Sunday, November 8, 2020

Jan "John" Vander Schaff

 Jan (John) was born on 19 Sep 1821. He was a woodcarver, who married Angeline Vandenoud in Buffalo and they migrated to Toronto and later returned to Buffalo. They had 1 son and 10 daughters. Jan aka John learned the carving trade from his father. He died in 1905. His wife is listed in the Buffalo NY directory as a widow in 1908 and thereafter until her death.  Angeline Vandenoud died in 8 Dec 1914 in Buffalo, New York.  No cause of death is listed.

Jan vander Schaaf, born on September 19, 1821 in Dokkum, Netherlands

Source: AlleFriezen in Leeuwarden, Civil registration births
Burgerlijke Stand Dokkum - Tresoar, Bron: boek, Part: 1003, Period: 1821, Dokkum, archive 30-09, inventory number 1003, September 22, 1821, Geboorteregister 1821, folio 43

1849 New York City Passenger list, John
is listed as a carver.

1850 Lancaster, Erie NY Census

1881 Bowmanville, Durham, Ontario Census

1857 Death of John's daughter Lena. 

1905 John Vander Schaff dies.

1908, Buffalo, NY City directory

1910 Buffalo, NY Census

1912 Buffalo, NY City Directory

1913 Buffalo, NY City Directory

8 Dec 1914 in Buffalo, NY, John's wife
Angeline dies

23 Dec 1929 John Vander Schaaf death, age 61
this is John's son who was born in Ontario

1929, 23 Dec, death of John's daughter