Mormons and was baptized in Mar 1830.The first record of Sylvester is found in the personal history of Levi Jackman writing about the events in MO in 1832. He tells of the imprisonment of some of the brethren and the rest trying to save them, as we11 as protect their own families. The Saints had been told to leave or be burned out. At one point Levi was heading to town for salt, when he heard the cry "murder," and he said to Sylvester HEWLETT, who was standing next to him, that this was not a very good place to be. They hurried into the woods to hide for a few hours before returning to their families.

The next account of Sylvester is a reference in the history of the Church where charges are made against a Samuel BROWN,'31 Jd 1834 in Clay Co., MO for teaching contrary to counsel, namely, encouraging the brethren in speaking in tongues and in ordaining Sylvester HULET a High Priest without counsel in a clandestine manner. Sylvester and others testified that this was true. At the High Council on 6 Aug 1834, it was reported that the Hulet Branch believed that they received the work of the Lord by the gift of tongues. Sylvester HLJLET would speak, then Sally CRANDALL would interpret. The branch felt that everything they did had to be done through the gift of tongues and that their branch had come up to their privileges more than the rest of the Church. Sister CRANDALL also professed to how and see men's hearts. After hearing many testimonies, the High Council agreed that the deviI had deceived the members of the Iiulet branch. Arnasa LYMAN and Simeon CARTER were ap-pointed to go to the branch and set the truth in order before Brother HULET and Sister CRANDALL.

Sylvester is included in the Far West, Southwest Quarter record of members, dated 25 Mar 1838. He is #60, as an elder, followed by #6 1, Anna HUL'ETT. The Anna HULETT is probably his wife, Anne SCHOTT, the widow of Christian WHITMER. Members of the Mormon Battalion by S. W. Easton shows his wife as Mrs. Christian WHRTMER. Christian died 27 Nov 1835 as a result of a sore on his leg that would not heal. His widow, Anne, returned to New York to live with her parents. She later married Sylvester HULET in Clay Co., MO according to the family group sheet in the ancestral file, but divorced him. Anne and Christian had no children, and apparently, neither did she and Sylvester.

On the 29th of Nov 1839, when the brethren presented claims against the State of MO for losses of property, etc., Sylvester's claim was for $2325.00. He, as a high priest, is found in the Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register under the date of 18 Dec 1845, but no record is there of a wife. Sylvester was also a 2nd Lieutenant in the Mormon Battalion, Company D, rank date 16 Jul 1846. He ded 17 Nov 1885 in Manti, Sanpete, UT. The 1860 Census of UT shows that he had a household of one, indicating that Anne was not with him at this time. (AF- F; NAU1: 14; NJ3,1:6; FHL:889391; NJ1:40,41; NJ3,4: 100; NJ2,1:21; JHC:29 Nov 1839; HC2:137-141; NTE:26; AJ1:276; SEB; FW:269)