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Johann Adam Kemm 1641-1704

Hans Adam Kemm b 1641was married to Susanna Barbara Heyl b 1636 d 27 Nov 1691. Adam was born in 1641 and died 1704. He was 63 at the time. Susanna give birth to 9 children. There is a Scholl baptismal sponsor for Anna Eva Kemm bap 22 Nov 1674. Susanna died in 1691 and Adam remarried Anna Jacobea Scholl born 1667. Jacobea was the second child of Hans Andreas Endris Scholl b 1639. So Adam Kemm is friends with Hans Andreas Endris Scholl and acts as sponsor when Johan Christoph Scholl is born 1675 and twenty years later on 8 January 1695 Adam marries Andreas Endris' second child Anna Jacobea Scholl. The couple has 5 children. The marriage record between Jacobea and Adam notes Adam was a member of the city councilThe council refers to a city council. There is another specific German word for church council: Kirchenrat(h).

In Gabriel Geibel baptism record 7 January 1701 it mentions a sponsor: Mister Christoph Zachmann, [town] council member and innkeeper of the Ochs Inn. Adam and Christoph Zachmann probably served together since Adam Kemm didn't die until 1704.
What happened to Adam Kemm and Jacobea's children?
1. Anna Margaretha 1646-1762 married Johann Georg Schuetz 15 Nov 1717 in Graben and had 7 children Georg lived from 1689 to 1762
2. Johann Peter 1698-1772 married Anna Margareta Munck 13 May 1721 died 20 Oct 1772 Peter was a Wagnermeister nd widowed at the time of his death
3. Johann Adam 1701-1701
4. Anna Catharina 1701-1701
5. Anna Maria 1703-1703. 

Who were the sponsors of Jacobea and Adam's children?
1. Anna Margaretha 1696-1762 Baptismal sponsors: Mr. Peter Keller, mayor, and fiancée Anna Margaretha. Hanß Jost Wentz and fiancée Sabina.
2. Johann Peter 1698-1772 Baptismal sponsors: Mr. Peter . . . (probably Peter Keller)
3. Johann Adam 1701-1701 Baptismal sponsors: Peter Keller, the mayor, with his wife.
4. Anna Catharina 1701-1701 Michael Kamerer and wife. Simon Heyl and wife.
5. Anna Maria 1703-1703. Peter Keller, the mayor here, and wife. Joß Wentz and wife.
Note: Hanß is spelled with the following single letter from the German alphabet: "ß" (called an Eszett) making the name: Hanss. The Eszett represents a double s.
The Kemm family is well known for their service in the community:   
1875 Hauptlehrer Kemm, Karl teacher
1732 Christoph Kemm Sheriff
1752 Johann Philipp Kemm (Sohn) Sheriff
1822 Christoph Kemm  Sheriff
1830 Christoph Kemm Bürgermeister

Documents related to Johann Adam Kemm:

Scholl spon 1768 bot rt film 102078348 page 460
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 28th of June [1768], midday after 10:00 am born and on the 1st of July [1768] baptized: Margaretha Elisabetha Dälingerin.
Parents: Georg Dälinger, a local day laborer, and his wife Cath[arina] Elisabetha Feiglin.
Baptismal sponsors: Johann Philipp Kemm, legitimate unmarried son of the mayor here; Elisabetha Wenzin, unmarried citizen's daughter here; Christoph Zimmermann, unmarried citizen's son here; Margaretha Schüzin, unmarried citizen's daughter here.
Right column: + [died].

Hans Adam Kemm spon 1665 film 004137289 pge 213

Translation by Robert Seal
Date: ? January [1665]. [between 20 January 1665 and 27 January 1665].
Child: Hanß Mattheis.
Parents: Martin Weidman(n), Margret.
Baptismal sponsors: Margret, Reinhard Hönle's daughter; Hanß Adam Kem(m), Hanß Jörg Kemm's son; Ruprecht Kümmi(n)g? together with wife.
1. Margret, Reinhard Hönle's daughter;
2. Hanß Adam Kem(m)
3. Hanß Jörg Kemm's son
4. Ruprecht Kümmi(n)g? together with wife.
Anna Eva Kemm bap 22 Nov 1674 Scholl sponsor film 102078348 page 159

Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 20th of November [1674] in the evening between 8:00 pm amd 9:00 pm Anna Eva Kemmin was born to the world, her parents Hans Adam Kemm and his wife Susannah, and was baptized on Sunday midday on the 22nd of November [1674].
Baptismal sponsors were
(1) Hans Endris Zimmermann and his wife;
(2) Hans Endris Scholl and his wife;
(3) Anna Margretha Waidmännin, widow.

