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Fredericka's Parents and Siblings

Dokkum, Holland
Thelma Heil1931-2018, is the source for all information on this page unless in parentheses:

Fredericka's Great Grandparents: 
Johannes Ipes, no surname was born in 1735 and died 18 May 1791 in Dokkum, where he was a carpenter. He married 20 June 1762 in Dokkum to Akke Folkerts, born March 1738 and died 25 March 1798 in Dokkum. (A patronymic is the use of  a personal name based on the given name of one's father, grandfather or an earlier male ancestor. Most countries today use surnames. Patronymic naming was used in earlier times and makes searching for ancestors difficult if not impossible.)

Fredericka's Grandparents:
Jan Johannes, son of Johannes Ipes and Akke Folkerts, was baptized 16 October 1768 in Dokkum and he died there 15 May 1835. On 10 September 1795 in Dokkum he married Freerkje Jans Minnema. Freerkje; was baptized there in 1776. She died in childbirth 22 September 1797.  During Jan Johannes lifetime the French occupied Holland and issued their edict requiring every family to have a family name. In honor of his father, Jan Johannes he chose the name van der Schaff, which means “of the carpenter, in Dokkum."

Fredericka's Parents
Jan Jans van der Schaff, son of Jan Johannes van der Schaff and Freerkje Jane Minnema, was born 24 January 1800 in Dokkum. 

On 21 June 1821 Jan married Jannetje Ruurds de Jong, who was the daughter of Ruurd de Jong b 1768, a schoolteacher in Dokkum, who died 31 Oct 1832 and of Lummegjen Arente Steenbergen. Jennetje who was born 30 July 1798 in Dokkum and died 25 Jan 1811 in Dokkum. 

Ruurd Ruurds de Jong was a son of Ruurd Ruurds de Jong, b about 1742 and Trijintje Sijbes. Ruurd Ruurds died 21 Jan 1815 in Weststellingwerf, Friesland. 

Jan Jans was a cement-maker, lime-burner and timber merchant in Dokkum. We know, from family tradition that he was also a woodcarver. It appears that Jan Jans and all three of his surviving sons were talented woodcarvers and carpenters. While in Holland, Jan Jans and his sons were often employed by wealthy landowners who lived in villages neighboring Dokkum. In May 1849, twenty-eight of those wealthy people, all reputed to be educated aristocrats, decided to emigrate to America. After arriving in Buffalo, the women and children were lodged  in a good hotel while the men set out to find a good place to settle. After traveling as far west as Michigan and south into Pennsylvania, they chose Lancaster, New York, a few miles east of Buffalo as their “promised land.” Near the end of June, they descended upon Lancaster and bought entire farms fully equipped with livestock, supplies and all needed equipment.

Before leaving the Netherlands these people had convinced the Vander Schaffs and other artisans that they, too, should come to America where they would continue to work for the aristocrats. So on 2 July 1849, the van der Schaffs boarded the “Pieter Floris” to sail to America. They went by boat up the Hudson River and by canal boat on the Erie Canal across New York State to Buffalo. After arriving in Buffalo, they went immediately to Lancaster as planned.

However, the van der Schaffs soon became aware that there could be a future for them other than working for these rich farmers. After staying through the winter in Lancaster, they moved to Buffalo, where they promptly found work as woodcarvers.

Here are the family members who immigrated:
Father:  Jan Jans Vander Schaaff, immigrated when he was 49, Jan showed up in the 1850 census but not in the 1855 census. Jan's death date and place are unknown but most likely early 1855. He married 21 June 1821. Immigrated 1849. (Fannie Weinert, Fredericka's oldest daughter, told her son Geroge Scholl that Jan had a stroke and the doctors bled him. He then contracted TB and soon thereafter died from its effects.)
Mother:  Jennetje de Jong, In 1858 Jenny moved to Clymer She died 28 Nov 1868. She is buried in the Clymer Hill Cemetery with her son Frederick and two of his three wives. Jennetje was the daughter of Ruurd Ruurds de Jong b 1768, schoolteacher in Dokkum who died 31 Oct 1832. Jenny lived 70 years, 8 months and 28 days.
1.  Jan van der Schaaff 19 Sep 1821, was a woodcarver, who married Gertrude, migrated to Toronto and later returned to Buffalo, had 1 son and 9 daughters
2.   Lummigje van der Schaff 4 Mar 1823m - d 3 May 1834
3.   Freerkje van der Schaff born 8 Mar 1825 - d 6 Apr 1827. 
4.   Ruurd van der Schaff born 9 May 1829, Ruurd may have gone to the Dakotas and is also known as Charles
5.   Frederick van der Schaff born 27 Jan 1831, 1858 moved to Clymer, Frederick earned a living as a cabinet maker and carpenter. He also owned a small dairy farm. According to those who knew him – he died 27 Jan 1906 – Frederick was a fine person. Grandfather Damcott always spoke of his father-in-law with respect and affection. He said that Frederick was a man with “a real good mind and he could preach a better sermon than most preachers.” Frederick served throughout most of his life as an elder in the Reformed Church congregations here. He was also instrumental in beginning the catechism classes for children. He was, as remembered, a kindly and patient person. His oldest child was Minnie Vander Schaaff, a daughter of his second wife, Tonia Johanna Einink, who was born in Winterswijk. Minnie was born 29 Sep 1867 and died 29 Apr 1906. Minnie married Albert Damcott, 25 Jan 1867 who was a farmer in Clymer. They had 2 sons and four daughters, one of who was Thelma’s mother: Mabel Anna Damcott 20 Oct 1905-15 Apr 1979. Mable taught school in the local country school until she married on 16 Aug 1927 to Clifford TenHuisen 1 Jan 1902-21 Mar 1980. Clifford was a dairy farmer, - a very good one. His grave marker is in the Clymer Hill Cemetery next to his mother. (see below)
6.   Freerkje (f) van der Schaff 12 October 1832, married August Weinert and moved to Nebraska
7.   Lumbertus van der Schaff 24 Dec 1836 - d 24 Apr 1836
8.   Lummigje (f) van der Schaff 30 Jan 1839, aka Lummigje/Lena/Lanie died soon after arriving in Buffalo, but she was alive in 1855.

