Sunday, June 6, 2021

Frederick Schaeffer

Birth date July 12, 1847 in Mannheim, Baden, Germany
There are records of Schaefer family members in Mannheim Germany:

               1.  Film 102550947 Mannheim Baden Germany Catholic birth, marriage and death records
                Page 496: 

      7 March 1847 People mentioned, Anna Schaefer (death?), August Schaefer
      A child was born and died 7 March 1847 in Mannheim, Baden Germany
      with the last name Schaefer who died the same day.

2. Film 008268091
 page 615 Catholic Church Record Person: Anna Maria Joscfa Schaefer


            3. Film 008268019 page 615 October 20, 1850 Catholic, birth marriage and death record for                         Mannheim. 


            In the year 1850 on the 10th of October in the morning at 5:00 was born in Mannheim and on the 20th of the same month in the afternoon at 1:30 in the parish church by Chaplain Prailes? was baptized a child of the female gender, Anna Maria Josefa "Schaefer," legitimate daughter of August "Schäfer," citizen and day laborer here, and Susanna Faser. Godmother is Anna Noll, unmarried legitimate daughter of the citizen and master carpenter Franz Noll from here and Agnes, née Engel. Witnesses are: Georg Sessler, local citizen and day laborer, and Georg Morbeck, local citizen and church sexton.

             4. Film: 102550947  page: 496 Adam Schaefer baptism 1850, mother Elisabeth unmarried or child                 out of wedlock. Evangelical Church in Sandhofen, Mannheim, Baden, Germany:

                 5. FS digital Folder 008104549, Image 00519  1850  July 24 1850 People:                        


                Here it is.  This is the close up. of just the document. It is for a Friederich Schafer Baptism Place of Ladenburg, Mannheim, Baden, Deutschland Birth date 24 July 1850. It also indicates that he had a sister Elizabeth baptized the same day and gives the parents as Friederich Schafer and Maria Kenz.  It may not be the correct Frederick, and although the date was shown on the indexed information as the birth date I thought perhaps it was really a Baptism date.  Remember, I know nothing about Fredericks' parents or siblings.  And at this time it was and has been the only thing I have found close to his birth year, and since we now think it was 1847, it may not be anything at all connected: AJ

Film 008280128 page 64-322 searched for Frederick. Many Mannheim Schafer family members but
so far have not found 1847 Frederick.

6. 1847 Mannheim: