Monday, September 28, 2009

Charles Stewart Gardiner 1885 - 1960

 Charles' mission was to Germany. The car was parked at an intersection waiting for a red light.  I am sure I have clippings for both.  N

2 children:  Harold Hubbard Gardiner, Marjorie Jane Gardiner (Coulman)

wife of Harold Hubbard Gardiner: Beverly Saville Gardiner

May 18, 1907 Deseret Evening News:

July 13, 1907

Charles Stewart Gardiner from K on Vimeo.



February 11, 2012
I didn't make clear what I wrote about Charles at Deseret National Bank.  It was listing officers of the local chapter of the American Institute of Banking.  Charles Gardiner was elected to be the corresponding secretary of that organization.

I have always been reluctant to give up Annie Morgan as the wife of James Gardiner, Jr., but on page 5 of Dawn;s history of James Gardiner and Mary Burchart  she references census tables.(I wish she had listed years, etc.) says 2 Feb 1838  James Gardiner, Son of James Gardiner and Mary Burchart, married Ann Gall at Aberdeen.  Also on page 10 it gives similar information.
I also wish Dawn had included copies of  birth and death records.
There are some really intersting characters in the Gardiner family

I still look at New Family Search occasionally and am now working on getting the marriage place of William Francis Gardiner (just older than Frederick) changed from England to Salt Lake.  He was married in the Salt Lake Temple. 

Thanks for all your work.