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Margaretha Magdalena Krauss 1821 - 1876

Margaretha Magdalena Krauss 9 Oct 1821   She was the daughter of Philipp Krauss and Margaretha Scholl.  Margaretha married Simon Süß 11 Nov 1841  They had the following kinder:
1. Wilhelm Friedrich born 23 Feb 1842
2. Karl Simon born 17 April 1852.

Margaretha was buried: 22 May [1876], 4:00 pm. Her death date: 20 May, 12:00 midnight, 1876. Name, occupation and residence of the deceased: Margaretha Magdalena Süß, née Krauss. Widow of the late Simon Süß, farmer in Graben, Germany. Simon died from verunglückt = accident(al); or casualty.

Document relating to Margaretha Magdalena Krauss:

Margaretha Magdalena Krauss birth 9 Oct 1821 film 4137289 page 1033
Translation by Robert Seal:
Number 43.
On the 9th of October [1821] in the evening at 9:00 pm was born and on the 12th of the same month midday at 1:00 pm was baptized Margaretha Magdalena. Parents are the local citizen Philipp Krauß and his wife Margaretha, née Scholl. 
Baptismal witnesses are: (1) Johann Philipp Wenz, local citizen and master weaver; (2) his wife Magdalena, née Lind; (3) Christoph Lind, local citizen and master tailor; (4) his wife Magdalena, née Wenz.
Salutation: Graben, on the 12th of October 1821. T. G. Beck, pastor.
Simon Suß marriage 11 Nov 1841 to Maria Elisabeth Suß film 102550540 page 35 2
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 9.
1841, on the 11th of November were legally married here, with official permission from Karlsruhe dated 23 October 1841, the new budding local citizen Simon Süß, legitimate unmarried son of the local citizen Simon Süß and Maria Elisabeth Becker, and with him Margaretha Magdalena Krauß, legitimate unmarried daughter of the local citizen Philipp Krauß and Margaretha Scholl. 
Witnesses are (1) Michael Wentz; (2) Jakob Mein__?; both local citizens.
Graben, on the 11th of November 1841. T. A. Köchlin, pastor.
Familybook II page 190 Margaretha Krauss b 1821 film 102118620 page 1173
Kent Gardiner:
Simon Suss, not sure what is written under his death date
Margaretha Magdalena Krauss
1. Wilhelm Friedrich
2. Karl Simon
Translation by Robert Seal:  
You did very well with your interpretation of the names in this family register. You know, however, that I am a stickler for transcribing the names exactly as they appear in the record, so I would transcribe the parents' surnames as: Simon Süß and Maria Magdalena Krauß. This is a minor point about the ß and of course if you prefer "ss" that is fine; but the umlaut on the "u" in "Süß" is not optional as it affects the pronunciation of the name.
Note: I believe the word written under Simon's death date is: verunglückt = accident(al); casualty.
Wilhelm Friederick Suss b 1842 familybuch III page 79 film 102338620 page 1319
Translation by Robert Seal
Father: Wilhelm Friedrich Süß
Mother: Karol[ina] Philippina Pfeil
1. Wilhelm Friedrich emigrated to America
2. Karolina Philippina
3. Maria Magdalena
4. Karl
5. Luisa
Margaretha Magdalena Suss burial 22 May 1876 57 yr, spouse Simon Suss film 102118620 page 561
Translation by Robert Seal:
Number: 12.
Burial time: 22 May [1876], 4:00 pm
Death date: 20 May, 12:00 midnight, 1876.
Name, occupation and residence of the deceased: Margaretha Magdalena Süß, née Krauss. Widow of the late Simon Süß, farmer here.
Age: [54] years, 7 months, 10 days.
Remarks: II, 190. [most likely a reference to a family register: vol. II, page 190].H. Zimmern, pastor.
Comment: I couldn't decipher the number of years as written in her age so I calculated what the number of years should be based on her known birth date of 9 October 1821.