The 1850 census lists them as residents of Buffalo, Erie Co. NY. the family included John (Jan Jans) the father, age 50, carpenter, Janty (Jennetje Ruurds) age 51, wife, son john 19, engraver, Frederick 19, joiner, daughter Freerkye (Fredericka), 17, son Lumbertis, 13, and daughter Lummigje, 11. Obviously, the ages were not all correct. also, not included in this family unit but still living in Buffalo at that time was son Ruurd, also known as Charles. As late as 1855, according to the state census for that year, he was a woodcvarver who worked at 233 Main St in Buffalo and lived with his mother, sister Lena (lummigje) and brother Frederick. Charles/Ruurd is our "mystery family member." All that older family members here knew about him was tht he moved to the Dakota territory. 

From Buffalo, the family members seem to have gone their separate ways. Directories for the city of Buffalo indicate that the father, Jan Jans, was still living in early 1855. Beyond that we know nothing of him. Jan/Johns, a woodcarver, married Gertrude and migrated soon after his arrival to Toronto, Canada where his one son and nine daughters were born, and later returned to Buffalo.

In 1858 Jannetje Ruurds de Jong van der Schaaff accompanied her sons Frederick and Bertis to Clymer, where they remained. We have no further knowledge of the daughter Lena/Lummigje.

A Special Trip
Marjorie Reddington:
The real highlight was a last minute call to Thelma Heil at Clymer, N.Y. She volunteered to take us to the cemetery where Jennetge (Jane) Vanderschaaff was buried. (Jane or Jenny is Fredericka's mother you remember) Your sister in some manner got this special picture also. Would be interested how she found the cemetery....that cemetery is not in use anymore, across the street from the Dutch church whose records burned at some point, and high on a hill overlooking the gorgeous valley with trees changing colors. Even in the rain we got some pictures and kept our footing on the slippery slope.

Next to Jenny's marker was the marker of Thelma Heil's great Grandfather Frederick Vander Schaaff brother to our Fredericka. Thelma has identified, through her many years of interest, most of the cemetery markers in the two Clymer cemeteries, and has lived in two homes; her very nice home of her family days and home across the street where she grew up. Her husband was a large dairy distributor with a large fleet of trucks. Hard working and prosperous people certainly! Her part of the family pronounce Vanderschaaff with a kaaff and Curt pronounces it schaaff interestingly. She is your contact and would be willing and very capable to answer your questions. Address and phone as follows: Mrs. Thelma Heil R.D.#1 Box 79 Clymer, N.Y. 14724, 716-355-4483, WE

Documents related to Fredericka's Parents and Siblings:

Jans Jans Vander Schaaff, Fredericka's father,
skilled wood carver.

Jan Jans Van Der Schaaf birth 24 Jan and baptism 12 Feb 1800
film 476529 page 292 Dokkum church records 1543-1911

1832 Netherlands, Friesland Pr...Church Records, 1543-1911
page 461 baptism 18 Nov 1832 and birth 12 Oct 1832,
Freerkje Van Der Schaaff, film 476529 

Jennetje Ruurds de Jong birth 30 July 1798, bap 29 August
Netherlands, Friesland Pr...Church Records,  page 288

1. Netherlands, Friesland Pr...l Registration,
1811-1950 Dokkump page 756
Source: FamilySearch

1. Netherlands, Friesland Pr...l Registration,
1811-1950, Dokkump page 757
Source: FamilySearch

1. Netherlands, Friesland Pr...l Registration,
1811-1950 Dokkump page 758
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1821 June 21 marriage of Jan Jans Vander Shaaff
to Jennetje Ruurds de Jong, Source; Openarchives

1821 June 21 Jan Jans Vander Schaaff marriage to Jenntjen 
de Jong page 2Source: Openarchives

 15 Jun 1849-2 Jul 1849 Van der Schaaff passenger list
for the Ship Pieter Floris

1850 New York Census, Erie, NY

Fredericka's brother, Frederick van der Schaaff'
and third wife Gerritjen "Harriet" Damkot born
9 Sept, 1824 in Winterswijk, Gelderland, Netherlands.

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Clymer Hill Cemetery, Clymer, Chautauqua County, NY

Clymer Hill Cemetery, Clymer, Chautauqua County, NY

Clymer Hill Cemetery, Clymer, Chautauqua County, NY

Jennetje aka Jenny Vander Schaaff, plot 81

Clymer Hill cemetery, Clymer, NY, USA