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Wilhelm Scholl 1818 -1858

Wilhelm Scholl Jr was born in Graben 17 Feb 1818 to Wilhelm Scholl (1789-1858) and Anna Maria Wenz (1793-1818). His mother died 11 days after giving birth on 18 Feb 1818. He was the first child of Wilhelm Scholl.  Wilhelm Sr. went on to marry his second wife: Margaretha Weber (1796-1881). Wilhelm Jr. married Barbara Vogel 10 Nov 1842. They had 6 children. Wilhelm died 15 Nov 1858 in Graben.

What happened to their children?
Katharina Scholl 1842-1858
Karoline Scholl 1844 Dec
Wilhelm Scholl 1846-1909, married Katharina Mueller 9 Nov 1871, 6 children
Stillborn Scholl 1848 Dec
Friedrich E. Scholl 1850-1932, married Maria Amalie Heilmann, 5 children
Friderika Scholl 1852-1936, married Wilhelm Herbster 14 Dec 1876, 7 children

Graben pastors during Wilhelm's lifetime:
1814 T. G. Beck
1823 Alons Henhöfer
1827 Christoph Käss
1840 A Rochlin

1845 G Crecelius

During Wilhelm's lifetime:
1832 The Hambach Festival marks the turning point for the German democracy movement and emphasizes the idea of German unity

1848 Middle Class Revolution: The German Revolutions of 1848-49 must have touched Wilhelm deeply. Seeing the freedom that the USA and France had, the middle class in "Germany" and in particular Baden revolt against the Nobility. They tired of the taxes and oppressive regime. Unfortunately the Prussian army came in and crushed the rebellion. It wasn't until 1871, that Germany became a nation state when most of the German states unified into the Prussian-dominated German Empire. Before 1871 Germany for all intents and purposes was a loose confederation of Nobility areas. 
1849 California Gold Rush begins
1852 The Grand Duke of Baden, Leopold, dies. 

Documents related to Wilhelm Scholl Jr.:

 Wilhelm Scholl  born in Graben 19 Feb 1818
film 4137289 page 1006
Notes on birth record:
 T. G. Beck, was the Pastor or Pfarrer at Wilhelm's birth.  He starts the first paragraph with: Den dreissigsten März ...which is the same as Im dreissigsten März  (30iest of March)

Notice the Pastor's signature. Pig tails, in Germany are called Schweineschwanz or Ringelschwanz, in Switzerland Sauschwäntzli - some like it as Delkatesse ...

The Last line is the dating line and signature: Graben (villiage), den 4ten (fourth) of April 1822

The signatures are hardly readable and a lot of "art work" with many Sauschwänzli.  We call a hand writing in Swiss German which is hardly readable eine Sauschrift (a pig writing) (Peter Bertschinger)

Wilhelm Scholl 1818 -1858 Familienbuch film 102118620 page 1170

Wilhelm Scholl death 15 Nov 1858 film 102118620 page 403