Thursday, February 11, 2021

James Hulet Gardiner (aka JHG) Timeline

1921        Birth 
Age 0     1 June 1921
                Parents Frederick Gardiner 1879–1960 and 
                Hope Hulet 1893–1988 
                Sublett, Cassia County, Idaho, United States

1927        Started school
Age 6      Lived in a one room shack near Arthur Pierce’s Home
                Malta, Cassia, Idaho, United States

1929       Residence 
Age 7      Spring
                1.5 miles south of Malta, their home from then on

1930s      Began listening to the radio
Age 13     Malta, Idaho, Cassia, Idaho, United States

1935        Began shooting
Age 14     Winchester single shot 22
                 Malta, Cassia, Idaho, United States
1939       Bought a used bike
Age 18    29 March
                The bike is a “The World” has drop center steel rims, balloon tires
                Cost $6

1939       High School Graduation    
Age 18    19 May              
                Malta, Cassia, Idaho, United States

1940       Residence 
Age 18    Spring and summer, first time away from home
                Works on a farm near six miles west of Fillmore
                Flowell, Utah. United States
                Crop failed, paid only a portion of salary, gave the money
                    earned to his father, "This isn't working for me."

1940-41 Radio Course at Agricultural College of Utah (USU)
Age 20   September 1
                Logan, Utah, United States

1941        Marriage of sister-in-law
Age 20    December 18
                 Audrey Scholl and Glen Krokah
                 Mesa, Arizona, United States of America

1941        Worked at Lockheed Aircraft
Age 20   Summer 1941 to 14 September 1943
                Paid $.50/hr  vs. $0.15/hr in Idaho
                Burbank, California, United States
                Worked on the “Lockheed Lighting or “P38”

1942        Draft registration    
Age 20    14 February
                 I was 20 years old and resided at 3641 Seneca Ave., 
                        LA with the Sanders family, 5 foot 10 and 3/4, 155 lbs

1942        Residence, Draft classification 1A
Age 21     December 29
                 3641 Seneca Avenue, Los Angeles, California
                After physical, the draft board: 1A on Dec 29, 1942, vote of 3-0

1943       Wedding photo
                2 April
                Elaine weighs 100 pounds 5 foot 5 inches tall
1943        Marriage
Age 21     19 May 1943 (weight 155 pounds)
                 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Uta
h, United States
                 Elaine Mary Scholl 1925–1960

1943        Purchased Adobe home for $1,600
Age 22    18 June
                2 East 4th North Farmington, Utah, United States

1943        Residence
Age 22    Jim and Elaine 
                1636 Golden Gate Avenue, Los Angeles, California, United States

1943        Last day at Lockheed
Age 22    14 September 
                Worked on the “Lockheed Lighting or “P38”

1943        1st day in the Navy  aka Military Induction 
Age 22     15 September
                  James is drafted into the Navy, a complete surprise to him
1943        Boot camp
Age 22    September
                San Diego, California, United States

1944        Residence
Age 22    January 3
                Moves from Chicago to Ogden on the South Shore Electric
                Not exactly sure what this means 

1944       Serving the Navy in Logan, visited Malta    
Age 22    29 February

1944         Visited Adobe in Farmington, Utah
Age 22     24 February

1944        Residence
Age 22    6 April
                Treasure Island, California, United States

1944        Kent Horne, best friend reported MIA
Age 22     30 June
                  Deseret News 

1945        Atomic Bomb detonated
Age 24    August 6
                Hiroshima, Japan

1946       Discharged from Navy 
Age 24   January 7
                Treasure Island, California, United States

1946        Birth of son, Kent Hulet Gardiner 1946-  , 7:00 am 7lb 4oz
Age 24    18 March 1946
                1636 Golden Gate Avenue, Los Angeles, California

1946        Bought home in Providence, Utah, United States
Age 25    21 June
                Put 100 dollars down on the home
1946        Clerk at Walgreens in Logan
                24 August
                50 cents an hour

