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Laura Scholl Letter


1898 Laura Scholl


1920s Laura Scholl with "bobbed hair."
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Portland Oregon
May 25, 1927

Dear Aunt Louise and Family: (Louise Weinert Wiltse is Fannie Weinert's sister and Laura's mother. Louise is 54 years 4 mo old, Laura is 45 years 4 mo old)

Must admit that I actually feel ashamed of myself for not writing long before this. Shall endeavor however to do better hereafter.

Received your two letters plus Mildred’s (Mildred is 15 yrs 3 mo, old and is Louise's fourth child) graduation announcement. Wish we might be present for the occasion. Does she expect to go on through college? 

We drove to Salem two weeks ago last Sunday for conference (Laura attended the
Evangelical Church in Portland, 16th and Poplar) at which time we saw most of the relatives ………Leoda and baby, and Emma and family (Leoda is Fred Voegelein's wife. Emma and Emil Hornschuch live in Brooks, OR with their three children). They were all fine at the time. Aunt Minnie’s not quite so stout as she has been. (Minnie is 62 and lives in Lebanon, Linn, OR). Think she said she lost about 10 pounds within the past month or two. Kathryn (Kathrine Voegelein is 38 and lives in Brooks, Marion, OR) is feeling very well again since her operation. Fred and Leoda have a very sweet baby. (Fred and Leoda Voegelein baby is named  Kathryn Margaret Voegelein born 1 June 1926 ). Just beginning to walk and talk a little. Looks very much like her daddy.

Ed, Mable and family were in town one week ago last Sunday. They drove to the country to celebrate Aunt Minnie’s 62nd birthday. Their children are both overweight. Dr advises them …… a great big overgrown boy with lots of pep. He has very good health now. (Paul Edward b 1921, is 6 years 3 mo and Lucille Katherine b 1923, is 3 yrs 9 mo. old)

Anna Pribbeno Ernst called on Emma says “she looks about the same only grown somewhat older and is quite stout.” We had hoped to see her at conference but no doubt they have moved as she told Emma there might be a possibility of Henriette’s (Everetta's) husband being transferred to some other place. (Anna Sophia Pribbeno was born Mar 1873 in Nebraska, she married Lewis H. Ernst 26 Sep 1895 in Richardson, NE,
Anna's husband died in 25 July 1898 when Anna was 25, Anna died 28 March 1934 in Portland, OR. at age 61. They had one daughter named Everetta Caroline Ernst b 25 Oct 1896, She married Bert A Torson about 1915, in 1920 they are living with twins in Richardson, NE. and in 1930 they have 2 boys and a girl and are living in Portland. Lewis's mother is living with them. Bert and Everetta do not move during this year and the next.)

Emm (nickname for Emma Scholl Hornschuch) expects to come to Portland within a week or two. We are going to help her make a dress for Naomi ……..tall and slender. Think she is about one inch and a half taller than I am. Erma is the dark one. Just like the Hornschuch’s dark eyes, dark hair and dark skin. Emm took the three children every Saturday a.m. Leaving home about 7 o’clock. At times it was still dark during the winter months for their music in Salem which is about 10 miles from where they live. Said she will be glad for the summer vacation. This is about all the news for the country folk. (Naomi b 25 Aug 1914 and is 12 yrs 9 mo, Erma b 9 Aug 1916, is 10 years 9 mo)

Will next give you a little local news. Father is much better. His heart …all winter.… was shut in for 3 months or longer. We were quite uneasy about him. Dr. said his heart was dilated and in very bad condition. He suggested he go to bed for sometime, but father “told him he would not do that as long as he was able to be up. “Said he is always ready to get up by 6:30 or 7:00 am. And longer then that we could not keep him there. We tried our best to keep him quiet during the day, but found it a rather difficult task. Dr. also insisted he diet for a while, but he could not see the necessity of that “said he had always eaten most anything he liked, and did not it could harm him now. In Daddies time dieting was quite foreign to the average person of course. Now it is quite the other way. (On 30 May 1929 Fred Scholl dies of valvular heart disease. He lived 80 years 3 mo 14 days)

He now goes over town twice or three times a week again and Sunday he was at our house for dinner, and church Sunday morning and evening.

