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George Scholl 1886 - 1967

George Scholl was born in 1886 in Falls City, Nebraska. He was a studio carpenter during the 1930’s and 1940’s. His sister Laura Scholl introduced him to a friend of hers, named Emma Bachman. He dated, fell in love with, and married Emma Bachman in 1915 in the Hollywood Ward Chapel of the LDS church. Audrey, his first daughter, was born in 1916.

In 1921 George bought a lot at 1636 Golden Gate Avenue for $2,000. He put up the framework of the house which took him seven years to complete. Elaine was born in the house in 1925. Later, after Elaine married, a dog who lived across the fence irritated George. To get the dog to stop barking he threw a clod at it because he couldn't sleep. The police were called and the judge sentenced him to two weeks in jail. This completely took him by surprise as he had left his car in a pay lot, and had to ask Elaine to retrieve the car.   Jim and Elaine also had to visit him in jail where they wouldn't let him do anything.

George's full history by his daughter Audrey Scholl Kroksh

GeorgeWas George Scholl religious as a youth? 

When George changed the oil in his car he would drain the oil, pour in turpentine, run it a bit, and then replace the turpentine with regular oil, a drastic operation. George was a generous man who regularly showed up at Elaine’s with carrot juice or fresh watermelon.  George was a talented, thoughtful, kind grandfather.  He died in Glendale at 81.

George Scholl was born in Arago, NE, in 1886 and died in Glendale, CA in 1967. James Gardiner said he never heard George say anything bad about anyone, and that included George's own wife Emma. This alone made him a saint since she took little interest in him, leaving him alone for months even years at a time to can fruit in Farmington, UT, do temple work in St. George and chase after her favorite daughter: Elaine. Here is a three minute tribute to George Scholl:

Birth certificate:

George at age 3 with little cap on outside his parent's home in Falls City, NB:

George as a toddler, 1889
Gus and George Scholl, 1906
George is back right, 1906
The home George was raised in, Falls City, NE.  He is the infant in his Fanny's lap at the corner of the house.

Postcard: George Scholl, Peru normal school glee club, Falls City, NE, about 1909

1910 census, George is a 23 year old carpenter boarder with his uncle August Weinert (his mother's brother):

George Scholl, Katherine, Laura, Fred V, 1912

Center back, George, Laura and Augustus Scholl, Falls City, NE, 1912 (Franklin Weinert born 1900)

George Scholl and two to the right is Laura.

Augustus and George Scholl, brothers.
This may be another George Scholl, more research needed:

1915 Emma and George dating photos:

1918 WWI draft registration:

George built this house at 624 N. Hobart Street, LA about 1918. He Sold it and bought the property on Golden Gate Avenue, LA.

George and his daughter Audrey, 1922

George, unknown, and Audrey, 1922
LtoR George, Elaine, Emma and Audrey in front of their 1636 Golden Gate home getting ready to go to Oregon, 1928
Ed Voegelein and George Scholl, right, Portland, OR, Frederick's home, 1928

For much more: George Scholl

 1910 census

1920 census

1930 census:

1940 census: George is a "studio carpenter."

Mirror frame made by George



2009 The house that George built:

The House that George Built from K on Vimeo.

George like light coming in the back of the house:

George's cabinet 1636 Golden Gate Ave.

Nice detail, George:
Where did George get the inspiration for these unique cabinets?

Unique cabinetry in the home of George's father Frederick Scholl at 1819 Locust Street, Portland, OR. photo taken by Eric Gardiner, 2016

George liked woodworking in the garage and stored his wood in the attic. Does this remind you of George's father August Weinert's barn? He saw the barns August build as a child. After all August was his grandfather.

George's tools:

Here is the area he chose to live in:

Here is where George went to church.

Bethal Church, Falls City, NE Record of baptism of George Scholl:

Bethal Church, Falls City, NE

Original birth certificate:

Close up of George's birth certificate in german. Translation below:

In the name of the Lord

Certificate of Baptism

George Frederick Scholl, a son,

Frederick Scholl the father and his wife,

Fanny Scholl, was born on Date (April 18th, 1886?)