1946       Sold Adobe home to Emma Bachman for $1,000
Age 25    July 6, 1946
                2 East 4th North Farmington, Utah, United States 

1946        Residence
Age 25    July 26, Elaine is living with her mother
                Providence, Utah, United States

1948        Birth of daughter, Sandra Ann Gardiner 1948-
Age 27    24 August 1948
                2 East 4th North Farmington, Utah, United States 

1948       College Graduation, Masters in Sociology
                Utah Agricultural College, Logan, Utah, United States

1948        Residence
Age 27    October 
                 Moves to 1636 Golden Gate Avenue, Los Angeles, California
                Attended Hollywood Ward at 1552 N. NormandieAve, Los Anggles, CA, 90027

1950        Birth of son, Mark Robert Gardiner (1950- )
Age 29    July 22, 4:00 am 
                Rural West Hollywood, California
                Parents James Hulet Gardiner and Elaine Mary Scholl

1951        Residence
Age 29    January
                 914 North Isabel Street, Glendale, California
                Attended Glendale West Ward, Glandale, CA
1951        Employment
                James works briefly at Lockheed Aircraft Company

1951        Began work at National Broadcasting Company
                21 September
                3000 West Alameda Avenue, Burbank, California                             

1952        Birth of daughter, Janice Elaine Gardiner
Age 31     31 March
                Glendale, California
1952        Birth of Gerry Kroksh (adopted from German girl in Elysian Park Ward)
                15 October 
1952         NBC Christmas Party
                  3000 West Alameda Avenue, Burbank, California
1953        Kent birthday party
Age 32    18 March
                914 N. Isabel Street, Glandale, CA
1953        Residence
                Glen and Audrey Kroksh family move two blocks to
                2749 Lakewood Avenue., Los Angeles, CA  

1953        Birth of daughter Gayle Louise Gardiner
Age 32    16 December
                Chevrolet Car, Glendale, California, United States
                Parents James Hulet Gardiner and Elaine Mary Scholl 
1954        Auto Purchase
Age 33    Green 1954 Ford station wagon 
1954        Vacation
                First trip to Malta, Idaho in new station wagon
1954        Adoption
                Gerry (18 months) adopted by Glen and Audrey Kroksh 
1955        Vacation
                Visit Malta, Idaho, Salt Lake City and Temple Square
1955         Olive tree removed from backyard
                914 N. Isabel Street, Glendale, CA  
1956        Temple sealing
                Gerry Kroksh to Glan and Audrey Kroksh
                24 April ?  

1956        Birth of son, Jeffrey Linn Gardiner
Age 35    12 October
                Glendale, California, United States
                Parents James Hulet Gardiner and Elaine Mary Scholl 
1956        George Fred Scholl (1886-1967) builds playhouse
Age 35     About 100 square foot building in rear of 914 N. Isabel Street home

1958        Birth of daughter Julie Jean Gardiner
Age 37    26 December
                Glendale, California
                Parents James Hulet Gardiner and Elaine Mary Scholl           

1958        Sold 914 N Isabel Street
1958        Purchased 1366 Cleveland Road
                31 October, gave deposit
                3 December, closing date of escrow
                Bought from William and Margaret Deppe
                Paid 25k for home, 9.334k in cash, 15k loan, lot 15 tract 6008
                Home built in 1933, 2,111 sq ft, lot 10, 407 sq feet, 3 bd, 2 bath, sunroom, nook
                 1636 Cleveland, Road, Glendale, California, United States
1959        June changes his name to James legally
Age 38    March 26
                Los Angeles County, California 

1959        Janice birthday party

1959        Residence
                Family moves to 1366 Cleveland Road, Glendale, CA
                June, (date from Emma's journal)

