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Wake up, dismayed soul by Johann Friedrich Stein

Wake up, dismayed soul

1.) Wake up, dismayed soul,
Up, your dead Savior lives.
See the empty burial cave.
See how the keeper trembles
And the seal is broken,
Let now the enemies throb,
That stone is from the door.
But Jesus is no longer here.

2.) He who in the deepest shame
Pales there on his cross,
Is now free from death's bond,
Is now free from all burden:
His wounds are healed,
Which the enemy gave him
And his joyful heart
Feels no further pain.

3.) All shame has now come to an end,
All pain is over.
His outstretched hands
Are now free from the nails.
Blows, wounds, cross and bands
Are turned to honor
And the body that is mocked,
Is already crowned with splendor.

4.) Jesus, who is God in all
Has so faithfully and highly honored,
Has increased the Father's good pleasure
Even through his death.
Now he is risen,
Free from the grave and the bands of death,
Which this wonder-man
Can no longer hold.

5.) This temple of all honors
And the deity's noble throne,
Which he let destroy itself,
To the mockery of the enemy,
Now in full splendor and light
With joyful face,
Which yet till the third day
In the tomb lay down.

6.) God now writes down as judge
This payment for the world,
Therefore the guarantor is again
Completely set at liberty.
And the whale, whose jaws
Was open with scorn and laughter,
Spat him back to the light,
Who breaks his belly. (a)

7.) Satan, death and their hordes
Are defeated, dismayed and dead.
Now I can mock them
Even in my last trouble.
Jesus Christ has overcome,
Grave and hell are vanquished.
Up, my spirit, and be merry.

8.) Thanks be to you, O true life,

Which abideth everlasting.
Which gives us salvation and victory
And drives out death by death.
Let my faith thirst
For the great Prince of Life,
That it may be called of me forever:
Jesus lives in my spirit.

9.) This body must indeed decay,
Because it has mold in it.
But soon it will recover
Adorned with immortality,
When the voice will sound
And pierce through all the graves:
Arise, ye dead, live and awake,
Stand before the judge's power.

10.) Little lamb, which in my place
Has laid itself in the grave,
Which itself to death and hell
Carries those strong keys.
Break the bars of my heart,
My sluggishness, my pain,
That every hour and day
I may live to thee anew.

(a) The prophet Jonah was swallowed by a whale and came back to land unharmed. He is therefore considered an archetype of resurrection.

(Old Testament, Book of Jonah, 2nd chapter)

Author: Johann Friedrich Stein

Melody: Jesu, who is my soul


The text was carefully adapted by me, as far as the

the form of the stanzas and the end rhyme

rhyme, I have transcribed it into modern High German

and arranged for this publication


found in:

Neu=vermehrtes Baden=Durlachisches Gesangbuch

of all Lutheran churches

in the margravial lands of Baden

Karlsruhe, 1772

Hymn number 118

Theme: Easter

Translated with (free version)