Saturday, April 25, 2020

Why did Emma have a difficult time with men?

Emma left her own husband George for years at a time. Why? Here is a journal entry from her son in law:  James Gardiner:

"December 8, 1946, Sunday, rather an interesting day. Ma Scholl confirmed a suspicion of mine from her previous intimations that is, she is so sorry and sad that she had a hand in bringing E and me together since I am such a despicable character. This was the first real open contempt and hate – the other has just been nasty remarks. Her consolation to poor E is that she will have another chance, on the other side, to get a better man. This is the worst insult I have ever received. However the impression is not deep since the mental capacity of the source is to be considered and since I know it is an outgrowth of frustration since she can’t get by ordering me around to suit her whims. For the record. She just saved me the trouble of barring her in our home. She has burned every means of retreat."

Emma's great grandson wrote the following in 2010:

"I used this story (The story of Anna Sidler being killed by a cannon) to illustrate how to handle disappointment in my talk at church a few weeks ago.

"Anna Hegetschweiler's life was nothing but trials and disappointment. Some from choice some not:
o    Growing up fatherless.
o    Moving to a new country where you don’t speak the language.
o    Feet bleeding and all the trials that come from crossing the plains.
o    Joining a crazy cult.
o    Once in Utah finally getting a complete family and a new baby sister.
o    They are blown away by a cannon from the government of your new
o    Your step father and most of those that speak your language move
       to the homeland.
o    You work as a servant in the house of the man who fired the cannon. 
       Learn the language and domestic skills.
o    After all that you meet the love of your life and think that you can 
      finally start your life. You have a baby and then your husband turns
      out to be a miserable drunk.
o    You leave him, live with neighbors -there you learn from them how
       to care for babies and a family.
o    Eventually you meet this guy (Jakob) who has 8 kids. You marry him 
      and raise his 8 children.
o    You start your new married life in a ONE bedroom cabin while 
      bugged by Indians, the elements and everything else the frontier has 
      to offer.
o    You have 4 MORE kids move into better conditions raising the kids 
      almost solo as your husband ekes out a living in the harsh conditions
      of  northern Utah.
o    You raise them in the church and teach them to have faith in God.

"At the end of her life her only regret was not doing more temple work. That takes a LOT of faith. 

*One day shortly before she died Anna (Jr) said to Emma her youngest daughter, "Do you know the greatest regret I have?" Emma said, "No," she then said, "It is because I haven't done the Temple work for my dead ancestors.

"The context of Anna’s life helps explain to me the relationship between Elaine and Emma.  There were a lot of disappointing males in Anna Hegetschweiler’s life and the mother daughter relationships were VERY TIGHT."

Kent: "Add to the list : She gave birth to a child in a windowless room: Emma: "I heard her say she was all alone, didn't even have a match to light a candle and had to tie the cord herself." That takes faith too! By the way I saw the small building where Emma's mother gave birth. It is now a granary. You can see it on the video called: Emma's Home."