1959        Vacation
                July (Emma journal)
                Farmington, Utah and Malta, Idaho
                We take baths in adobe home in front of wood burning stove
                    in a tin tub
1959        George Scholl (1886-1967) builds fence at 1366 Cleveland Road
1959        Kent attends Boy Scout Camp Verdugo Pines
                Wrightwood, California
1959       Gayle begins kindergarten at Mark Keppel Elementary
                Kent draws a .5 mile line with chalk to help her find her way home
                Gayle is on a different schedule than the rest of us
1960       Disneyland with Gardiners and Kroksh's
                29 August 1960, Monday\             
                Anaheim, CA

1960       Death of Spouse
Age 39    30 August 1960
                Glendale, Los Angeles, California, United States
                Elaine Mary Scholl 1925–1960
1960       Kent's dental braces removed
1960        Children get whooping cough
1960       Death of Parent
Age 39    26 December 1960
                Malta, Cassia, Idaho, United State
                Frederick Gardiner 1879–1960
1961        1954 Ford station wagon painted white and red
1961       Residence
               Kent works on Dean and Margaret Ottley's farm, George WA 
1961        James Hulet Gardiner gets new glasses
1961       Marriage
Age 40   07 Oct 1961
                Los Angeles, California
Irene Carol Thomsen 1925–2019
 1962      Gayle Thomsen Blackmer visits Gardiners
Age 41
1960s    1954 Ford throws a main bearing
                Mark and JHG fix it, then  bearing spins again
                JHG adds tag to block to hold bearing

1962       Residence
                Kent works with his uncle Frank Gardiner and also lives with his grandmother
                Hope Hulet Gardiner
1962        Vacation toi Malta, Idaho, Zion's National Park,
                  Meet the James family at Zion's National Park
                 26 July-4 August (date, Carol Gardinr)
1963        Vacation
Age 42    Reunion, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara ??
                10-24 August (date, Carol)
1964        Birth of son James Thomsen Gardiner
Age 42    28 January
                 Glendale, California
1964       Vacation
Age 42   Trip to Malta
                22 June-2 July (date, Carol) 
1965        Employment
Age 44    Kent works at Van de Kamp Bakery, Los Angeles
                 Watts Riots August 11 - August 16
1965         Mission
                  Kent serves 2 year mission in British South Mission
                  Reading, Berkshire, Great Britian
                   October 1965-October 1967

1965        Auto Purchase
                JHG buys red 1956 2-door Ford station wagon from guy at work for $1
                The car has a blown motor and has been crashed
                JHG helps Mark put rebuild engine/paints it red - to put Mark on a good path 
                Mark also buys a Honda 50 from a kid at a gas station and
                    the kid shows mark how to shift it so Mark can drive it home
1966       Education
Age 45     June
1966       Sandra Gardiner attends Glendale Junion College
                Fall 1966 to Spring 1967  
1966       Residence
                Mark Gardiner in Malta, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah
                    16 June-13 August [date/Carol]
1966       Vacation
                Visit Malta, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah in Buick. In Cedar City Buick not 
                functioning and stay in motel.
                31 July to 13 August [date/Carol]
1966        Auto Purchase
                1966 Volkswagen bus purchased
                7 September [date/Carol]

1965-88  Began riding bike to work
Age 43     Spring    
                 Glendale to Burbank, California

1960s-    Fixed televisions, radios, refrigerators for free.
2007       One time he fixed a TV for a Dr for free and later 
                was charged full price by the same Dr. He was ticked.

