Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sylvanus Cyrus Hulet Jr. 1857 - 1942

Sylvanus Cyrus Hulet Jr. was born in Springville, Utah in 1857. He grew up in St. George and Summit and was the fourth child and the oldest of a pair of twin boys. His twin was Sylvester Silas.

With a small family to care for he received a call from the Church Authorities to serve a mission in the East Central States; Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. His twin brother, Sylvester, had been called a year before to serve a mission in England. Sylvanus had given his brother what money he could possibly raise and his watch. Now Sylvanus had to borrow $80.00, twenty of which he had to spend for an overcoat. Sylvanus was released from his mission in 1890.

The family’s means of transportation was either by team and wagon or a team and a white-top buggy. He rarely drove a car, it made him carsick. The family raised some hay, wheat, corn, and oats. Sylvanus was a good farmer, a hard worker and a good provider. In the summer of 1908, Sylvanus decided he wanted to move the family to another part of the state. He went to the northern part of Utah and found what he thought was a good location, an eighty-acre farm and some range land in Peterson, Morgan County in Weber Canyon, seventeen miles southeast of Ogden, Utah. He died there in 1942 at 85.

Mary Elizabeth Dalley, Sister in law (married his twin)

Mary Ida Dalley (Hulet) (wife)

1907 (abt) Sylvanus's Summit home:

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Enterprise grave marker for Sylvanus Jr.