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1698 Parents and siblings of Conrad Jenta

The district of Emhof in the 18th century
The parish of Emhof (in the Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany) belongs officially to the parish of Dietldorf, but lies halfway along the road to Schmidmühlen. Hans Georg Jander/Jänder and his wife Margaretha live in Emhof - they have at least 4 children baptised.

Documents related to Conrad Jenta's parents and siblings: 

1) Hans Conrad Jenta (1698-1761)
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The information on Conrad Jenta's origins known to date comes from the Wetzikon population register for his grandson Rudolf Jenta: Wetzikon-Haushaltrodel-Jenta&Frey&Huber-008191940-page-354-det.jpg According to this, Conrad Jenta comes from Schmiedmüllen [Schmidmühlen] in the Upper Palatinate (Bavaria) and was baptized there on 02.05.1698 - however, the baptism is not found in the Schmidmühlen baptismal register.
Haushaltungsrodel Film 008191940 page 354 Wetzikon
Emhof: The parish of Emhof (in the Upper Palatinate) actually belongs to the parish of Dietldorf, but lies halfway along the road to Schmidmühlen. Hans Georg Jander/Jänder and his wife Margaretha live in Emhof - they have at least 4 children baptized - including a Conrad Jänder on 02.08.1694 ... would fit except for the baptism date. Did this Conrad possibly die young and have a brother Conrad born in 1698, who then emigrated to Switzerland? See discussion below.
Marriage: Hans Conrad Jenta marries Elisabeth Landis of Wengi (probably the hamlet of Wängibad) on 11.12.1732 in Aeugst am Albis ZH. In the marriage entry, the groom's name is written as “Janther” (possibly “Jentha”), he is a tanner and a “proselyte”, i.e. a convert (the Upper Palatinate was Catholic). The bride is described as a “tanner” - she is therefore the daughter of a tanner.
Baptism: On 26.03.1733 the daughter Anna is baptized in Aeugst am Albis. Here the father's name is spelled “Jander”.
Baptism: On 10.10.1734, daughter Barbara is baptized in Aeugst am Albis. Here, too, the father's name is spelled “Jander”.
Kaspar: According to the population register (copy above), the son Kaspar is born on 30.04.1741 - but there is no baptism entry in either Aeugst am Albis or Wetzikon: where did the family live at this time? (Unknown, a thorough search has been made for Kaspar's baptismal record and has not been found.)
Conrad: Probably between 1741 and 1751, Conrad Jenta buys the tannery in Wetzikon (Medikon). The family subsequently acquired citizenship of Wetzikon on 09.02.1751.
Death: On 09.04.1761 Conrad Jenta dies in Medikon and is buried in Wetzikon.
Conrad's Children: Anna (1733-1769), Barbara (1734-?), Hans Kaspar (1741-1787).
Further information in English and copies of relevant sources can be found here.
Today: There is still a tannery in Wetzikon today, which was built in 1847 - so there is not necessarily a connection with the tannery bought by Conrad Jenta. However, a tannery was always built on a watercourse - such as the address at 47 Zürcherstrasse in Medikon on the torrent - so it seems quite likely that the tannery purchased by Conrad Jenta was also located on this site.

Possible relatives: The first four are children of Georg and Margaretha Jänder.

04.07.1689 Hans Georg Jander in Dietldorf page 48
Transcription by Wolf:
Die 4to Julij baptizatus est Hans Georg, Hans Görgen Janders, et Margaretha uxoris in Embhowe filius legitimus. Patrinus: Georg Faustna ibidem.
Translation by Wolf: 
Baptised on the 4th of July (1689) was Hans Georg, legitimate son of Hans Georg Jander in Emhof and his wife Margaretha. 
Godfather: Georg Faustna, also in Emhof.
Note: That the son gets the father's name is often an indication that he is the first son - so parents may got married shortly before. Unfortunately the Dietldorf marriage records have a gap after 1684; I checked 1679 to 1683 - no entry - so most likely they got married between 1684 and 1689.
27.12.1691 Agnes Jänder in Schmidmühlen page 5
Transcription by Wolf: 
Die 27. huius (= 27.12.1691) Baptisata est Agnes, Hansen Görg Jänders von Emb Hoff, et Margarethae uxoris eius filia legitima. Patrina: Agnes, Conradi Scheuers ibidem uxor.
Translation: Agnes is the legitimate daughter of Hans Georg Jänder in Emhof and his wife Margaretha. Godmother is Agnes, Conrad Scheuer's wife in Emhof.

02.08.1694 Conrad Jänder in Dietldorf page 59
Translation by Wolf: 
Die 2do Augusti (= 02.08.1694) Baptisatus est Conradus, Görg Jänders, et Margaretha uxoris eius in Emb Hoff filia legitima. Patrinus: Conradus Scheuer.
GoogleTranslate: On the 2nd of August (= August 2nd, 1694) Baptism was Conrad, George Jänders, and Margaretha, who were married in Emb Hoff in their own country. Patron: Conradus Scheuer.

Ulrich Neitzel:
Not easy to read…
Baptizata est Anna Barbara Joannis Georgii Jander et Margarithe ___?, Senatoris? in Emhof __ , levans Anna Catharina ___ ibidem in Emhof
Baptized was Anna Barbara, [daughter of] Johann Georg Jander and Margarethe ___?, senator/councillor? in Emhof, godmother Anna Catharina __? also from Emhof.

Other possible relatives of Conrad Jenta:

1668 Joannis Jander Dieldorf Germ. Matricula Dietldorf, 1666-1711 page 006 
Ulirch Neitzel:
9. Emhof
13. hujus baptizatus est Joannes legitimus filius Joannis Jander & Margaretha uxoris ipsius in Emmhoff, cuius patrinus fuit Joannes Praller rusticus in Bettenhoff.
No. 9 Emhof
On the 13th of this month [May] was baptized Johannes, legitimate son of Johannes Jander and Margaretha, his wife in Emhof. Godfather was Johannes Praller, farmer in Bettenhof

1675  Jander Dietldorf Germany Matricula Dietldorf, 1666-1711 page 122 

1719 Georg Jander Feb 12, 1712-1781 Matricula Dietldorf, Bavaria page 23

1719 Georg Jander March 5 1712-1781 Matricula Dietldorf, Bavaria page 23 

1722 Georg Jander April 22, 1712-1781 Matricula Dietldorf, Bavaria page 32

1726 Georg Jander May 28, 1712-1781 Matricula Dietldorf, Bavaria page 49

Transcription: 28 huius Baptizata est Anna Margaretha honesti Joannis Georgy Jander et Agnetis uxoris eius filia legitima, Patrina fuit honesta Anna Grossin ibid.
Translation: 28th of the same month was baptized Anna Margaretha, legitimate daughter of the honest Johann Georg Jander and his wife Agnes. Godmother was the honest Anna Gross, from the same place.

1731 Georg Jander Mar 9, 1712-1781 Matricula Dietldorf, Bavaria page 69 

Baugebiet Emhof Nord:Building area north of Emhof, Bavaria