Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Heritage of Suzanne Marie Brown Gardiner

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Glenn Goodman   
Norma Jones

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 Suzanne Marie Brown Gardiner

 James Brown--------------------------Marjorie Jones

Harold Brown-----------Mary Halls-------------- George Jones---------------Belva Wilcox
Charles Brown.Mary Halls.James Young.Lillian Hurst.William Jones.Martha Human.Thomas Wilcox.Eliza Criddle

Pedigree Chart in Words:

PhotobucketHarold Brown 1897..........
PhotobucketJames Brown 1921........                        Absolom McDonald Young
                                            Matilda Shepherd 1820                              
James Young 1861....
                                                                                  James Mitchell Pritchett
PhotobucketMary Young 1901..........
Susanah Webley 1812                           
Suzanne Brown 1955 - 1994

PhotobucketMarjorie Jones 1924......
PhotobucketBelva Wilcox 1904.......
Mrs. Lacey 1803Photobucket

Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone said, " The glory of God is portrayed in the lives of the Later-day Saint pioneer men, women and children who placed all they had on the alter. They were prepared to give everything, including their lives. This was a magnificent generation of common ordinary souls who were brought together through their faith in God and who moved forward to meet danger and trials. They were given a monumental work to do and they did it. I hope we will strive to pass on this marvelous heritage to our posterity." (Ensign, July, 1997);postID=4050037434440352427