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Jacob Juker.abt 1730 -1765

Jacob Juker was from Kempton, Wetzikon, Switzerland. Jacob married Anna Jenta October 31, 1768. They had one child named Barbara. Anna married  Jakob Juker, a rope maker  October 31 1768. Their daughter Barbara was born 10 July 1769. Anna lived 17 days after the birth of her only daughter Barbara. She was buried in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland 27 July 1769.He was buried in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland.

Documents related to Hans Jacob Juker:

1730 bap Jacob Juker 25 June Wetzikon page 292

Anna Jenta marriage to Hans Jakob Jucker in Zürich-Grossmünster 31.10.1768
Translation by Wolf:
item (= 31.10.1768)
Marriage: Jakob Juker von Kempten
Anna Jenta von Medikon, beÿde der Pfarr Wezikon (Medikon, near the parish of Wetzikon)
Note: The Jenta family first lived in Untermedikon on the west of the river. Untermedikon and Robank are part of Wetzikon in the West of a little river called Aa-Bach.