Johann Christoph Kemm b 9Dec 1682 film 102078348 page 166

Translation Robert Seal:
on the 9th of December [1682] in the morning between 9:00 am and 10:00 am born, and baptized on the 10th [of December 1682] at the hour of 12 noon.
Child: Johann Christoph. (named after sponsor Christoph Schuhmacher)
Parents: Hanß Adam Kemm, wife Susanna Barbara, née Heylin.
Baptismal sponsors: Mr. Martin Moß, princely Margravian custom official. Mr. Christoph Schuhmacher, the Cronenwirth and his wife Margaretha. Antoni Cammerer and his wife Anna.
Who is Herr. Martin Moß?
Martin married Anna Moßin who was born in 1617. She died 19th of February [1681], at 74 years old.
It is interesting to me that a lordly Margravian tax officer would be spoken of in such glowing terms by pastor Konrad Stadmann. I believe most tax collectors would not be so honored. Note the words: honourable, modest, Herr, princely and lordly. He sounds like a fine man with a difficult job. After going through many sponsors in the late 1600s I found Martin Moss was mentioned many times.

We know Martin was the baptismal sponsor for Hanß Adam Kemm, wife Susanna Barbara, née Heylin in 1682 when Martin was 62 years old.

Baptismal sponsors: Mr. Martin Moß, princely Margravian custom official. Mr. Christoph Schuhmacher, the Cronenwirth and his wife Margaretha. Antoni Cammerer and his wife Anna.

Martin Moss grew up during the 30 Years War, serving as tax officer from 1640 to 1688. Martin's wife was born in 1607 and saw the entire 30 Years War.These were hard times. I wonder what area his tax collecting duties entailed? did they have children? what was their life like? All the best and thanks for taking us back to a bygone era, Martin and his wife were born 13 years apart, the same as my wife and I.

Who is Christoph Schumacher?
Christoph Schumacher was born 1642 in Graben and lived until 1691. He married Margaretha Straub about 1670 and they had three children. Christoph's occupation was inkeeper of Gronen (crown) (the spellng may be Schumacher) Occupation at death: Gerichtsverwandter (see the end of this page for his death record) Christoph also had a son named Christoph 1675-1750 who married Anna Maria Barbara Horchheimer 1681-1738. They had six children. Christoph, a butcher, and his wife were the baptismal sponsors of Hans Andreas Endris Scholl's son George Scholl b 1678 children. That means two generations of Schumachers were godparents or baptismal sponsors to two generations of the same Scholl family.

Who is Martin Moss?
Martin Moss was a Zoller or a custom's official. His wife is named Anna.

Wilhelm Scholl 31 Aug 1665 film 004137289 page 213
Translation by Robert Seal
Date: 31 October [1665].

Susanna Barbara, a born-out-of-wedlock child.
Parents: Wendel Kammerer with Maria Mossin, the tax/customs official's daughter.
Baptismal sponsors: Wilhelm Scholl together with wife. Hanß Mats Heil together with wife.
Comment: Written under the child's name: "Ein Huren Kind" = a child born out of wedlock; bastard; prostitute's child (these definitions come from Thode). The word is also spelled as a single word: Hurenkind. Who is Wilhelm Scholl?
Maria Magdalena Moos (about 1646-1691), ID KDQ9-H94 She married Wendel Cammerer and they had 9 children.
Conrad Heil death at 47 8 Oct 1673 film 102978298 page 258
Translation by Robert Seal:
8 October [1673]: H[ans] Conrad Heil, citizen and [town] council member, in his 47th years, died from consumption [tuberculosis].
Adam Kemm birth Hans Endris Scholl spon 1675 film 004137289 page 223
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 25th of December [1675], to this world was born Hanß Adam Kemm and on the 27th of the same month in Graben was baptized, whose parents are Hans Adam Kemm and his wife Susanna. Baptismal sponsors were: (1) Hanß Endris Scholl and his wife; (2) Hanß Jerg Cammerer and his wife; (3) Margretha Waidmännin, widow.
Comment: An appropriate birth record for this Christmas season!
Anna Moss death 19 Feb 1681 film 102078348 page 196  2 copy

Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 19th of February [1681], at night between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm Anna Moßin blissfully fell asleep, the legitimate wife of Mr. Martin Moß, the customs official here, and on the 21st of the same month in the evening between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm was honestly buried to the earth. Her age 74 years, "etl."? month.