In Arago, Nebraska and received the

Holy Baptism

On November or December 3rd 1886, which here is attested to. (certified)

Name and Signature of the referend

Let the children come to me.

George's voting record:

1916 builder 842 W 49th Street, LA, CA     Republican
1922 carpenter Golden Gate, George and Emma registter as Republicans
1924 carpenter Golden Gate, George and Emma register as Republicans
1926 carpenter Golden Gate, George and Emma register as Republicans
1928 carpenter 345 Burchett, Glendale George registers as Democrat
1930 carpenter 332 Drew, Glendale, George and Emma registger as Republicans
1934 Emma 822 Fischer, Glendale DS, George 605 Lincoln, Democrat
1936 carpenter521 W Milford, Glendale, Emma Republican, George Democrat
1942 carpenter Golden Gate, George Democrat
1946 carpenterGolden Gate Emma Republican, George Democrat
1948 carpenter Golden Gate, George Democrat
1954 carpenter. Emma Republican, George Democrat

George's headstone:

It has been said that George rented his home on Golden Gate to the owner of Bell Brand Potato Chips:

1900 Federal Census with George as a child:

Marriage Certificate:

1920 Federal Census:

1930 census close up:

1940 census:

What do we learn about the George Scholl family from the 1940 census?

Residence: 1636 Golden Gate Avenue
George owns his own house
It is worth $4,000
Living there are the following people:
George, (furnished the information)
            Head of household
54 years old,
Born in Nebraska
Highest grade of school completed:  8th grade
April 1, 1935 they all lived in Glendale
During March 24-30, 1940 at work for pay or profit, no
During March  24-30 1940, assigned  emergency public work?
 WPA etc, no
During March 24-30, 1940 seeking work, yes
Hours worked March 24–30, 1940 none
During 1940, up to March 24-30, weeks unemployed -25 weeks
Profession Carpenter
Where: Motion picture studios
Class of worker, PW
Number of weeks worked in 1939 – 18 weeks
Income earned 1939 - $773
Did this person receive income of $350 or more
from money wages or salary 1939 – yes
 Age: 52 years old
Highest grade of school completed H 4
Born in Utah
Engaged in home housework
No income
Age -23
Marital status: single
Not attending college currently
Highest grade of school completed H 2
At work March 24 -30 - yes
Hours worked March 24 -30 – hours:39
Job: Stenographer
Workplace: Commercial Bank
Weeks worked 1939 52 weeks
Income 1939 - $1040
Did this person receive income of $350 or more
from money wages or salary – no
Age -14
Highest grade of School completed H 1
Attended school since March 1, 1940 yes

Excerpt from 1940 Census: 

1940 census:

 1942 Draft registration:

George's death: 
George Scholl died from bronchopneumonia (rt lobar), lymphatic, 3 days due to cerebral thrombosis (4th stroke), 5 days due to generalized, arteriolosclerosis, years, due to diabetes mellitus.  Put another way the diabetes caused a stroke which caused pneumonia. 

Bronchopneumonia is an acute or chronic inflammation of the lungs, in which the alveoli and / or interstitial are affected. Pneumonias are the most common cause of death among infectious diseases.   They take the fifth place in the statistics of diseases causing death.

More formal copy of death certificate:



I spent the evening going through all the videos, pictures and your articles.  You did a wonderful job.  I'm sure you had a great time with Paul, he is so special.  You saw things I have not seen there.  The first house that August built (that is the one you walked through) is in worse shape since I was there in 2004, and it was pretty bad then.  I don't remember seeing the sky from the 2nd floor roof!  The 2nd floor railing was not there then.  I don't remember if the floor was there in the narrow walk way.  I remember it was scary getting to the back bedroom.

I did find a few discrepancies, however some may be my own understanding and maybe not true.
1.  Under the George Scholl write up, you said that Emma Scholl was the one who introduced George (your grandfather) to Emma Bachmann.  I thought it was Laura Scholl who was a friend of Emma B.  In one place you did mention Laura Scholl was a friend to Emma B.

