Thursday, January 27, 2022

Family History Classes

Here is a list of Family History Classes I have taught or can easily teach:


Class 1 

Building your own family YouTube video library.

Have you ever wanted to have all your family videos instantly accessible online so your children and grandchildren can enjoy them? This class will teach you how to create your own YouTube video library and how to create interesting video moments and video slide shows. We will discuss editing, copyright, and privacy settings for your videos.

Class 2  

Ancestor art, puzzles, cooking, and displays in the home.

Let's make family history fun and inspiring! We will share ways to engage everyone in the grand adventure of family history  through the use of heirloom displays, picture books, videos, puzzles, art, and cooking.

Class 3    

Ancestor picture books - inspire the next generation.

Have you ever wanted to make a family history picture book? There are several different ways of formatting such a book. Which is the best fit for you? What are best practices? Learn the steps to writing, formatting and publishing a book that will inspire your descendants. Picture books will be available in class for viewing.

Class 4  

Find, read, and prepare German documents for translation.

FamilySearch has thousands of German parish records that contain detailed information on your ancestors. This class will teach you how to find, read, and prepare them for translation. Discover your ancestors professions, witnesses, immigration, location, cause of death along with their birth, marriage and death dates. In this class we'll demonstrate how to read a little German script and where your documents can be translated.