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Anna Jenta 1733-1769

Anna Jenta was born on 26 January 1733, in Aeugst am Albis, Zürich, Switzerland. Her father, Conrad Jenta, was 34 and her mother, Elisabeth Landis, was 32. At her baptism Anna's godparents were 1) Rudolf Huber and 2) Anna Bickel - not his wife, but wife of the shoemaker Heinrich Schneebeli. Anna married  Jakob Juker, a ropemaker, October 31 1768. Her daughter Barbara was born 10 July 1769. Anna lived 17 days after the birth of her only daughter Barbara. She was buried in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland 27 July 1769.

Documents related to Anna Jenta:

1733 Anna Jenta bap 26 Mar film 008125657 p 45 
Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche Aeugst am Albis(Zürich) 
Translation by Wolf:
Birth: Martii, Donnerstag den 26sten (1733): Anna
Meister Conrad Jander Gerwer und Lisabeth Landis
Godparents: Rudolf Huber, Schützenmeister, (master marksman) und Anna Bickel, Schuhmacher (shoemaker) Schneebelis von Affoltern Hausfrau.
Note: Irrespective of spelling (Jander vs. Jenta) - with the correct profession and the identical wife's name - I am absolutely sure this is "your" Conrad Jenta. The family still lived in Aeugst am Albis, where they had married, so Anna was born/baptised in Aeugst am Albis (you should correct your blog!). The Pastor may have not been familiar with this "strange" name - remember the marriage entry states "Jentha" (have you ever copied this entry?).
Godmother: Then a comment on the godmother: note that her maiden name is mentioned - together with her husband's surname. With Anna being a very common name and Bickel as well as Schneebeli being large families, there are three marriages of an Anna Bickel with a Schneebeli between 1701 and 1730 - but only one groom is a shoemaker 😉.
Note: Godparents were 1) this Rudolf Huber and 2) Anna Bickel - not his wife, but wife of the shoemaker Heinrich Schneebeli (I had linked to their marriage entry)
Note: Schützenmeister does not describe his performance, but is a position - though he most likely will also have been a good marksman. Idiotikon gives three explanations:
1. chairman of a rifle club
2. (outdated when idiotikon was printed around 1900) older name for the "Büchsenschützen-Hauptmann" [rifle captain] before the introduction of the firearms. He would lead the group of riflemen of an "Auszug" (military corps going into a battle).
3. administrator of the "Schützenkasse" - could be the rifle club treasury, but also in connection with the army.
BTW - whilst Aeugst am Albis (official name!) is the largest and best known Aeugst in Switzerland - there are few smaller places named Aeugst.

Anna Jenta marriage to Hans Jakob Jucke Zürich-Grossmünster 31.10.1768

Anna Jenta marriage to Hans Jakob Jucker in Zürich-Grossmünster 31.10.1768
Translation by Wolf:
item (= 31.10.1768)
Marriage: Jakob Juker von Kempten
Anna Jenta von Medikon, beÿde der Pfarr Wezikon (Medikon, near the parish of Wetzikon)
Note: The Jenta family first lived in Untermedikon on the west of the river. Untermedikon and Robank are part of Wetzikon in the West of a little river called Aa-Bach.

Zürich Archives: 

Sometime between 1734 and 1751 Conrad Elizabeth and two girls moved to the Wetzikon area.

1769 baptism Anna's daughter Barbara Jenta 10 July Wetzikon.
film 997055 page 40
Translation by Wolf: 
Birth: Anna Barbara, den 10. Julij (1769) In einer Nabend Stunde.
Parents: Hans Jakob Jucker von Kemten / Anna Jenta
Godparents: Johannes Egli von Kemten / Anna Barbara Haüser von Gossau
I assume "Nabend" is an abbreviation for "Nachabend" = late evening.
Note: Modern spelling of "Haüser" could be either Hauser or Heusser - both "old" citizens of Gossau ZH.
Marriage: Anna Jenta and Jakob Jucker got married Zürich-Grossmünster 31.10.1768 (EDB).
Note: Barbara may have been named for her Aunt Barbara Jenta or Anna Barbara Haüser von Gossau, her godparent.

1769 burial Anna Jenta 27 July Wetzikon, film 008480741 p 290
Translation by Wolf:
Anna Jenta, Hans Jakob Jukers des Seilers [ropemaker] von Kemten eheliche Hausfrau.
DeepL translation: Anna Jenta, Hans Jakob Juker des Seilers [ropemaker] von Kemten, wife of the housewife.
From FS Index:
Name: Anna Jentta
Sex: Weiblich 
Spouse's Name: Jakob Juder
Event Type: burial
Date: 27. Juli 1769
Event Place: Wetzikon, Zürich, Schweiz
Note: Anna lived 17 days after the birth of her daughter Barbara.