Suppose you have heard by this time that Leona went to Chicago with her stepmother the first of the year. She is working in some candy shop there. She was debating for sometime whether or not to go as she did not want to leave father because of his health. But….into it. Don’t know just how long she will remain there. (Laura's sister Anna Scholl married
Maurice Albert Bingaman in 1902, they had two daughters, Laura b 1902-1984 and Leona 1904-1930.  After Anna's death in 1905 Maurice and the girls move to Amarillo, Texas. Anna and Maurice's two girls are found in the 1910 Texas census. Maurice married Frida Hursch on the 9th April 1908 and the two girls reportedly "hate their stepmother."  Fred Jr, Anna’s brother, brings both girls back to Portland, and soon thereafter their father dies on 21 Nov 1918 in Amarillo, Texas. He was 39.  Both girls are raised by their grandparents Frederick and Fannie. Source: Beth Weinert. Laura Bingaman marries George Harold Roby 9 May 1928 and they have three children beginning in 1929. 12 months after this letter Leona marries Charles Thew Cutting 7 July 1929 and they have one child. ) Laura is still keeping house for the boys as she calls father and Fred. She is very dependable and very conscientious, also a fine little housekeeper. 

Fred is not married as yet, and no telling when he will be. He has plenty of girl friends but that is about as far as it goes, and Guss and Emm are fine. She lost one of her young brothers a couple of months ago.  (Guss's wife Emma Lou's brother
Francis C Schultz died 20 Jan 1927 in Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota. Twenty years after this letter,Fred Clarence Scholl Jr married Helen Evelyn McDonald 10 June 1945 at age 47.)

George and his family may come up during the summer to see father. (George, Emma and three year old Elaine visit Portland in August 1928)

Last but not least are John and myself. John is as fat …..has not missed a day since we visited you that is any more then the regular holidays. Don’t remember whether I have told you I have my hair bobbed. In fact I have had it off for one year, and sure like it. How about yours?

We are still looking forward to your visit. How about it? We certainly would be glad to see you all.

How are all our relatives? Remember us to them when you see them please.

Must close least I weary you, and trusting we may hear from you soon,

With lots of Love,
From Laura and - ......

Documents related to Laura's letter.
1928 Portland, Emma B. Scholl: (Trip from LA to Portland)
"Wild berries grew all around there. We stayed with Gus (George's brother) and Emma few days. We visited Laura (George's sister) and John Zinser. We went out in the country and picked berries and they were very cheap. I canned 125 quarts of berries and fruit and shipped it to L.A. on a boat."

1928 Portland, Emma B. Scholl: "We started home in September, stopped at Emma's (Hornschuch) and enjoyed the prunes and peaches. We attended Laura's funeral in the Evangelical Church in Portland just before we left. She died August 27th, 1928, giving birth to her second baby, Lawrence Zinser. Her first baby had died at birth. Emma Scholl and Emil Hornschuch raised Lawrence."


Anna Scholl and Maurice Bingman's two girls.
1928  Laura died August 27, 1928 during childbirth, as her second
 child Laurence was born, Age 44. According to her death certificate she was buried in the Rose City Cemetery, Multnomah, Portland, OR

1944 John Zinser died 3 January, Clackamas, OR. John lived 70 years, 8 months 15 days 

1928 Morning Oregonian, Tuesday August 28

1928 Laura Scholl death certificate

28 March 1934, Anna Pribbeno death certificate

1929 Fred Scholl's death certificate

1929 Erma Hornschuch with Lawrence Zinser, Laura's only child
Lavish Center, Portland, OR