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Philipp Scholl 1759-1807

Philipp Scholl 1759 - 1817 is the last child of Johann Matthias Scholl b 1718. He married Maria Margaretha Kemm, had 4 children She died 11 Feb 1794 - then Philipp married Juliana BraunPhilipp: 9JK7-V6L. Juliana Braun delivered 4 children from 1796 to 1807. Juliana ID: GH2H-VL3 Philipp was a citizen and merchant.

Philipp, b 1759 (the youngest son of Matthias Scholl b 1718), had a son named Christoph Scholl b 1792. Matthias Scholl b 1744 (the oldest son of Matthias Scholl b 1718) had a daughter named Magdalena Scholl b 1793. On the 13th of May 1819 the two married. They had 7 children. None of their children lived to adulthood.  Magdalena Scholl died at 56 years on 22 Feb 1850.  Christoph died eleven days later at 57 years on 5 March 1850. First cousin marriages were not unheard of. Had this been a Catholic marriage between first cousins, I suspect the couple would have been required to get a dispensation from the Catholic Church to marry. (Robert Seal on marrying cousins)

Note: Philipp Scholl had a son named Jacob Frederick in 1789. He married Elisabeth Zimmermann. In 1818 they married. KH3N-ZSK
What happened to Philipp and Juliana Braun children?
1. Jacob Scholl 1796-1859 married Maria Katharina Wertele and had at least one child named Christina Scholl 1824-1839
2. Wilhelm 1799-1799
3. Wilhelm 1803-1885 married 30 Dec 1828 to Louise Maag and had 16 children.
4. Catharina 1807-1820 died at 13
5. Katharina 1807-1870
6. Katharine 1809-dec

What happened to Philipp and Maria Margaretha Kemm's children? 
1. Philipp Jacob 1784-dec
2. Scholl 1787-1787
3. Jakob Friedrich Scholl 1789-1877 married 12 Feb 1818 to Elisabeth Zimmermann and had four children.
4. Christoph Scholl 1792-1850 married 13 May 1819 to Magdalena Scholl (1793-1850) 9JZP-9WY (cousins marrying)
The Graben familybooks are found on two films:
Film One:  102118620
Familienbuch I 1828-1829 -- page 897
Familienbuch II 1830-1862 --  page 1075
Familienbuch III 1862-1888 -- page 1276 (continues)
Film Two: 102061090 
Familienbuch III 1889-1900 -- page 3
Familienbuch IV 1901-1942 -- page 115
Familienbuch V 1942-1958 -- page 444 - 618

 Documents related to Philipp Scholl:

Philipp Scholl 24 Jan 1759 birth  film 102078348 page 407
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 24th of January [1759] in the morning at 4:00 am born and on the 25th [of January 1759] baptized: Philipp Scholl. + [died].
Parents: Matthias Scholl, the local citizen , tailor, and currently procurator, and his wife Margaretha, née Zimmermännin.
Baptismal sponsors: Israel Stüz, the local citizen. His wife Maria Salome, née Stockin. Jeremias Raber, the local citizen, cooper, and widower. Maria Barbara, surviving widow of the late Caspar Kreglinger, former citizen and innkeeper at the sign of the bear.

Margaretha Kemm death 13 Feb 1794 film 102078348 page 803
Translation of death record per your request by Robert Seal:
On the 11th of February [1794] at night at 8:00 pm [died] and was on the 13th of the same month buried: Maria Margaretha "Kemrain", whose husband is Philipp Scholl, the local citizen and master tailor, age 33 years, 23 days.
Comments: Despite the odd spelling of the surname in this record, I believe this is "your" Maria Margaretha Kemm. Here is the link to Maria Margaretha Kemm's January 1761 birth/baptismal record from Ancestry:
Note: Birth date matches perfectly with her age at death.
I'm guessing the pastor couldn't read his own notes and misread "Kemmin" as "Kemrain".

Philipp Scholl marriage 17 Mar 1795 film 102078348 page 750

Translation by Robert Seal:
[Married] on the 17th of March [1795]: Philipp Scholl, the local citizen, master tailor, and widower, and Juliana Braunin, legitimately-conceived unmarried daughter of Johann Adam Braun, the local citizen and master tailor, with Maria Catharina, née Lindin.

