Monday, April 27, 2020

Elaine Mary Scholl Videos

Making Elaine's favorite cookies:

Emma's journal:
St. George, My health continued to get worse and I had a nervous collapse. I finally packed all our clothes, rolled up all our blankets and on November 18th 1936, Elaine and I got round trip tickets on the bus to Salt lake good for six months. I wished to stop in St. George to see if I could find the place I saw in my dream. We went in the Liberty Hotel until daylight, and then walked around the town. Saw the temple but not the granary I saw in my dream. There were many granaries, so we rented a cabin in Mr. Schultz’s auto court near the post office. Went to church on Sunday in the west Ward. met Lenora Worthen and told her my dream. She invited us to her home, said her husband was stake patriarch. I told him my dream. He advised us to stay in St. George, said that had two room we could rent for $12 a month. They lived in an old two-story adobe house across from the Tabernacle. Elaine went to school at Woodard School. Newell R. Frei was Principal. She was in the 6th grade. She liked it very much. She had Miss Nelson, Miss Mc Arthur, Mr. Miles and Harold Snow for teacher. Miss McArthur was a wonderful gum teacher and gave Elaine special attention. All schools were around the Tabernacle, Dixie College included and all used the college recreation hall, etc. Dancing was stressed. It seemed to me Elaine developed mentally and spiritually more the two years she spent in St. George than in all her previous school years. She had some of the college teachers for Art, music, etc. The library was nearby and I read many books to her besides the Doctrine and Covenants. I read to her while she ate her meals and other times. I had met Enoch Branwell and wife from Salt Lake in the auto court. They hired me to do some endowments for them in the temple.  January 1, 1937, I went to the temple. There was snow on the ground. It was 60 years since that temple was completed. It was a grand experience to attend the meeting and hear about it. Many inspiring testimonies were borne in the morning meetings. We could go upstairs in the temple and see all the upper rooms, not now in use. It was in some of these rooms where Wilford Woodruff lived when he was President of the temple. I met Jane Bleak who cooked for him when he lived in those rooms. The Presidents of the United States and the signers of the constitution and other American patriots appeared to him in August 1877 and asked him to do their temple work. In 1894 Benjamin Franklin appeared to him again and thanked him for the work he had done and asked him to do the higher ordinances, which he did. The pictures on walls of the rooms were very wonderful before the temple was remodeled. The tree of life had many kinds of fruit on it.