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Johannes Kammerer 1725-1726

Johannes Kammerer  was born to Magdalena Weidman and Hans Wendel Kammerer on 26 Dec 1725 and died 3 Jan 1726. He lived 1 week one day.

The surname Kammerer is an occupational surname. Further research revealed that the name is derived from the Old German word "kämmerer," which means "chamberlain." A chamberlain was the person in charge of the noble household; to him would fall the duty of ensuring that the castle and court of the noble ran smoothly. (Wikipedia)
Life expectancy
Average life expectancy at birth for English people in the late 16th and early 17th centuries was just under 40 – 39.7 years. However, this low figure was mostly due to the high rate of infant and child mortality; over 12% of all children born would die in their first year. With the hazards of infancy behind them, the death rate for children slowed but continued to occur. A cumulative total of 36% of children died before the age of six, and another 24% between the ages of seven and sixteen. In all, of 100 live births, 60 would die before the age of 16. A man or woman who reached the age of 30 could expect to live to 59. [Thomson Gale, 'Infant Mortality' (1998)]

 Documents related to Johannes Kammerer:

Johannes Kammerer birth 26 Dec 1725 film 4137289 page 344
Left-hand margin: [record no.] 165. Johannes. + [died].
On the 26th of December [1725], a little son of Wendel Cammerer, the farrier, and his wife, Maria Magdalena, was born, and thereafter baptized and was named Johannes. Baptismal sponsors: Wendel Weickhe; Elisabeth, wife of Hanß Michael Blaue, nail smith; Wilhelm Metzger and Elisabeth his wife.
Comment: Look at record 167-168 at the bottom of the page. This is for a set of twins whose parents are Hans Michael Blaue, the nail smith, and his wife Elisabetha. Elisabetha served as one of the baptismal sponsors for Johannes Cammerer in record no. 165. The twins, named Margareta and Christoph, each had their own group of baptismal sponsors. Note that Christoph is the second child listed in the record and one of his baptismal sponsors is Elisabetha, the unmarried daughter of Wendel Cammerer.
Johannes Kammerer death 3 Jan 1725 film 4137289 page 422
Translation by DeTe1955:
First entry on page: On June 23 1724 Johann Christoph Cammerer died, he was a citizen of the town and was buried with ringing of all bells, singing and a funeral sermon. He was about 72 years old.
Your mark below: On January 7th 1725 Johannes died, he was little son of reformed linen weaver Simon Schüttler and Anna Margareta his Evangelical Lutheran wife, and was afterwards buried on the churchyard with ringing of the little bell and a sermon. He was 9 weeks and 3 days old.