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Jacobina Elisabetha Raicher 1742-1812

Jacobina Elisabetha Raicher was born 6 April 1742 to Friderich Wilhelm Raicher and Margaretha Barbara Weidmann. She married Christoph Kemm 8 June 1762 and the couple had 14 children. Jacobina died 24 Feb 1812. Christoph Kemm's father was the lordly customs official and appointed mayor in Graben.

Graben counted 78 households in 1742, Protestant, except for about 42 souls Roman Catholic. Number of school children: 80.

What happened to their children?
Maria Margaretha Kemm 1673-1768
Wilhelm Kemm 1765-1765,
Christoph Kemm 1765-1818, married Christina Salome Raicher 8 Dec 1795
Jacobina Kemm 1767-1769
Margaretha Magdalena Kemm 1769-1834, married Simon Pfeil 17 Nov 1789, 4 children
Jacobina Elisabetha Kemm 1771-1853, married Georg Adam Kammerer 17 June 1794, 5 children
Friderica Kemm 1773-1850, married Johann  Adam Schneider 12 Feb 1799
Catharina Kemm 1775-1852, married Johann Jacob Scholl Feb 1796, 11 children. 
Johann Jacob Scholl was a local citizen and innkeeper [offering wine] at the sign of the bouquet.(see docs below)
Maria Elisabeth Kemm 1778-1838, married Christoph Lind 27 May 1800, 6 children
Phillippina Kemm 1780-1957, married Georg Friedrich Weick 5 Feb 1805, 3 children
Wilhelmina Kemm 1780-1860,married Friederich Maag 3 Feb 1807, 4 children
Jakob Friedrich Kemm 1782-1830, married Barbara Maag 1800, 1 child
Philipp Jacob Kemm 1786-Dec
Friedrich Kemm 1786-1869, may have married Margaretha Werner, no marr date, 4 children

During their lives:

1740 - Frederick the Great becomes king. He expands the German Empire and supports the sciences, arts, and industry.
1756 - The Seven Years' War begins. Germany allies with Britain against France, Austria, and Russia. Germany and Britain win.
1756 - Famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is born.
1806 - The French Empire under Napoleon conquers much of Germany.
1808 - Ludwig van Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is first performed.
1812 - German writers the Brothers Grimm publish their first collection of folk tales.

Documents related to Jacobina Elisabetha Raicher:

Jacobina Elisabeth birth 6 Apr 1742 film 102078348 page 363
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 6th of April 1742, a little daughter of Wilhelm Reichert, local bathhouse operator/barber and juryman, from his wife Margaretha Barbara, was born into the world and on the following day was baptized and named Jacobina Elisabetha.
Baptismal sponsors are ____ Frantz Christop Heinr[ich] Beck and ___ ____ ________ with wife Jacobina; Simon? Cammer[er]? with wife.
In left-hand margin: Died 24 February 1812.
Note by Robert Seal: Kent, for this list of Graben pastors. Did you notice who the pastor was from 1738 to 1757: Francz Christian Henrich Beck.This explains why he uses the word "Ego" [= I or me] in Maria Magdalena Reichert's November 1739 birth/baptismal record and again in Jacobina Elisabetha Reichert's April 1742 birth/baptismal record. In both records, he was not only the pastor performing the baptisms but he also served as a baptismal sponsor.
Note that in the 1739 record his second forename is abbreviated "Chr:" and in the 1742 record it is spelled "Xstop" = Christop. Your list of Graben pastors record this as "Christian".
Jacobina Elisabeth marriage 8 June 1762 film 4137289 page 573

Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 8th of June [1762] were married Christoph Kemm, the lordly customs official, legitimate unmarried son of Mr. Johann Philipp, the local head man of the village/appointed mayor, with maiden Jacobina Raicherin, legitimate unmarried daughter of Mr. Friederich Wilhelm Raicher, the local citizen, bathhouse operator, and juryman.
In lower left corner: quarterly report.
In the right column are the surnames of the groom and bride: "Kemm" and "Raicherin". definition of juryman
Thode, German-English Genealogical Dictionary, defines "Gerichtsverwandter" as: lay member of the court; juryman.
FamilySearch German Genealogical Word list: member of the judicial court.
GenWiki: lay judge, member of a local court (e.g. village court).

Jacob Scholl31July 1796 father Johann Jacob  film 102078348 page 683
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 31st of July [1796] in the morning at 10:00 am born and because of deadly? weakness was baptized by the midwife: Jacob [Scholl].
Father: Johann Jacob Scholl, the local citizen and innkeeper [offering wine] at the sign of the bouquet.
Mother: Catharina, née Kemmin.
Right column: + [died].
Johann Jacob Scholl sponsor 24 Sep 1796  film 102078348 page 685
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 24th of September [1796] in the morning at 6:00 am born and on the 26th of the same month baptized: Catharina [Herbster].
Father: Jacob Friderich Herbster, the local citizen.
Mother: Eva Elisabetha, née Herbsterin.
Baptismal witnesses: (1) Johann Jacob Scholl, the local citizen and innkeeper [serving wine] at the sign of the bouquet, and (2) his wife Catharina, née Kemmin. (3) Philipp Heinrich Heilmann, the local citizen, and (4) his wife Maria Catharina, née Schollin.
Left column: [child conceived] from earlier cohabitation = from premarital relations.
Right column: + [died]. 

Jacob Scholl spon 24 Jan 1799 lower left film 102078348 page 695
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 8th of January [1799] in the evening at 8:00 pm [born] and on the 10th of the same month baptized: Margaretha Magdalena [Reichard].
Father: Carl Ludwig Reichard, a citizen and surgeon.
Mother: Margaretha, née Lindin.
Baptismal witnesses: (1) Jacob Scholl, a citizen. (2) His wife Catharina, née Kemmin. (3) Jacob Kammerer, a citizen. (4) His wife Jacobina, née Reichardin.
Note: Carl Ludwig Reichard b 16 May 1775, married Margaretha Lindin 25 April 1797. FH ID : K8Z3-P69. Jacobina Riechard is Carl Ludwig Riechard's older sister born 4 March 1766
Note: Jacob Cammerer was born 1769 and married Jaobina Raicher 5 Apr 1791. They had 8 children. KF5F-3SK
Jacobina Elisabeth burial 24 Feb 1812 film 102078348 page 1164
Translation. by Robert Seal:
Heading at top of page: In the year of Christ 1812 died in the local Parish Graben.
[Died] on the 24th of February [1812] in the evening at 6:00 pm and was buried on the 26th [of February 1812] in the afternoon.
No. 6. Jacobina Elisabetha Raicherin, whose husband is Christoph Kemm, lordly customs official and community mayor. Age: 69 years, 10 months, 18 days.
Burial witnesses: (1) Martin Brecht, the local citizen. (2) Philipp Rösch, the local citizen.
T. L___achs?, pastor.