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Maria Margaretha Heinle 1722-1751


George Heinle and Anna Christina Tropfin 1697-1731 are the parents of Margaretha Heinle who On 17 February 1750 a small daughter was born from sinful fornication.  Margaretha Heinle, surviving unmarried daughter of Georg Heinle, citizen and farmer, and thereupon baptized and named the child Salome.

Documents related to Margaretha Heinle:

Maria Margaretha Heinle b 1 Dec 1722 film 102078348 page 245 

Translation by Charlotte Noelle Champenois
On 1 December 1722, a daughter of Georg Heinle and Christina, his wife, was born, after which she was baptized and named Maria Margareta.
Godparents: Hanß Adam, unmarried son of Christoph Grünemejer; Leopold Holtz, unmarried son of the deceased Joachim Holtz, former hunter here; Catharina, unmarried daughter of Martin Süß (or Suß), deceased journeyman; Maria Barbara Pister, stepdaughter of the local

proprietor of the Swan Inn Hanß Georg Waibel, of the Reformed religion.
Note: Hanß is spelled with the following single letter from the German alphabet: "ß" (called an Eszett) making the name: Hanss The Eszett represents a double s

Barbara Scholl and Jaob Scholl  spon 1750 film 102078348 page 380

Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:
this is a somewhat different record - some words are difficult to read, but I hope that my interpretation of the basic information is correct. Maybe other community members can complete/correct my transcription/translation.
17 Febr 1750 wurde Margaretha Heinlin, weyl: Georg Heinle civis et rustici nachgelaßener lediger Tochter ein Töchterlein aus sündger? Hurerey? zu Welt gebohren, so darauff getaufft und Salome genanndt worden. Gevattern sind Jacob Becker, Christoph Becker Anwalts lediger Sohn u. Barbara Schollin, Jacob Schollen civis et rustici ledige Tochter. Melchior Heil deß Jerg Heil civis et c__onis in Lidolsheim lediger Sohn. Metzger Handwerks? mit Salome Joh: Georg Hoerners civis rusticis et senatoris ledige Tochter. in partus doloribus gibt so zum Vater an, wie sie es schon bey der examination bekenndt, u. es n. dem gfürstl Oamt berichtet worden Johannes Sell gewesener Bauersknacht allhi beym Jacob Ludw: Holz? Hirschwirth, gebürtig von Bückel?
NB. _ wurde folgend sol: die Kindtauff gleichbald dem Hochf. Oberamt u. gwönl: Specialat berichtet.
On 17 February 1750 a small daughter was born from sinful? fornication? by Margaretha Heinle, surviving unmarried daughter of Georg Heinle, citizen and farmer, and thereupon baptized and named Salome. Baptismal sponsors were Jacob Becker, unmarried son of the lawyer Christoph Becker, and Barbara Scholl, unmarried daughter of Jacob Scholl, citizen and farmer. Melchior Heil, unmarried son of Jerg Heil citizen and __? in Lidolsheim, of the butcher craft with Salome, unmarried daughter of

Johann Georg Hoerner, citizen, farmer and senator. During the birth pains she states - as she confessed during examination and was reported to the grandducal high office - that the father was Johannes Dellin born in Bückel?, former farmhand here at Jacob Ludwig Holz, the innkeeper at the sign of the stag.
Note: The child's baptism was soon after announced to the grandducal high office and to the Specialat.
Notes: The person of interest in this story - Maria Margaretha Heinle was born 1 Dec 1722 to Georg Heinle and Anna Christina Tropfin in Graben. She died 28 January 1814 and was buried in Liedolsheim. Her out of wedlock child, Salome was named after the daughter of Georg Hoerner, a Bürger, Senator and farmer, namely Salome Hoerner. She worked at the butcher craft with
Melchior Heil in Lidolsheim. Salome was born 25 Sep 1733 in Graben. She married Johann Melchior Heigl two months after this event on 21 April 1750 in Liedolsheim and they had 9 children. Salome died 14 Nov 1813 in Liedolsheim. We do not know what happened to the child Salome  or to Johannes Dellin born in Bückel. Jacob Ludwig Holz, the innkeeper at the sign of the stag  was born 1709 in Graben. Ludwig married Anna Catharina Hölzin (b 1702)  27 Nov 1731 in Graben and he died 10 June 1753  or two and a half years after this event, in Graben.  His wife Anna Catharina Hölzin died at 69 on the 23 June 1771 in Graben.
Note: Ulrich: Kent, I see now that the last name of the father must be Dell, not Sell. Note that the last name of the child is given as Dellin in the rightmost column. Still, I wonder why Salome got this family name although her mother was unmarried? (I corrected my original post accordingly.)
Note: Georg Heinle, citizen and farmer will die a little less than a year from now on 29 Jan 1814.
FS numbers: Salome the child: FS ID is 9JZG-VHC, Johann Melchior Heigl is 96YH-8PK

Margaretha Heinle death 6 Dec 1751 Graben film 102078298 page 598

Translation by Robert Seal:
1751, on the 6th of December, Margarethe Heinlin [Heinle], surviving unmarried daughter of the late Jo[hann] Georg Heinle, former citizen and farmer, died from edema. She was thereafter on the 3rd day buried with sound, singing, and a sermon.
Age: 28 years, 11 months, 14 days.
Note: Edema is swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in your body's tissues. Although edema can affect any part of your body, you may notice it more in your hands, arms, feet, ankles and legs. Edema can be the result of medication, pregnancy or an underlying disease — often congestive heart failure, kidney disease or cirrhosis of the liver.

Margarethe Heinle death 1814 fath Georg Heinle mother Christine Tropfin film 102550743 page 602
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 159. On the 28th of January [1814], in the morning at 1:00 am died and today in the afternoon at 2:00 pm buried: Margarethe. Father: Georg Heinle, citizen and joiner.
Mother: Christine Tropfin. Illness: consumption. Doctor Mr. Councilor Siegel. Age: 2 years, 4 months, and 2 days.
(1) Christoph Ludwig Herbst, citizen and farmer.
(2) Johann Daniel Roth, citizen and farmer. Liedolsheim, on the 29th of January 1814. [signature of pastor]