1967        Death of father-in-Law 
Age 46    24 January
                Glendale, California, United States
                George Scholl 1886-1967
1967        Vacation
                Trip to Malta, Idaho and a reunion
                21 June – 1 July [date/Carol]
1968       Education 
Age 47    Kent Gardiner attends BYU-Provo
                Sandra Gardiner attends BYU-Provo
                Mark graduates from Hoover High School, Glendale, California

1968       Vacation
                Trip to Salt Lake City; Malta, Idaho and Dalley Reunion on 3 August
                31 July- August [date/Carol]

1968       Janice and Gayle work with Lautens at Lone Pine
                29 August-11 September [date/Carol]

1968       Frank and Hope Gardiner visit (live in California for a while)
                17 November [date/Carol]
1969        Glendale West Ward splits into Glendale II & IV
Age 48     5 January [date/Carol]

1969        Marriage
                Janice Gardiner and Michael Patrick Hennessey
                3 July 
                Glendale, California

1969        Vacation
                Trip to Salt Lake City, Utah and Malta, Idaho   
                25 August-6 September [date/Carol]
1969        Marriage
                Sandra Ann Gardiner and Ronald Douglas Blunck (1945- )
                13 September
                Santa Monica, California
1969       Death of Emma Josephine Scholl (1887-1969)
                12 October
                Glendale, California
1969       Mission
                Mark Gardiner serves in Alberta Canada Mission
                12 November 1969 to November 1971 [date/Carol]

1970      Chain link fence built between Gardiners and Briggs
Age 49
1970       Education
                Kent Gardiner graduates with Bachelor of Science from BYU-Provo
                29 May

1970       Vacations
                Trip #1 Provo, Utah for Kent’s graduation
                28 May-30 May [date/Carol]
                Trip #2 to Salt Lake and Malta
                24 June- 3 July [date/Carol]
                Trip # 3 to Malta
                24 August – 9 September [date/Carol]
1970        James H. Gardiner grows mustache
                Fall 1970
1971        Education
Age 50    Sandra Gardiner Blunck graduates with Bachelor of Science from BYU-Provo
1971        Military Service
                Ronald Blunck serves in United States Army
                January 1971 - December 1972
1971        Death of Glen Arthur Kroksh (1912-1971)
                11 June
                Los Angeles, California

1971        Vacation
                Trip #1 to June Conference, Roadshows at University of Utah and Malta, Idaho
                24 June-?  [date/Carol]
1971        Vacation
                Trip #2 to  Malta, Idaho
                26 August-2 September [date/Carol]

1971        Mission
               Gerry Kroksh serves mission in Kansas Missouri Mission
                4 November - ?  [date/Carol]
1972       Trip to China with President Nixon
Age 51    Left 29 January, returned 4 March  
                People's Republic of China
                China is not a republic meaning it is not run by the people.
1972       Education
                Gayle Gardiner graduates from Hoover High School, Glendale, California

1972       Vacation
                Huntsville; Utah, MIA Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah; unclogged creek in Malta,                     Idaho (Ron, Sandy, Mary & Gloria)
                  21 June-3 July  [date/Carol]
1972       Kent buys a 1967 yellow MGB-GT
                trades it to Mark for Marks 1956 Ford Station wagon which has more room
1972       Kent paints MG-TD
                He hangs fenders on clothes line at 1366 to paint fenders
                Kent starts up restored TD - no oil pressure
                JHG suggests the oil pump gasket may be missing - it is 

1973        Marriage
                Janice Gardiner and Michael Sekulich
                3 March
1973        Marriage
                Gayle Gardiner and John Reese
                22 December
                Santa Monica, California

1974        Visit
                Ron, Sandy & Karalee visit Gardiners in Glendale
                27 March-3 April [date/Carol]
1974        Education
                Jeffrey Gardiner graduates from Hoover High School, Glendale, California

1974        Vacation
                Jeff’s graduation from BYU-Provo
                19 June-8 July [date/Carol]
1974        Marriage
                Kent Gardiner and Suzanne Brown
                21 December
                Santa Monica, California

1974        James H. Gardiner surgery on intestines
                5 – 10 December [date/Carol]

1975       Trip
               Carol flies to San Diego to help Sandy with Cindy, JHG and JT visit to take her home
                9 – 15 March [date/Carol]

1975        Vacation
                Malta, Idaho
                1 – 7 July [date/Carol]

1975      Served on High Council for several years
Age 54  Glendale Stake, Glendale, California, United States
1975        Mission
                Jeffrey Gardiner serves in Florida Tampa Mission
                October 1975 to October 1977