Martin Moss death 12 Jan 1688 Zoller age 68 film 102078348 page 200
Ulrich Neitzel: Transcription:
den 12t: January 1688 starb nach 6 tag überstandener Schwachheit ___ ___ undt seelig, ohne ___ Ach oder Weh bey guter ___ biß auff den letzten Odem, der Ehrenhaft u: bescheidene? H. Martin Moß, fürstl. Marggr. 28 jähriger Zoller allhier. welcher d: 14t: ejd. Mittags Christl. Zu Erde bestattet worden da er gelebt 68 Jahr u: 13 Tag. D.O.M. __ ___ ___ ____.
On 12 January 1688, after 6 days of overcoming his weakness, the honourable and modest? Mr. Martin Moss, lordly margravian tax officer here for 28 years, died ___ ___ and blissfully, without alas or woe with good ___ until the last breath. In Christian manner he was buried to the ground on the 14th at midday, when he had lived 68 years and 13 days.
Maria Magdalena Moss death  22 Mar age 45 1691 film. 102078348 page 202
Translation by Marion Wolfert
On the 22 March 1691 died Maria Magdalena, wife of Hannss Wendel CAMMERERS
She was buried the next day to her final resting place, she lived 45 years and 4 month
Susanna Barbara Heyl death 1691 film 102078348 page 203
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 27th of November [1691], Susanna, Hannß Adam Kemm's wife, died in her Savior Jesus Christ, who on the 29th of the same month was honestly buried, she lived 55 years.
Jacobea Scholl m 8 Jan 1695 to Adam Kemm film 102078348 page 185
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 8th of January [1695], after holding a wedding sermon, were married Hanß Adam "Kamm", citizen and of the [town] council here, with Jacobea, legitimate surviving daughter of the late Hanß Endriß Scholl, middle-class inhabitant here.

Adam Kemm birth 13 Jun 1701 film 004137289 page 244

Translation by Robert Seal:
Monday, the 13th of June [1701], a little boy was born and on the 14th [of June 1701] was baptized.
Parents: Hanß Adam Kamm, from here, and Jacobea, wife.
Name: Johann Adam.
Baptismal sponsors: Peter Keller, the mayor, with his wife.

Anna Maria and Anna Catharina b 24 Jan 1703 film 004137289 page 246
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 24th of January [1703], two twins were born and immediately? baptized.
Parents: Hanß Adam Kamm, from here, and wife.
Names: Anna Maria and Anna Catharina.
Baptismal sponsors:
[Child] 1: Peter Keller, the mayor here, and wife. Joß Wentz and wife.
[Child] 2: Michael Kamerer and wife. Simon Heyl and wife
Adam Kemm death 20 Jan 1704 age 63 film 102078348 page 308
Translation Robert Seal:
On the 20th of January [1704], Hans Adam Kemm, approximately 63 years.
Hans Georg Cammerer age 52 death 16 July1705 B 1653 film 102078298
Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:
16.Juli Hans Georg Cammerer, so _____über 1 ganses jahr __ kränklich gewesen, vor 14 Tage aber recht? bettlägrig u .je länger je schwächer ward bis er endlich donnerstags nachmittag unter dem Gebet verschieden? Seines alters ___ 52 Jahr. Seine Eltern waren weil. Hans Cammerer u. Anna Catharina Bürger allhier __ __ 1674 im Ehestand ___ mit Anna Sidonia Hanß Weidmann weil. Bürgers allhier ehel. Tochter mit ___ im Ehestand gelebet 31 Jahr. 6 Kinder wovon 3 Mägdl u. 3 Söhn. welche alle noch __ leben, ausgenommen noch 1 Töchterlein ist all__ in 10 Jahr dis___ gesegnet. ____ ___

16 July [1705]: Hans Georg Cammerer who has been sickly for a whole year became bedridden 14 days ago and became the longer the weaker until he finally passed away Thursday afternoon under the prayer. His age was ___ 52 years. His parents were the late Hans Cammerer, citizen here, and Anna Catharina. ____ ___ 1674 marriage with Anna Sidonia, legitimate daughter of the late Hanß Weidmann, citizen here. __ he lived in marriage for 31 years. 6 children of which 3 girls and 3 sons, all still alive, except 1 girl _ in ten years? __ blessed. ___ ___ 
Detail of the previous document, enhanced by Ulrich Neitzel

Johann Peter Kemm. death 20 Oct 1772 age 74 Wagnermeister  film 102078348 page 766
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 20th of October [1772], midday at 11:00 am [died] and on the 22nd of the same month was buried Johann Peter Kemm, citizen, master cartwright, and widower here, age 74 years, 2 months, 24 days.
Comment: The year 1772 is written at the top of the page.