Monday, July 6, 2009

Gardiner Links

Street sign found in Malta, Idaho.

  1. Histories of Hulets, wow, an excellent site with tons of information on Hulets and families who intermarried with the Hulets:
  2. Direct line ancestors Niels and Maren Bertelsen and Lette Bertelsen histories found on this site:
  3. Barbara Graybill, who was the mother of Catherine Stoker, direct line ancestor, a small bit of information:
  4. Barbara Graybill info:
  5. Summit Utah Cemetary list:
  6. Interested in our direct line American Indian ancestors?
  7. Brown ancestor pictures:
  8. Benjamin Brown testimony and great pictures:
  9. Type in the name Robert Gardiner and see which company he came across the plains with:,15773,3966-1,00.html
  10. Read about Carol Gardiner's famous great grandfather:
  11. Carol Gardiner's great grandfather's diary: (Was her gg grandfather the chief of police in Nauvoo?)
  12. Charles Hulet, direct line, general info:
  13. Scholl genealogy report:
  14. The Hulets speak in tongues and get into deep trouble, here are the notes of the trial:
  15. Homer Brown history:
  16. Sylvester Hulet, brother to Charles, was a member of the Mormon Battalion company D, this article mentions him:
  17. Article on three large families who join the LDS church early on and what happens to each of them, one of the families is the Hulets:
  18. Sylvester Hulet goes to Las Vegas:
  19. Reference to Sylvester Hulet being released from duty in the Mormon Battalion, the request was refused:
  20. Sylvester Hulet Las Vegas Mission:
  21. The Scholls come from Falls City, Nebraska, here is some history on the community:
  22. Sylvester Hulet and the Mormon Battalion, turn the music off, the site it cool:
  23. William Halls (Suzanne's Side) Website: