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Anna Jenta 1802-1860

When Anna Jenta was born on 31 October 1802, in Ettenhausen, Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland, her father, Rudolf Jenta, was 31 and her mother, Lisabeth Freÿ, was 27. She married Johannes Wolfensberger on 25 March 1824, in Ettenhausen, Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland. They were the parents of at least 5 sons and 2 daughters. She died on 24 December 1860, in Switzerland, at the age of 58.

Documents related to Anna Jenta:

1799 birth Johannes Wolfensberger 15 December Ettenhausen, Wetzikon, Zürich
Translation by Wolf:
Johannes den 15. Dec (1799)
Heinrich Wolfensperger von Etenhausen / Margaretha Wild von Fuchsreute
Alt...(?) Johann Wolfensperger von Etenhausen / Elisabeth Wild von Fuchsreute Pfarrei Gossau
Wild: This is Gossau in canton Zürich (not the one in St.Gallen!) where Wild have been citizens since before 1800.
Note: The "Alt...(?)" refers to a position with the "Alt" indicating that the holder has retired. What position, I don't know.

1802 baptism 31 October Anna Jenta Wetzikon, CH

Translation by Wolf: 
Anna eod. (= den 31 Oct 1802)
Rudolf Jenta von Etenhausen / Elisabeth Freÿ von Bir
(Herr?) (Georgius?) Weber, Richter zu Kemten / Anna Wolfensperger geb. Rüegg in Emmetschloo

1824 marriage 22 March of Anna Jenta to Johannes Wolfensberger Ettenhausen, Wetzikon, Zürich
Translation by Wolf: 
Date will be 22 Mar 1824
Johannes Wolfensperger von Etenhausen, geb. den 15 Decembris 1799
Anna Jenta von Etenhausen, geb. den 31 Octobris 1802

1860 burial 30 December Anna Jenta burial Ettenhausen, Wetzikon, Zürich

Translation by Wolf:
Died Dec 24 / buried Dec 30 (1860)
Anna Wolfensperger - Jenta, Ettenhausen (born) 31 Dec 1802
Age 58 years 1 month 24 days
(see Bürgerbuch page) 577
(Comment, here: cause of death) Marasmus
See link below for the column headings:
Notes: Marasmus is a form of severe malnutrition characterized by energy deficiency. It can occur in anyone with severe malnutrition but usually occurs in children. Body weight is reduced to less than 62% of the normal (expected) body weight for the age.[1] Marasmus occurrence increases prior to age 1, whereas kwashiorkor occurrence increases after 18 months.
Marasmus is commonly represented by a shrunken, wasted appearance, loss of muscle mass and subcutaneous fat mass.[5][6] Due to the deficiency in macronutrients and caloric intake, specifically protein and adult survivors that impact development. Other long term effects of marasmus are the increased risks for pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction which leads to glucose intolerance and type 2 diabetes.[7] This may lead to reduced muscle mass, and increased visceral fat. Moreover, there are metabolic implications including reduced insulin sensitivity and impaired glucose metabolism.

1875 burial Johannes Wolfensberger March 23 Ettenhausen, Wetzikon, Zürich
Translation by Wolf:
died März 19 / buried März 23 (1875)
Johannes Wolfensperger, Wittwer der Anna Jenta, von Etenhausen, aged 75y 3m 4d
In the comments we find 3 columns:
1) date of birth (here 15 XII 1799)
2) empty in most cases (also here) - another example: auswärts männlich 6. This man (a woman would be weiblich) was most likely buried elsewhere (with a running number).
3) No entry in such cases - but an abbreviation plus a number for all other deceased: as these would have been buried in Wetzikon, I assume this would document the grave, consisting of an abbreviated cemetery section name (which I cannot interpret, one could be Wald) plus a grave number. describes the development of the Wetzikon cemetery (cemeteries) - without answering this question. Irene Tobler of the Archiv Ortsgeschichte might be able to help

Wetzikon E lll 139.21 p 1734 Ettenhausen, Wetzikon, Zürich

Translation by Wolf:
In most cases the sons-in-law are listed above in the right hand column: :
5) Anna, oo 25.03.1824 mit Joh. Wolfensberger von Ettenhausen
6) Susanna, oo __.12.1824 mit Joh. Sidler von Ottenbach
7) A. Barbara, oo 15.12.1828 mit ____ [Heinrich?] Salzmann von Maschwanden
9) Lisabeth, oo 06.11.1829 mit Ruedi Salzmann von Maschwanden
12) Lisabeth, oo 07.03.1842 mit Johs. Sidler von Ottenbach
13) A. Lisabeth, oo 18.03.1839 mit Johs. Rinderknecht von Hedingen
Other information:
8) Heinrich, oo 02.02.1829 ____ 1737 [refers tp page 1737 on Heinrich and Family]
I) Elisabeth Frey (1774-1816) von Birr Aargau
II) Marg. Huber (1792-1849) von Husen [likely Hausen am Albis]
On the Geneal-Forum there are already discussions on-
Huber von Hausen am Albis ZH
Wolfensberger von Wetzikon ZH (Ettenhausen not being a place of citizenship for Wolfensberger).

Note: You are welcome to start new discussions on the other families - including Jenta: they are no longer listed in the Register of Swiss surnames - but Billeter has compiled information on Jenta of Wetzikon ZH: in the catalogue shown with the film roll symbol, so you may have to visit the FamilySearch Library in SLC to view this. Alternatively you could scroll through his handwritten notes - which are a bit difficult to read and interpret (lots of abbreviations). "Your" family is on

1802 Anna Jenta Familienbuch film 008191940 page 379 Ettenhausen, Wetzikon, Zürich
Translation by Wolf:
Johannes Wolfensperger, g. d. 15. Dezbr 1799: 1824 war er in Gebweiler [Guebwiller], anno 1827 in Rappoldsweiler [Ribeauvillé] im Elsaß, 1830 kam er zurück.
Notes: So Johannes Wolfensperger and Anna Jenta got married 31.10.1824 in Wetzikon whilst he was in Alsace (or he was there earlier in the year, got married, and after some time went to Alsace again?) > to be compared with the births of his children.
Johann Heinrich 1824
"Heinrich 1827" is a typo - should be 1830
Hans Jakob 1842

1802 Anna Jenta Familienbuch film 008191940 page 379 Ettenhausen, Wetzikon, Zürich
Translation by Kent Gardiner

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