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Katharina Scholl 1824-1901

Katharina Scholl was born 24 Nov 1824. Her parents were Philipp Scholl 1785-1858 and Christina Krauss 1788 - 1830. Katharina married Jacob Suss and they had seven children as listed below. Katharina died  9 Aug 1901 at age 76.
What happened to Katharina's children?
1. Phililppina Suß 1851-1851
2. Ludwig Suß 1852 dec
3. Phililpp Jakob Suß 1854 dec
4. Leopold Suß 1856-1857
5. August Suß 1859-1859
6. Katharina Suß 1863 dec
7. Katharina Suß 1865 married Martin Wenz 1859-1929 and had four children  Karl b 11 Aug 1885, Philip August b 21 Feb 1887, Albert b 28 Feb 1890 and Katharina Freda b 21 Jan 1897 (See familybook below)

Documents related to Katharina Scholl:

Katharina Scholl birth 24 Nov 1824 film 102078348 page 980
Translation of record no. 55 by Robert Seal:
55. On the 24th of November [1824] around 12 midnight was born and on the 27th [of November] was baptized Katharina. The parents are Philipp Scholl, citizen and master mason and his wife Christina, née Kraußin.
Baptismal witnesses are (1) Philipp Brauch, citizen and master cooper here, (2) his wife Elisabetha, née Spöck; (3) Philipp Krauß, citizen, (4) his wife Magdalena, née Metzger.
Graben, on the 27th of November 1824. Henhöfer, pastor.
Note by Robert Seal: It appears based on the records I've translated for you that the Scholl family traveled in a very middle-class/bourgeois crowd with most of their associates being citizens and masters of their crafts. 

 Jackob Suss marr to Katharina Scholl 14 Mar 1850 film 102550540 page 303
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 4.
In the year of Christ 1850, on the 14th of March midday at 11:00 am were maritally blessed after receiving state permission d.d. Karlsruhe on the 26th of February 1850, no. 4591: Jakob Süß, the new budding citizen and farmer here, legitimate unmarried son of the deceased Simon Süß, former citizen and farmer here, and Elisabetha Becker, with Katharina Scholl, legitimate unmarried daughter of Philipp Scholl, citizen and mason here, and the deceased Christina Krauß.
Witnesses are: (1) Christoph Zimmermann, citizen and weaver here. (2) Friedrich Süß, citizen and farmer here.
Graben, on the 14th of March 1850. T. Crecelius, pastor.

Martin Wenz and Katharina Suß familybook film 102118620 page 1424 

Martin Wenz family father Philipp Martin Wenz b 1826 familybook II 264 film 102118620 page 1201 

Familybook II page 217 Katharina Scholl b 1824 film 102118620 page 1186
Translation by Robert Seal
Parents Jakob Suss (farmer?) [yes, "Bauer" = farmer]. ["Süss" should have an umlaut on the "ü"]
Katharina Scholl
1. Philippine
2. Ludwig
3. Philipp Jakob
4. Leopold
5. August
6. Katharina married Martin Wenz 1859-1929 on the 6 Jan 1885 in Graben. Martin's father is Philipp Martin Wenz and mother is Margaretha Bauer.
Robert Seal: This link from FamilySearch will show you how to make accented German letters on a PC keyboard using the Alt key: On a Mac you just hold down the key and you have choices as to what mark you want to make.
Katharina Scholl death at 76 11 Aug 1901 bur 9 Aug film 102118620 page 654
Translation by Robert Seal:
Number: 35.
Time of funeral: 11 August [1901], 6:45 pm.
Day of death: 9 August [1901], 9:00 pm.
Decedent: Süss, Katharine, née Scholl, widow of Jakob Süss, farmer here.
Age: 76 years, 8 months, 16 days.
Remarks: [Family register] vol. II, p. 217. [see above]