Philipp Scholl age 48 death 26 Jan 1807 film 102550955 page 278
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 26th of January [1807] at night at 12:00 midnight [died] and was on the 29th [of January 1807] midday at 10:00 am buried: Philipp Scholl, the married citizen and master tailor. Age: 48 years, 2 days. Illness: acute fever
Elisabetha Scholl death Nov 1818 film 102078348 page 1186
Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:
On 5 November midday 1 o'clock died here Elisabetha Scholl, little daughter of the local citizen and master mason Jakob Friedrich Scholl and his wife Elisabetha née Zimmermann, aged 7 weeks, and was buried on the 7th of the same month at midday 1 o'clock. 
Witnesses are Christoph Herbster und Martin Braun, local citizens.
Graben, 7 November 1818 T. G. Beck Pastor
Note: Jakob and Elisabetha married 12 of Feb 1818. Elisabetha was their first child.

Juliana Braun death 1 Feb 1836 film 102118620 page 255
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 4.
In the year of Christ 1836, on the 7th of February in the afternoon at 3:00 pm died, and on the 9th of the same month in the afternoon at 3:00 pm was buried: Juliane Scholl, surviving widow of the former local citizen and master tailor Philipp Scholl, 68 years, 3 months, 18 days old
Parents: the late Adam Braun, citizen, and his wife Katharine, née Lind.
Witnesses were: Friedrich Nagel and Wilhelm S___th?, citizens.
Graben, on the 9th of February 1836. Pastor Käß.
Left margin: Scholl, Juliane, née Braun. Widow.

Philipp Scholl born 1759 Familybook I page 224 film 102118620 page 1013
1. Is Philipp's profession mentioned after his name? Is he a tailor?
2. Is Katharina Huthe? the daughter born i4 Aug 1807?
3. What is Katharina's last name?
4. Does NB stand for illegitimate?
5. Does Katharina's second child, Elisabetha have an illegitimate child born 20 May 1857.
6. Please translate the final entry after NB NB.Your questions answered by Robert Seal:
(1) Is Philipp's profession mentioned after his name? Is he a tailor? Yes, he is a "B. u[nd] Schneider" = citizen and tailor, and he is also identified as a widower.
(2) Is Katharina Huthe? the daughter born i4 Aug 1807? Yes, Katharina is born 4 August 1807. She dies 1 March 1870 [not 1820].
(3) What is Katharina's last name? Her last name is Scholl. What you interpreted as "Huthe" is actually the word "hatte" = had.
(4) Does NB stand for illegitimate? NB = Nota Bene = note well. It is used to draw the reader's attention to something important. Here it is telling you the following: "NB. Katharina hatte ledig" = Note well: Katharina had unmarried: [the following three children, Katharina, Elisabetha, and Wilhelmine].
(5) Does Katharina's second child, Elisabetha have an illegitimate child born 20 May 1857. Yes, that is correct. [Did the "NB NB" draw your attention to this?]
(6) Please translate the final entry after NB NB.: "Elisabetha hatte unehelich: Emma Katharine, geboren 20 May 1857" = Elisabetha had illegitimately: Emma Katharine, born 20 May 1857.
My comment: Here is the link to Katharina Scholl's death record on Ancestry which confirms her death date is 1 March 1870:

Christina Scholl b 6 Jun 1832 Familybook II page 118 film 102118620 page 1137

Carl Ludwig Woly Familybook III page 299 film 102118620 page 1429

Elisabetha Scholl b 3 Aug 1833 Familybook II page 313 film 102118620 page 1234

Jacob Scholl b 25 Aug 1847 Familybook III page 188 film 102118620 page 1373

Jakob Scholl Familybook or Familienbuch I page 215 film 102118620 page 1008

Philipp Scholl b 22 Sep 1806 Familybook page 84 film 102118620 page 1120

Wilhelm Scholl b 1803 Familybook I page 229 film 102118620 page 1015

Wilhilmina Scholl b 9 Mar 1839. Familybook III page 148 film 102118620 page 1353

Heinrich Scholl Familybook IV page 262 film 102061090 page 247

Jacob Friedrich Scholl Familybook IV page 30 film 102061090 page 131
Translation by Robert Seal:
Number: 2.
Time of burial: on the 3rd of March [1870] in the morning at 9:30 am.
Death date: 1 March [1870].
Decedent: Katharina Scholl, unmarried daughter of the deceased local merchant and tailor Philipp Scholl and the deceased Juliana, née Braun.
Age: 62 years, 6 months, 23 days.
Remarks: Family Book, volume I, page 224.