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Maria Eva Scholl 1732 Dec

Maria Eva Scholl was born 26 June 1732 to Hans Matthaeus 1681-1741 and Anna Eve Roth 1690-1741.  FamilySearch has a death date of 1822. We have searched the deaths for that year and surrounding years and have not found her death record in Graben. She married Joseph Schlegel, a day laborer in Graben.  Their first child was illegitimate.  They had four children:

What happened to their children?
Margaretha Barbara Schlegel 1760-1849 married Hans Jürgen Gasmann 21 Nov 1786 and had seven children.
Juergen Wilhelm Schlegel 1762-1852 married Anna Ketels 1764-1838 and had four children
Johann Schlegel 1773 dec
Christian Schlegel 1778 dec

Document related to Maria Eva Scholl:

Maria Eva birth 26 June 1732 film 4137289 page 363

Translation by Robert Seal:
347. On the 26th of June [1732], a little daughter of Matthaus Scholl, the tailor, from Eva his wife was born, thus baptized and was named Maria Eva.
Baptismal sponsors: Georg Waibel, butcher and innkeeper at the sign of the swan, with Anna Maria his wife. Georg Hörner, baker and innkeeper at the sign of the small horse, with Maria Catharina.
Robert Seal to Kent: Which do you like better: innkeeper at the sign of the small horse --or-- innkeeper at the sign of the little horse?

Philipp Scholl Barbara Scholl spon Sep 1760  film 102078348 page 416
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 3rd of September [1760], in the afternoon after 1:00 pm born and on the 5th [of September 1760] baptized: Margaretha Barbara Schleglin.
Parents: Joseph Schlegel, a day laborer, and his wife Eva, née Schollin.
Baptismal sponsors: Christoph Weick, unmarried citizen's son here; Margaretha Süßin, unmarried citizen's daughter here; Jacob Ihle?, an unmarried journeyman tailor from "Blunt Haußen"? in the Duchy of Württemberg; Barbara Schollin, née Lindin, surviving widow of the late Philipp Scholl, former citizen and master tailor here.
Note: was conceived and born from early [i.e., premarital] cohabitation.