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Barbara Jenta 1793-1814


When Barbara Jenta was born on 27 October 1793, in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland, her father, Rudolf Jenta, was 22 and her mother, Lisabeth Freÿ, was 18. She died on 2 April 1814, at the age of 20.

Documents related to Barbara Jenta: 

1793 Barbara Jenta 27 Oct bap Wetzikon
Film 008480741 page 80
A(nna) Barb(ara), d(en) 27. Oct [1793]
Rud(olf) Jenta v(on) Etenhausen / Elis(abetha) Freÿ v(on) Birr
Witnesses: H(er)r H(an)s Konr(ad) Nägeli Pfr(und)verwalter auf Eichberg / J(un)gfr(au) A(nna) Barb(ara) Schmid von Kemten
Note: I am not absolutely sure about the Pfrundverwalter (parish administrator) - but cannot think of another meaning.
Note: I am also not sure about Eichberg: there is an Eichberg, part of Hombrechtikon ZH - but there is no independent parish. I therefore tend towards Eichberg in the St.Gallen Rhine Valley - with a reformed parish under the control of Zürich.
1814 Barbara Jenta burial 2 April, Wetzikon
film 008480741 page 325
[1814] April 3 A(nna) Barbara - Rudolf Jenta, des Beken v(on) Etenhausen eh(liche) (legitimate) Tocht(er) (daughter)
aged 20 - 5 - 6
cause of death Febr(is) = fever
"des Beken" in todays German would be "des Bäckers" … so Rudolf was a baker.
Note: Interesting is the exact age (20 years - 5 months - 6 days) which I assume is the age at death, not at burial. If you deduct this (as usual separately for years, months, days - not converting to days) from 1814 04 03 you end up with 1793 10 27 … the date given in the baptismal register. So this would be her date of birth: was she baptised the same day - or a bit later and the date of baptism was not recorded? Alternatively: is 1814 04 03 the date of burial (not death) - and 1793 10 27 the date of her baptism - and she was baptised at age 3 days (assuming burial 3 days after death)?