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Margaretha Barbara Scholl 1817 - 1847

Wendel Scholl was born 18th Sep 1781. He married Eva Catharina Köhler 21 July 1814 in Graben. They had five children. Margaretha Barbara Scholl  who was born 31 Aug 1817 was their third child. She married  Jakob Friederich Zimmerman (b 17 April 1814 died 5 May 1845) on 21 April 1840. Friedrich was a weaver in Graben according to Margaretha's death record.  She died 18 Feb 1847.

What happened to their children?

Christoph Friedrich Zimmermann b 16 My 1840– 9 Aug 1865
Heinrich b 13 July 1842 - 21 Oct 1868
Wilhelm b 1 Sep 1844 - 20 May 1871

Documents related to Margaretha Barbara Scholl:

Margaretha Barbara Scholl birth 31 Aug 1817 film 102078348 page 925
Translation by Robert Seal:
no. 26. On the 31st of August [1817], in the morning at 3:00 am was born here, and on the 2nd of September [1817] midday at 1:00 pm was baptized: Margaretha Barbara. Parents are Wendel Scholl, local citizen and master weaver, and his wife Eva Katharina, née Köhlerin. Baptismal witnesses: (1) Philipp Blau, local citizen, (2) his wife Margaretha Barbara, née Herbsterin; (3) Friedrich Stutz, local citizen, (4) his wife Katharina, née Zimmermännin.
Graben, on the 2nd of September 1817. T. J. Beck, pastor.

Margaretha Barbara Scholl marriage to Zimmerman21 Apr 1840 film 102078348 page 1124
Translation by Robert Seal:
7. In the year of Christ 1840, on the 21st of April in the morning at 11:00 am, from official marriage certificate of Karlsruhe, dated 19 March 1840, no. 4798, were married here: the budding local citizen Friedrich Zimmermann, a legitimate unmarried son of the deceased local citizen and weaver Christoph Zimmermann,and his wife the late Margaretha, née Weick, Protestant faith, and with him Margaretha Scholl, a legitimate unmarried daughter of the deceased local citizen and weaver Wendel Scholl and his wife Eva Katharina, née Köhler, likewise Protestant faith.
Witnesses were: Philipp Zimmermann and Christoph Becker, local citizens.
Graben, on the 21st of April 1840. Pastor Käß.

Margaretha Barbara Scholl b 1817 102118620 page 1138 2
Translation help by Robert Seal:
Word after father's name starts with an "M" but is difficult to decipher. Do you have a marriage or death record for Friedrich Zimmermann which should include his occupation?
First child's name is: Christoph Friedrich Zimmermann (1840-1865).
Robert Seal Note: Revisiting this, it's possible the father's occupation is "Weber" = weaver. However, if it is, the "W" in "Weber" looks more like the "M" in "Marg." in the next line as opposed to the "W" in "Wilhelm" in the last line. It still would be best if you can find another vital record for Friedrich Zimmermann to confirm whether his occupation is "Weber".Robert Seal note:
Word after father's name is "Weber" = weaver. (This is confirmed in his wife's 1847 death record.)
First child's name is: Christoph Friedrich Zimmermann (1840-1865).

Margaretha Barbara Scholl death 18 Feb 1847 film 1020118620 page 319
Translation by Robert Seal:
Left margin: Zimmermann née Scholl. Widow.
No. 7. In the year of Christ 1847, on the 18th of February in the evening at 7:00 pm died here, and on the 21st of the same month in the morning at 9:30 am was buried: Margaretha Barbara Scholl, left-behind widow of the deceased Friedrich Zimmermann, former citizen and weaver here, age: 29 years, 5 months, and 17 days. Her parents are: the late Wendel Scholl, former citizen and weaver here, and Katharina Köhler.
Witnesses are: (1) Jakob Friedrich Süß, citizen and farmer here. (2) Christoph Werner, citizen and day laborer here.
Graben, on the 21st of February 1847. T. Crecelius, pastor.