1976       Mark sells MG
                2 March [date/Carol]
1976       Marriage
                Mark Gardiner and Karen Buckmiller
                20 March
                Santa Monica, California
1976       Education
                Julie Gardiner graduates from Hoover High School, Glendale, California
1977        Marriage
                Santa, Monica, California
                Frank Gardiner and Lillian Madrid

1978       Jim and JT bike to San Diego
                March [date/JT]

1979        Jim and JT Gardiner bike Glendale to San Diego 
Age 58    and back to Whittier to Grandma Thomsen’s apartment

1979        Education
Age 58    Kent Gardiner graduates with Masters degree from California State University,                            Northridge, California

1980       Marriage  
Age 59  Marriage of Julie Gardiner and Cliff Langlois
                14 June
                Santa Monica, California

1980       Marriage
                Marriage of Julie Gardiner and Cliff Langlois
                14 June
                Santa Monica, California
1980       Education
                Jeffrey Gardiner graduates with Bachelor of Science from BYU-Provo
                May 1980

1981        Education
                Mark Gardiner graduates with Bachelor of Science from California State                                        University, Los Angeles

1982        Education
                James T. Gardiner graduates from Hoover High School, Glendale, California

1983        Mission
                James T. Gardiner serves in Cordoba Argentina Mission
                June 1983 to December 1984

1984       Education
                Provo, Utah
                Julie Gardiner Langlois graduates with Bachelor of Arts from BYU-Provo

1986        Education
                 Jeffrey Gardiner graduates with master’s degree from BYU-Provo
1986       Marriage
                James T. Gardiner and Kris Davis
                16 August
                 Santa Monica, California

1987        Employment
Age 66    Retired from NBC after 35.5 years
               31 March
                Burbank, California, United States 

1988       Recordings for the Blind
Age 67    Did this for 2-3 years and was paid. 
                Repaired heads on tape machines
1988        Death of Parent
Age 67    19 September 1988
                 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
                 Hope Hulet 1893–1988
1988        Education
                James T. Gardiner graduates with Bachelor of Science from BYU-Provo
1989        Education
                Julie Gardiner Langlois graduates with master’s degree from Claremont College

1990        Death
                Audrey Kroksh (1960-1990)
                17 October
                Burbank, California
1991        Marriage
                Jeffrey Gardiner and Andrea Picciotto  (1962-2017)
                17 August
                Santa Monica, California
1994       Death
                Suzanne Marie Brown Gardiner (1955 -1994)
                26 September
                Los Angeles, California
1995        Marriage
                Kent Gardiner and Deborah Snowden
               22 April
                Santa Monica, California
1997        Marriage
                Janice Gardiner and Sean Davis (1970-2016)
                15 March

1990s-    Electrical TRW Swap meet
2007       You needed a ham radio license to rent a space
                El Segundo, parking lot, last Saturday every month
                JH used this to recycle stuff he had in his garage.

1993       Colon operation 
Age 73    16 June, 9 am
                Glendale Memorial Hospital

2001      Last trip to Malta
Age 80   August 24, 2001

2001       Full color dream of Elaine
Age 80    11 November

2002      Did 200 name extraction cards – 
Age 81    4 September
                I have done more than 2000 cards

2004      Took Carol to Hometown for Valentines outing. 
Age 84   13 February
                Very pleasant date. I love that woman and have told her so many                         times.

2004       Passed Driving Test   
Age 84    July 31 2004 
                License good for 2 years no freeway or night.

2007       Death 
Age 86    20 June 2007
                 Glendale, Los Angeles, California, United States
                 Causes of death long term: Is Mesothelioma, medium term                                                                 pneumonia and short term respiratory failure.

2007      Burial
Age 86   30 June 2007
                Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park, 10621 Victory Boulevard, 
                North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States