2.  Under Frederick Scholl, you mentioned that he saw the remains of President Lincoln when the White House was in New York.  The White House was never in New York.  The original booklet that Beth put together that I made a copy for you said that the White House was in New York.  I have noted in my booklet that the Lincoln Funeral train stopped in New York in 1865 on the way to Springfield, Ill.  I don't know if your copy got that correction.

3.  You have that August was born in Roessel.  I don't think that is true but I think Beth, Marji and maybe others think it is Roessel.  I think it is because the letter that Ann, August's mother wrote to him when he was in Nebraska indicates she is in Roessel then.  When your Grandmother Emma or Aunt Audrey did their research, they have that August was born in Festenberg, Silesia, Prussia, which is now Twardogora, Poland.  Last year I paid someone in Germany to find out where August was born, and I gave her both places Festenberg and Roessel.  Her research has that he was born in Festenberg same as your grandmother or aunt had.  However she gave me no copies of records, just a pedigree chart.  You can do what you want to do there as I don't want to create waves.

4.  You have that Fredericka was born in Amsterdam but it should be Dokkum, Friesland, Holland/Netherlands.  Just to be specific, Fredericka was buried in Zion Cemetery in Falls City.

5.  Under August, towards the bottom you have an 1880 census and then show a close up of it, however the 1880 census has son John as 20 years old.  The close up of the 1880 census has John as 8 months old and he was born in 1859 so I think the close up census is 1860.

That's all I saw that I noticed  a discrepancy.  Check them out, you may or may not agree with me and that is ok.  You have put a lot of work into your blog which is wonderful.

Hi.  We have the Falls City Journal on microfilm dating back to 1869.  Based on your query, I presume that you need issues from the 1880s-1900.  Here is the reel breakdown for those years:

Reel 4:  Sept. 21, 1878 – Jan. 7, 1882 (missing Oct. 15, 1879; Aug. 14, 1880; Jan. 22, 1881)

Reel 5:  Jan. 14, 1882 – July 2, 1886 (missing all of 1884; Mar. 20, Sept. 11, 18, 25, Oct. 16, and Dec. 25, 1885)

Reel 6:  July 9,1886 – Sept. 28, 1888 (missing Sept. 24 and Nov. 4, 1886; Nov. 15, 1887; Jan. 20, Feb. 24, Apr. 20, May 18, July 29, July 13, 20, and
                                          Aug. 3, 10, 17, and 24, 1888)

Reel 7:  Oct. 5, 1888 – Oct. 23, 1891 (missing Jun 14 and Nov. 1, 1889)

Reel 8:  Oct. 30, 1891 0 Nov. 2, 1894 (missing Feb. 17, 1893)

Reel 9:  Nov. 9, 1894 – Dec. 3, 1897

Reel 10:  Dec. 10, 1897 – Dec. 14, 1900

These reels are available through your university library’s interlibrary loan program.  Cost is $10/reel.  Additional information about our interlibrary loan policies/procedures can be found at
I hope that this information is helpful.

Andrea Faling

Kent and Mark,
Paul Weinert called me Saturday evening.  I think since he knew Kent was going to Falls City in August, he better look for Anna (Scholl) Bingaman and Clara Scholl's graves.  He did find them (not together) and they do have small head stones, about 6" X 14".  Last year he had looked in the wrong place, which is the reason he found no head stone then.  I told him that Kent would have to take pictures of them. He said Anna's plot was owned by Maurice  Bingaman, her husband.  Clara's plot was owned by the Ebel family.  Never heard of them.

He said the church records were piece meal.  Some records had been moved to another place for safe keeping, I think he said to a nearby town, however they had a flood so more records lost.

Paul said the library in Falls City is a good one and has the old newspapers on microfilm so you don't need to go to Lincoln as in your email today.

I told him Kent would have to take a picture of the musket, his response was, well I better clean it up.

Another interesting thing he told me, I knew August, Fredericka and family first lived in a dugout and then he built the house that the picture is in the back of the calendar.  He said, August built the house on top of the dugout.  Also August bought 6 lots in Arago before they left Buffalo.

Kent, I will review your other email about the Scholl family and original records when I have more time.  We still have the two German foreign exchange students with us until this Saturday.  Hopefully they find another place for them to stay since we are going on vacation next Tuesday for about 10 days.


I just want to be clear on what you're wanting, etc.  In looking at your email, "Subject: Scholl line", where you have Frederick and Fannie marriage and death information and then each one of their children, on some you have a date, i.e. day, month and year and on others you just have the year.  Such as you have Frederick born 1849 which is actually 16 Feb 1849.   Do you have the day and month information on the ones with just the year?  Is this your work sheet for looking up newspaper articles in Falls City?  Most of the information I have is from the "Family Group Records" that I received from your Aunt Audrey.  I have run across a few discrepancies in the birth year of Frederick and Fannie's children.  Since I was trying to track down all the living Scholl line for the 2005 Reunion, I started by getting Death Certificates and obituaries to try to find other family members.

Where you have "descendents", are you wanting the living descendents or their children and grandchildren etc?

About 3 days after our German girls leave, we are going to Oregon and Washington for 10 days and then home about 3 days and leave for New Mexico for about 10 days.  So I will do what I can when time is available.

The attached document was written by Opal (Siewert) (Hornschuch) Zielinski (whom you met at the 2005 reunion in Portland) about her in-laws, Emil and Emma (Scholl) Hornschuch.  This was in one of the two books we did not have time to go through.

 Kent - I think we are home to stay for awhile...however there are tons of things to catch up on that if I don't get them done soon I might forget too much....and that will never do.  Husband David is President of MHA (where we met for the reunions) and all procedures and decisions that were made need to be recorded and put in the proper place before they leave my mind....that part is all up to me.  So..........obligations seem to never end.

About the Scholls....I really don't think I can add anything to what I have given you before.  As you know, my subjects were the Weinerts so I only have names and birthdates on the Scholls.  I believe Margie Ingersoll has delved quite heavily into the history and knows much more than I do.  There is another name that I can give you and that is Vince Becker who is of the Scholl family and has completed some impressive work.  He now lives in Texas and has returned to Nebraska many times to glean the way, I think he and his wife were at the reunion you and Mark attended....maybe that will ring a bell with you.  Any way.....he could tell you far  more than I can.....he has been into files, documents, Fall City Library, etc, knows courthouse procedures, etc....the last email I have for him is
if that doesn't work I think Margie would have a current one.

You are so kind to consider me one of the pillars of family history....Thanks, but I don't deserve it!  I just do what my heart directs me to do to preserve as much as I can.....My children and grandchildren need to have this information.

It's good to know you are still around...missed you at the 2008 was great.  I think your brother Mark enjoyed it a lot and was able to issue info and pictures that family historians were interested in and never knew how to acquire.  Remember....we found you only a few short years ago!!!  What a treat.

Just came to me that Paul and we tried to find the graves of Anna Scholl Bingaman and Clara Scholl in the Steele cemetery three years ago...we found them but there are no markers....sad.  Same with Laura Scholl Zinser in the Rose City Cemetery in Portland.

I certainly wish you fact, I wish we could make another trip back is David's home you know....but I doubt that will happen.  Have a safe and informative trip.

Most sincerely,    Cousin Beth

August 3, 2009
Yes, our microfilm reels are housed at the Nebraska State Historical Society headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It is possible that the Falls City Library ( the Richardson County Historical Society in Falls City ( purchased duplicate reels from us, but you would have to contact those organizations directly to learn about their holdings.
I should mention that if you are planning to visit our facility to undertake research in the Falls City newspapers that are available during our building renovation project, you will need to make an appointment in advance, as our reference facilities have been relocated temporarily and can accommodate only a couple of people at a time.  If you cannot come to Lincoln, these newspapers are available to you via the interlibrary loan program of your library.  For more information about our interlibrary loan policies/procedures, see
Let me know if there is any other information that I can provide.

Andrea Faling

 September 2, 2009
Kent, I know you were very busy in Falls City and were there for such a short time, but just wondering if you were able to go to the Steel Cemetery in Falls City where Anna (Scholl) Bingaman and Clara Scholl were buried.

Also was there time to go to the library to find the birth dates for Anna and Laura Scholl?

