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Anna Margaretha Kemm 1696-1762

Anna Margaretha Kemm was born to Anna Jacobea Scholl and Johann Adam Kemm on 3 April 1696. Jacobea married Adam January 1695. Anna Margaretha Kemm married Johann Georg Schuetz 15 Nov 1717 in Graben when she was about 21. They had 7 children. Anna Margaretha Kemm died 23 Dec 1762. Her ID: KL15-KFS Anna Margaretha 1696-1762 Baptismal sponsors: Mr. Peter Keller, mayor, and fiancée? Anna Margaretha. Hanß Jost Wentz and fiancée Sabina.

What happened to Anna Margaretha's children?
1. Georg Christoph Schuez 1719-1762 married Maria Barbara Zimmermann 5 Mar 1748 and had 5 children.
2. Anna Maria Schuz 1721-1780 married Adam Zimmermann 19 Nov 1743 and had 10 children
3. Johann Georg Schuez 1724-1796 married Maria Catharina Lind 7 Jan 1749 and had 9 children
4. Jacob Schuez 1727-1781 died at 9 years
5 Johann Caspar 1729-1781 married Maria Catharina Werner 20 Feb 1753 and had 4 children
6. Johann Peter Schuez 1732-1741 died at 9 years
7. Catharina Elisabeth Schuez 1738-1815 married Johann Martin Wenz 19 June 1759 and had two children

Documents related to Anna Margaretha Kemm:

Anna Margaretha Kemm b 5 Apr 1696 film 004137289 page 240

Translation by Robert Seal:
Date: born on the 3rd of April [1696], baptized on the 5th of April [1696] in the afternoon.
Child: Anna Margaretha.
Parents: Hanß Adam Kämm, wife Anna Jacobea.
Baptismal sponsors: Mr. Peter Keller, mayor, and fiancée Anna
Margaretha. Hanß Jost Wentz and fiancée Sabina.
Kent: Why does Peter Keller have a fiancèe when he is married?
Joss Wentz KGCM-HRY married Sabina about 1682 which adds more confusion.
Robert:Yes, this is very confusing. I checked the record again and the word before both female baptismal sponsors' names is: sponsa = engaged woman, fiancée, bride, intended, betrothed.
Even substituting "bride" for "fiancée" doesn't make sense because "bride" infers newly married.
Perhaps the scribe made a mistake in identifying these two women as "sponsa".
Note that this birth took place in the first week of April 1696. You should minimally search marriage records for April through December 1696 and all of 1697 to see if you can find a marriage record for :
(1) Peter Keller and Anna Margaretha; and
(2) Hanß Jost Wentz and Sabina.Kent: The marriage records in Graben for these marriages are incomplete and sparce and cannot be located

Anna Margaretha Kemm marr Joh. Michael Schütz 15 Nov 1718 film 102078298 page 382
Translation by Robert Seal:
Date: 15 November [1718].
Groom: Johann Georg Schütz, single fellow, his craft a linen weaver, legitimate "erzihlt"? surviving son of the late Joh. Michäel Schütz, former vineyard grower at Aurich, Vaihing[en] district, ducal Württemberg? territory.
Bride: Anna Margretha, legitimately-conceived surviving daughter of the late Adam Kemm, citizen and civil council member here.
Witnesses: Johann Georg Waibel, citizen, butcher, and Swan Tavern innkeeper here. Caspar Kreglinger, citizen, butcher, and Stag Tavern innkeeper at this place.
Comment: Here is the link to Aurich from Meyers Gazetteer; I think this is where the groom's father is from:

Anna Margaretha Kemm Schüzin death at 66 23 Dec 1762 film 102078298 page 617
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 23rd of December [1762] in the evening after 5:00 pm died and on the 25th [of December 1762] buried: Anna Margaretha Schüzin, née Kemmin, surviving widow of the late Johann Georg Schüz, former citizen and master linen weaver here, at the age of 66 years, 8 months, and 20 days.

 Johann Georg Schüz death 1 Mar 1763film 102078348 page 527
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 1st of March [1763] in the morning early after 5:00 am died and on the 2nd [of March 1763] buried: Joh[ann] Georg Schüz, little son of Johann Georg Schüz, local citizen and master weaver, and his wife Catharina, née Lindin, at the age of 18 days.