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Johann Georg Cammerer 1741-1814

Johann Georg Cammerer
L44F-YG5 was a local citizen in Graben and master smith who cares for horses. Georg was born 28 May 1741. Georg married Catharina Barbara née Süssin 22 Nov 1763 and they had seven children. Georg died 13 Feb 1814 in Graben.  Johann Georg Cammerer died in the local parish of Graben, citizen and master smith here, 72 years, 8 months, and 18 days old. Georg and his wife have the distinction of being the only sponsors to Christina Scholl b 1798. He was 57 at the time he sponsored Christina. 
Schmiedemeister - Schmied is the name of the trade and craftsman for a person whose main task is the forging of metal in craft or industrial work. The forging forging with the aid of hollow molds places significantly less demands on the craftsmanship of the blacksmith than free-forging. The workshop of a blacksmith is the smithy.
Sponsor Johann Georg Cammerer was born to Georg Adam Cammerer 28 May 1741. He married Catharina Barbara Suss 27 Nov 1763 when he was 22 years old and she was 18. They had seven children. Catharina Barbara Suess died Georg Adam died 13 Feb 1814 Margaretha Schmidt died 20 Feb 1811 at age 56.  and Georg died three years later on 13 Feb 1814 at the age of 72. Georg's FH ID is L44F-YG5. Catharina Barbara's FH Id is K4YG-PQD. 
What happened to Georg Cammerer's children?
Maria Catharina Cammerer 1765-1767 died at 2
Jacob Friedrich Cammerer 1768-1836 married Christina Weick 23 Sep 1794 and had ten children
Georg Adam Cammerer 1770-1848 married Jacobina Elisabetha Kemm 12 Jun 1794 and had five children
Maria Catharina Cammerer 1773-1777  died at 3
Maria Margaretha Cammerer 1776-1837 married Johann Philipp Werner 10 Feb 1801 and had six children
Sybilla Elisabetha Cammerer 1778-1793 died at 15 years 3 mo.
Johann Wendel Cammerer 1778-1815 married Philippine Seeber 19 Nov 1801 and had five children
Documents related to Georg Cammerer:
Georg Cammerer b 26 May 1741 film 004137289 page 452
Translation by Robert Seal:
1741, on the 26th of May a little son of Jerg Cammerer, local citizen and smith, from Eva Margaretha, was born in the morning between 8:00 am and 9:00 am, so the following day was baptized and was named Johann Georg.
Baptismal sponsors are Georg Friedr[ich] Herbster with his wife, and Johann Caspar Lind with his wife.
Left margin: died 13 February 1814. 
Comment: "Jerg" is a variant of "Georg".
George Cammerer and Catharina Suss m  22 Nov film 004137289 page 574
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 22nd of November [1763], [were married] Johann Georg Cammerer, the local master smith, surviving legitimate unmarried son of the late Georg Adam Cammerer, former citizen and master smith here, with Catharina Barbara Süssin, surving unmarried daughter of the late Peter Süss, former citizen here.
Joh Georg Cammerer death 13 Feb 1814 at 72 film 102550955 page 378
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 8. On the 13th of February 1814, in the morning at 6:00 am, Johann Georg Cammerer died in the local parish of Graben, citizen and master smith here, 72 years, 8 months, and 18 days old, and on the 15th [of February 1814] in the morning was buried. 
Witnesses are [1] Christoph Meier, citizen and master carpenter here, [and] (2) Jeremias Raber, the local citizen.
[signed]: T. L. Sachs, pastor.