I see you have a picture of Paul with the musket/gun, however is there a picture of the full musket/gun.  The picture only shows part of it.

I see you have a couple of pictures that are Scholls.  Did you contact Vincent Becker to find out our Scholl family still living in Falls City?  I know there are two families of Scholls that live in Falls City that are not related.  I'm sure our line has to be Frederick Scholl's brother, George Scholl's down line.  What are their connection with the Scholl family?  1.  The one that says Robert Scholl, however a woman, is that Robert Philip Scholl's wife (Robert died 29 Nov 2007), Wilma Faye (Taylor) Scholl.  I'm looking at the booklet Vincent put together for the reunion in Portland.
1.  The other one has a name, Arlene Scholl Miller.  I don't see an Arlene or Miller in George Scholl's down line (the George that is a brother to Frederick).  Who is she?

September 2, 2009
Sorry, I missed some of the videos the other day.  Thanks for helping.

Anna's tombstone has her birth year as 1880 which agrees with Vincent Becker and also James Roby.  Audrey is the only one with her birth year as 1881 that is if I typed it correctly from her pages.

So it is only Laura's birth year in question now.

You had such a wonderful trip to Falls City, very memorable.  The videos sure help. It would be good to get together sometime.  We are leaving Thursday mid morning to go to Running Springs for a couple of days.

September 7, 2009
Good morning, Kent:

I was thinking of you...even the day you left for Nebraska.  I know what a great time it must have turned out to be for you.  Marji Reddington from Wisconsin called me yesterday to tell me of your sister Sandy's visit with her......and that you had sent her some copies of things you had found.  She loved it all and was so appreciative.  I'm sure Paul was a great help to you...and isn't he a great person?  I'm beginning to think that the all-inclusive people who are a part of the clan are great people !!:-) We are SO thankful we finally connected up with some of the Scholls.  You all are a real blessing to us.  Thanks for the attachments....I think I have copies of those in my book already. I have been involved in tooooooo much this summer so haven't been doing much with my hobby but probably during the winter months I will get at it again.

Did you visit the Zion Cemetery....and perhaps see our stone along side that of August and Fredericka?  Not too anxious to get there yet, however!

Well, take care and again thanks for thinking of me and PLEASE keep in touch.

Cousin Beth

September 9, 2009

I did not know Carl is the German name for Charles.  The German script of August, well I didn't recognize his name.

I have a German - English Dictionary (actually it's not a dictionary, but it has the translations of words from English to German and German to English). March in German is Marz with 2 dots over the "a".  May in German is Mai. So, I think this church baptism record has the German month which indicates he was born 25 March/Marz 1868.  Well now we have 3 birth dates for August. Beth's booklet has 22 Mar 1867, Audrey has 25 Mar 1869 and the church record has 25 Mar 1868.  It wasn't like he was baptized within a year after he was born, he was baptized in 1881 so he was about 13 years old.  Did they forget when he was born?

I didn't get to the Frederick and Fannie Scholl information today, so next week.

Thanks for pointing out Carl/Charles and August on the church records.

September 14, 2009
Hi Kent.... Have so enjoyed your e-mails and pictures and information.  Some of it I have and much I knew about , but did not have the documentation; so I really appreciate your sending it.

The day after Sandy was here several weeks ago, we were rear ended in the car by a twenty year old while on his phone.  Consequently I did not respond immediately.   My neck and back and car have all required extra help, time and rest but are doing better with time.

If ever in this area, please come and visit.  I have Weinert memorabilia from Grandma Louise who was the youngest of the August Weinert children. She was such a wonderful thoughtful Grandma who I knew very well. Sunday noon big meals after church were her specialties; then a game of carams, then pop corn, then Fairmont hand packed ice cream sitting on the narrow front porch in Falls City, Nebraska watching the world pass by were strong memories.  The Sunday menu was usually a hen plucked from their chicken coop in the back yard by the alley, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, fresh yeast rolls we made on Saturday mornings, fresh peach pie and plenty of conversation regarding politics and finance at the Methodist Church we all had just attended.

