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Vera Brough 1993-1977

Vera Brough was born 8 June 1893 in Spring City, UT. to George William Brough and Jane Elizabeth Crawford. Spring City is known today as an art colony. She died 14 October 1977 in Logan, Utah and is buried in Valhalla Memorial Park in North Hollywood next to her husband and her son Glen and daughter-in law Audrey Scholl (Kroksh). Vera married Charles Arthur Kroksh  18 March 1912 and six and a half months later Glen Arthur Kroksh was born. They had three children

Emma Scholl journal:
Glen Marries Audrey 1941
December 18th, 1941, Audrey married Glen Arthur Kroksh in Mesa Temple. Glen took his mother, Audrey and me to Mesa in his car. We left L.A. December 17th about 6:00 a.m. We stayed in Mesa that night. The temple found us rooms. Glen stayed at Sister Brown's. Audrey, Vera Kroksh and I stayed at Petersons's lovely home. They were away and told us to make ourselves at home, even told us to help ourselves to food we could find. Vera did up the housework, washed dishes etc. She slept down-stairs. Audrey and I slept in a sleeping porch upstairs. Audrey and I went to the temple fasting. She was the only bride, but the matron gave the talk and treated her same as if there were others. I shed tears most of the time she was giving the talk. Glen's mother couldn't go to the temple with us. On the way home we filled the car with delicious Arizona oranges, grapefruits and dates, much better than California fruit and cheaper. We got to our house late

1959 Glen, Audrey, Gerald and Glen's mother, Vera Kroksh, came for a week in August to Attend the Brough family reunion. We went to Lagoon and Gerald enjoyed it.

What happened to their children?
Glen Arthur Kroksh 1912-1971 (autobiography) married Audrey Scholl,
       adopted one child named Gerry
Elizabeth Kroksh (Sprange) 1914-1990 married Forest Dale Hart in 
       Newhall Ca, 28 May 1932 and had one child who lived one month, 
       Forest died in 1966 and Elizabeth married George Alexander Sprague
       21 April 1974, lived to be 76
George Agustus (Jay) Kroksh 1921-2022 married Eleanor Louise Rosson 21
        April 1945 lived to be 81
Documents related to Vera Brough:

Brough Family LtR back Eva Diantha, Charles William, Owen Lavar, Vera
Raymond Gilbert, front, George Albert, Jane Elizabeth Crawford, George
William, Rozina Adelaide, all Brough last names.

Vera Brough


Vera and her husband Charles Arthur Kroksh

Charles Arthur Kroksh and Vera Brough
1953 Bonnevill Dam, LtR Bill Hart,
Beth Glen and Vera Kroksh

Vera's mother's obituary

1950s Vera Brough and a really big tree.

1954 Vera Brough, Gerry, Glen Kroksh

1962 Vera Brough

1968 LtR Emma Scholl, Vera Brough, Audrey Scholl Kroksh
Gerry Kroksh, Glen Kroksh.

 1970 Vera on left next to Audrey, August

Valhalla receipt

Valhalla Memorial Cemetery, North Hollywood, CA

Valhalla Memorial Cemetery, North Hollywood, CA

Valhalla Memorial Cemetery, North Hollywood, CA