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Johannes Koller and Eva

Johannes Koller and Eva _____are the parents of Anna Margaretha Koller who married Nicholas Nüchtern. They are also the grand parents of Thomas Nüchtern and his four siblings.

All records below come from Archion and are related in one way or another with the Johannes Koller who raised his family with Eva in "Lantzengesäß" or what is called today: Lanzingen Kurhessen-Waldeck: Landeskirchliches Archiv Kassel > Gelnhausen > Bieber > KB 1651-1708 and Kurhessen-Waldeck: Landeskirchliches Archiv Kassel > Gelnhausen > Bieber > KB 1709-1744

Municipality Biebergemünd
Koordinaten: 50 ° 10 ′ 47 ″ N , 9 ° 16 ′ 48 ″ O | OSM |
Height : 173  (172–184)  m
Area : 2,29 km² [1]
Residents : 626 [2]
Population density : 273 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : 1st October 1971
Incorporated according to: Bieber
Postal code : 63599
Area code : 06050

Lanzingen is a district of the Sessart community of Biebergemünd in the Hessian Main-Kinzig district . The other districts are sorted according to their size: Kassel , Bieber , Wirtheim / Neuwirtheim and Roßbach , followed by the smallest district, Breitenborn / Lützel 

Documents related to Johannes Koller:

Aerial photo of Lützel, Breitenborn, Lanzingen, Roßbach, Bieber 

Evangelische Pfarrkirche (Bieber) main church in this area

1660 Johannes baptizes his daughter Margretha Köller. This seems pretty early to be our Johannes Koller but he could be Johannes' father.

Johannes Koller bap 1660 entry 106 image 1794 1651-1708 "Bieber church records"

Translation by Robert Seal:
This is the baptismal record for Margretha Köller, who was named after her baptismal sponsor Margretha Süntzel.
106. Johannes Köller, at Bieber, baptized a little daughter; Margaretha, daughter of Baltzer Süntzel at Gaßen, [served as baptismal sponsor], and [the child] was named after her, on the 19th of September in the year 1660.
My comments: The name "Baltzer" is a variant of "Balthasar".
Here is the link for Gassen from Meyers Gazetteer: Gassen is approximately 1 mile east of Bieber. 

1662 Johannes Koller's birth record in Bieber where the church is located. See photo above.

Johannes Koller from Bieber 1662 birth entry 126 image 1796

Translation by Robert Seal
126. Johannes Köller, at Bieber, baptized a son; Andreas, son of Nicolaus Hut in Gaßen, served as baptismal sponsor and the child was named after him, on the 9th of January in the year 166[2].

1675 Hans aka Johann Koller, birth in Lantzengesäß

Johann Koller Anna Margaretha birth 15 Feb 1675 in Lantzengesäß /Lanzingen, entry 276 item 1811

Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:
This entry is not Hans Koller's birth, but that of his daughter Anna Margaretha.
Hanß Koller zu Lantzengesäß ein Töchterlein getaufft hat Margaretha Cloß _eygers Haußfrau im Röhrig gehalten, und Anna Margaretha genannt den ?. Martii Anno 1675
Hans Koller from Lantzengesäß [Lanzingen] has baptized a little daughter; baptismal sponsor was Margaretha, wife of Cloß [Klaus] _eyger from Röhrig; and was named Anna Margaretha, on ?. March 1675 

1684 Johannes Koller and Eva baptize their son Valentin:

Johannes Koller and Eva mentioned baptism record in 16 April 1684 entry 3 image 1847

Marion Wolfert translation:
Some of the words are cut off in the middle margin. It basically states:
On the 16 April brought Johannes Koller of Lantzengesäß and his wife Eva a son to be baptized. witnesses are Valentin son of Henricus Jekes (Heinrich Jacob) of Roehrig and the child was named Valentin, after the witness. 

1686 Johannes and Eva baptise Catharina?

Johannes Koller and Eva baptism record 10 Dec 1686, entry 52 item 1852

Translation by Robert Seal:
52. Johannes Köller, at Lantzengesäß [Lanzingen], and his wife Eva brought a little daughter to holy baptism, whose baptismal sponsor was Catharina, wife of Valentin Kozah?, after whose name the child has also been called. 

