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Charles Weinert 1861 - 1941

Beth Weinert:
“Charles was the second son of August and Fredericka to be born in Arago, Richardson County, Nebraska September 7, 1861. We are reminded that he, too, grew up learning how to work hard and also lived through many of the hardships that occurred during that time. He also helped his father with the building projects of house and barn building.

“In 1886 he married Mary Lydia Voegelein who was born in New York to Gottlieb Frederick Voegelein and Katherine Wombach Voegelein. Charles and Mary owned a farm four miles west and one mile north of Humboldt, Nebraska in Pawnee County at the time of their marriage. Their three oldest children were born there: Clara; Carl and Alma. He then acquired half of the "Stone Corner" farm from his sister, Minnie, who married Mary's brother, Edward. Charles proceeded to build a new farmstead south of Stone Corner on the east side of the road and he later purchased the rest of the 240 acre farm.

“Charles, Mary and their family attended faithfully the Zion Evangelical Church a mile east of their home. Children Clara, Carl and Harold remained in the Falls City area where they married and settled down to raise their families. Carl served in France during World War 1. Albert attended the Evangelical Church College, North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. He was in business in both Illinois and California. Alma married a man from Leonardville, Kansas and lived all her married life there.
During his lifetime Charles farmed, traded in livestock and raised horses. Over the years he acquired land in Texas and Minnesota.

Of course Charles' life was 'working on the farm', but what happened to him in his elder life (early 70s) wasn't expected nor was it pleasant to go through. Plodding through cow lots he somehow was infected with a disease coming from cow dung through an open sore on his leg. It was not to be controlled and gangrene set in, which of course became a major concern for all.

“The leg had to be amputated and even though the infection was below the knee it was thought that in order to insure no more spreading they should amputate above the knee. He did recover from that and even was fitted with an artificial prosthesis but he never "got along with it very well" so spent a lot of time in his wheel chair.

“A note of interest into the next generation surrounds their first born, Clara and husband Will Zoeller. Their daughter, Bessie, came west on the renowned Orphan Train from New York in the early 1900's when mother Clara was 23 years of age. Mary died in Falls City July 11, 1938 at 75 years of age and Charles died August 14, 1941 at 79 years of age. Both are buried in the Zion Cemetery east of Falls City along with both of their parents.”

The Orphan Train Movement was a supervised welfare program that transported orphaned and homeless children from crowded Eastern cities of the United States to foster homes located largely in rural areas of the Midwest. The orphan trains operated between 1854 and 1929, relocating about 200,000 orphaned, abandoned, abused, or homeless children. (Wikipedia)

Charles Weinert b 7 Sept 1861 in Richardson Co. NE, death 14 Aug 1941 Falls City, Ne
Mary Lydia Voegelein b 2 Feb 1863, Otisco, New York, NY, death 11 July 1938, Falls City, NE

What happened to their children?
1. Clara Kathryn Weinert 1887 - 1963, Clara married John John Zoeller 22 Sep 1909.  They had  one child. William was a farmer in Jefferson  Precinct.
2. Carl Clayton Weinert 1888 - 1959 Carl was a WWI vet. He also farmed Carl married Caroline Hahn 20 Nov 1919 and they had at least four children
3. Alma Viola Weinert 1890 - 1959 Alma was a girl, she married Henry George Nanninga. They had two children. Henry farmed in Kansas.
4. Albert Frederick Weinert 1998 - 1963 Albert married Loraine Gasser and they had least 2 children Donald and Norman in the 1940 census Albert was a property manager in Cook Co, Chicago. IL
5. Harold Edwin Weinert 1901 - 1982 Alice Katherine Speers 27 Oct 1973. In the 1940 census it lists his wife Verena 33, Paul 10, Mary 7, Virginia 3, Charles 78 and hired hand Carl Marvin 24. Harold was a farmer. His second wife was Alice Katherine Speers 1917-2009 married 27 Oct

Documents related to Charles Weinert:

Charles Weinert in his youth

LtR Charles, August, John Weinert

1880 Census, Arago, NE


1886 Marriage of Charles Weinert
to Mary Voegelein

1896 Map of a portion of Jefferson Township, just north
of Preston, NE showing the relative positions
of Charles Weinert's property to John Wenert
and Jerome Wiltse. To the west of Charles's
property at "Stone Corner" is E.J. Voegelein's land
which reverted to Minnie Voegelein after Edward's
untimely death. Minnie later sold it to Charles. (See
next map.)  Charles has one barn and a home
on "Stone Corner." The Voeglein's have a
large orchard, a home and four barns. Stone
Corner is reportedly "haunted."

1924 map of portion of Jefferson Township,
This is just north of Preston, NE. The map
shows Charles's Weinert's land and the 80 acres
he bought from Minnie Voegelein around 1900.
The 160 acre plot is sometimes called
"Stone Corner" and the story goes
that the house is haunted. 

Mary Voegelein and
Charles Weinert
Wedding photograph

Abt 1906 LtR Albert and Harold Weinert

Abt 1909 Charles Weinert Family
LtR Harold, Alma, Charles, Carl, Mary,
Clara, Albert

1910 US Census

1920 Jefferson US Census Charles Weinert

Charles and his son Carl
1930 Jefferson US Census Charles Weinert

1934 Charles has part of his
leg amputated.

Charles and Mary Voegelein,
apparently Charles kept the color in
his hair. 

Weinert Reunion with Charles Weinert
and his wife Mary Voegelein in the photo

Magazine summary of Mary Voegelein
and Charles Weinert's lives.

This is the church August and Frederick's family
attended. In fact Charles and Mary , who also attended,
could very well could be in this photograph.

1880-1881 August and Frederick's names
on the church rolls. Fredericka was also
known as Barbara. 

Charles went to Zion Evangelical from 1882 until his death in 1941.  His wife Mary Voegelein attended from 1882 until her death in 1938. Their children are also listed: Clara, Carl, Alma Albert, and Harold. Harold's son Rev. Paul Weinert is listed from 1943 until the church disbanded. Zion Evangelical Church was founded in 1862 in Arago. Five years after the founding, the church was moved to a location 6 miles northeast of Falls City named Zion Evangelical.  At one time 125 people or so attended. The Zion Bethel
Cemetery sits across the street from the church. 

Zion Evangelical Church,
near Falls City, NE

Mary Voegelein and Charles Weinert

1938 Mary Voegelein
Weinert Obituary

Mid 1950s LtR Virginia, Verena, Paul, Charles,
Harold, and Mary Jean Weinert

1940 Charles Weinert US Census Jefferson Precinct

1941 Funeral program for Charles

Zion Cemetery, Falls City, NE