Well I am getting carried away with memories...just appreciated your sharing of "stuff".  So glad Sandy initiated her visit here.   She left an important piece of her documentation and I have no address in Wisconsin Rapids for her.  You might tell her that I need her address.  Thank you.   So glad you got to know and visit Paul.  I remember the day I met him on their farm when I was ten years old. Paul had just come in from the fields with a load of wheat and we (brother Irving and I) crawled into the wagon and had our first experience chewing wheat to make it into gum. The Weinert family was very close as we all grew up together.  However, we lived in town and most of them were on the different farms but I detasseled corn, etc. on the farms and got to know where they all lived and what they grew.  They were strong, "good" people and always looked up to in the community.

Marji R

October 10, 2009
Hi Kent:  Have enjoyed and appreciated the recent Vander Schaaff information.  Thank you so much for thinking of me again.  Had an enjoyable telephone conversation with Paul for an hour and a half initiated by him.  Two of us cousins sent money to him for helping out in the Arago cemetery on a monument for Weinert babies.  Had another rear end collision while I was stopped at a red light....two in four weeks.  Tisn't fun to be patient for time healing nonsense of teenage inattentiveness.  The car is once again fixed, but my headaches are not.  Keep going on your push for Scholl family history. I think it is great!!!

Oct 15, 2009
Hi Kent:

Yes, I do have the original Weinert home picture, as well as the original barn picture.   So,  please keep that in mind when you come next summer, so that you and your trusty camera can do a little more work.
Got most of Sandy's and your information placed where I think I want it
in my Weinert books.

Could you identify the short gray haired lady with you in a street scene probably in Falls City, NE. (because you have the same checked green and white shirt that you did in the rotary picture).   

The other identification:  Who is the older thin gentleman with you sitting under a tree, labeled Arlene Scholl Miller Visit 2009-16?

Would love to get your own family group sheet with your children, present addresses and phone numbers.  Is that possible?

What is your teaching title, and what grade do you oversee?  Is it a charter school, or university situation?   Just trying to get to know this second cousin once removed guy.  Think I did the chart correctly...did I?

Thank you for answering my questions.            Marji


October 26, 2009
Dear Kent,
We have had a busy fall but not because of harvesting.  It has been the slowest in modern equipment time due to excess rain.  None of my crops are out yet.
I have been busy with a number of funerals.  Two this past week were former students....both suffered from cancer.  One was 62 and the other 50.  It makes an old man feel old.  The latter was the artistic director for the State Historical Museum and a very dedicated genealogist.
Would it be possible for me to get a disk of our interviews?  I would appreciate it for my kids.
It was such a pleasure to have you with us.

I sent copies of three photos that I thought might interest you.  I believe that the photo of Anna and Louise, my grandmother, was taken in 1891 when the entire family gathered in Falls City for their portrait.  (1891 is an assumption based on the clothing and hair styles in the family photo.)  I have no idea about the date of the Minnie and Louise photo.  I wasn't sure if the man with Louise was Charles or August Jr., so I included Marji Reddington in the email because I am certain that she knows which brother it was. 

Yes, I have a copy of Paul Weinert's video and really enjoyed listening and watching.  I am so glad that you were able to record all that information before it is gone.  My Aunt Evelyn, Louise's youngest, is here in the area in an adult family home.  She is doing very well but does not have a lot of Weinert information.  She was born in 1914 so was too young to remember the elder aunts and uncles.  We watched part of Paul's videos together and she was delighted to hear his stories.

You assumed correctly, Anna and August Ernst are buried in unmarked graves.  I did place the tiny American flag between their grave sites. The care taker told me that those were the "cheapest" sites, at that time, at the back of the cemetery. 

I would love to do a little more research on August Ernst and Laura Eva Ernst.  I know who Laura Eva's parents were but I have no idea about her relationship to Anna's Husband, August.  After I discovered that Anna's adopted son, Ezra, raised a family I located three of his children and sent a brief let! ter intr oducing myself and asking for family information.  They are all very elderly and I got no response.  I know that Laura Eva was buried here in Seattle so I plan to visit that cemetery later this summer. 

It was fun working on Ann'a story, genealogical research is a lot like crossword puzzles and it becomes almost addictive. 

Cynthia Cramer