1689, Johannes Koller at "Lantzengesäß" and his wife ( Eva) had a little son baptized and named Johannes

Johannes Koller bap record 9 June 1689 top entry image 1857

Robert Seal Translation:
108. On the 9th of June 1689, Johannes Koller at "Lantzengesäß" and his wife had a little son baptized, baptismal sponsor was Johannes, Paul ___rich Koller's son at Roßbach, and [the child] was name Johan[nes].
Your question: Is it possible Johannes is from Lanzingen?
Answer: The answer is yes based on the following article about Lanzingen from the German Wikipedia:
Go to section 2.2, Historische Namensformen: you will see three historical forms of the name of this place, and the middle name "Landtzingensesse" is close to the form written in the record as "Lantzengesäß". So I agree with you that Johannes Koller is from the place which eventually is called Lanzingen. 

1690 Catharina Lorenz Koller is also from "Lantzengesäß" or Lanzingen: Could Catharina be Johannes's sister?

Catharina Lorenz Koller bap 20 May  1690,  no 123 on record image 1858

1688 George Koller's death  in "Lantzengesäß" or Lanzingen

Georg Koller death 1688 image 1929

Catharina Lorenz Koller baptised?

Catharina Lorenz Koller bap 20 May  1690,  no 123 on record image 1858

1691 Georg Koller is from the same town as Johannes Koller, namely "Lantzengesäß" or Lanzingen. He baptizes a daughter named Magdalena: Could Georg Koller be Johannes' brother? Seems unlikely if he is dead, see document above.

Georg Koller bap 1691 entry 150 11 Oct image 1861

1692 Johannes Koller and his wife Eva from ____ had a little daughter baptized and called her Margaretha.:

 Johannes Koller and Frau Eva baptise Margaretha, 1692, image 1862
Ulrich Neitzel translation:Transcription:
161. eod. die
hat Johannes Koller und seine Frau Eva zu ___ ein Töchterlein tauffen laßten. Gevatterin war Marga_ Paul Henrich Kollers zu Roßbach Tochter und wur[de ge]nannt Anna Margaretha.
[No.] 161 the same day [29 March 1692]
Johannes Koller and his wife Eva from ____ had a little daughter baptized and called her Margaretha. Sponsor was Marg[aretha], daughter of Paul Henrich Koller from Rossbach.
Link for Roßbach in Meyers:

1699 Paul Heinrich Koller from Roßbach is a witness at Anna Margaretha Koller's birth in 1692. Anna Margaretha Koller is Niclaß  Nüchtern's wife who is Thomas Nüchtern's mother.  See below:

Johannes Koller and Paul Heinrich Koller 7 Nov 1699 entry 62 item 1916

Ulrich Neitzel:
den 7. 9bris haben Johannes Koller, Paul Henrich Kollers p.m. hinterlassener ehleibl. Sohn zu Roßbach und Margaretha Seiffartin von Mittelsinn weyl:hl. Johann Seiffarten gewesener hochfürstl. h___ Schultheißen alda ehleibl. hinterlassener Tochter ihren offentl. Kirchgang gehalten, auch nach gehaltener Sermon copuliret worden.
On the 7th of October Johannes Koller, surviving legitimate son of the late Paul Henrich Koller in Roßbach and Margaretha Seiffart from Mittelsinn, surviving legitimate daughter of the late Johann Seiffart, former princely h___ mayor there, had their public church visit and were married after held sermon.
Link for Roßbach in Meyers:
Link for Mittelsinn in Meyers:
Mittelsinn is about 30 km east of Roßbach.

1699 Johannes Koller has a daughter Magdalena who marries Michel Kornung:

Johannes Koller's daughter married and residence entry 44, date: 24 Aug 1699 image 1909

Translation by Robert Seal:
44. On the 24th of August [1699], St. Bartholomew's Day, Johannes, legitimate son of Michel Kornung at "Breidenborn" [Breitenborn] with [Magda]lena?, legitimate daughter of Johannes Koller at "Lantzengesäß" [Lanzingen] were ____ publicly betrothed.
My comment: Counting the date as line 1, I am unable to decipher the last word at the end of line 3 which begins with "ehl", the remainder of which is lost; this may effect the meaning of the final part of the translation.

 1701 Johannes Koller's death:

Johannes Koller death 13 April 1701 entry 173 image 1939
Translation Ulrich Neitzel:
on 13 April [1701] Johannes Köhler, legitimate [son] of Ulrich Köhler at Lantzengesäß, was buried according to christian custom after held sermon, was 26 years and several weeks.