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Jakobina Scholl 1823 - 1885

Wendel Scholl was born 18th Sep 178. He married Eva Catharina Köhler 21 July 1814 in Graben. They had five children. Jakobina Scholl was their fifth and final child. Jacobina married Christop Nagel  (1818-1885). Christop was a mason and paver. She was born 12 July 1823 and died 22 Aug 1885.

Documents related to Jakobina Scholl:

Jacobina Scholl born 12 July 1823
film 102078348 page 969

Translation by Robert Seal:

24. On the 12th of July [1823], in the afternoon at 4:00 pm born, and on the 17th of the same month in the afternoon at 2:00 pm baptized: Jakobina. The father is the local citizen and master weaver Wendell Scholl, the mother [is] his wife Eva Katharina, née Köhler. Baptismal sponsors are: (1) Philipp Blau, local citizen and farmer, and his wife Barbara, née Herbster; (2) Jakob Friedrich Stutz, local citizen and farmer, and Katharina, née Zimmermann.

Graben, on the 17th of July 1823.

C. Käß, pastor at Hochstetten, as curate in charge.

Jacobina Scholl m to Christoph Nagel 17 Dec 1846 film 102078348 page 1142

Translation by Robert Seal:

No. 8. In the year of Christ 1846, on the 17th of December midday at 11:00 am, after receiving state permission d.d. Karlsruhe on 26 November 1846, no. 27,525, were maritally blessed here: Christoph Nagel, new budding citizen and master mason here, born 23 April 1818, legitimate unmarried son of Emanuel Nagel, citizen and farmer here, and the deceased Magdalena Kammerer, with: Jakobine Scholl, born 12 July 1823, legitimate unmarried daughter of the deceased Wilhelm Scholl, former citizen and weaver here, and Eva Katharina Köhler.

Witnesses are: (1) Philipp Roth, citizen and cartwright here. (2) Friedrich Kammerer, citizen and farmer here.

Graben, on the 17th of December 1846. T. Crecelius, pastor.

Comment: What follows this record is the pastor "closing the book" on the marriages in Graben for the year 1846: Total of couples married in the year 1846: 8.

Jakobina Scholl 12 July 1823- 22 Aug 1885 102118620 page 1165

Translation by Robert Seal:

Names of parents and children:

Father: Christoph Nagel.

Mother: Jakobina Scholl.


(1) Karl Friedrich.

(2) Karl Leopold.

(3) Philippine.

(4) Katharina.

(5) Magdalena.

(6) Maria Katharina.

Father's occupation: "Maurer" = mason.

Words below mother's name: Stein? Jetze? (If these are the words, I'm not sure what they mean.) Let's see if another community volunteer can help us out here. 

Ulrich Neitzel:
The word below Jakobina Scholl's name is Steinsetzer = paver.
This is certainly not Jakobina's occupation; it might refer to Christoph Nagel.


Christoph Nagel death 22 Aug 1885 film 102118620 page 595


Translation by Robert Seal:

This is the death/burial record for Christoph Nagel, who died on 7 June 1885.


Number: 27.

Burial date and time: 9 June [1885], 8:00 am.

Day of death: 7 June [1885].

Decedent: Christoph Nagel, mason and paver here, husband of Jakobine, née Scholl.

Age: 67 years, 1 month, 14 days.

Remarks: II, 175

[signed]: Zimmern, deacon.


Jacobina Scholl death 24 Aug 1885 two days after husb, film 102118620 page 595


Translation by Robert Seal:

Number: 33.

Burial date and time: 24 August [1885], 4:00 pm.

Day of death: 22 August [1885].

Decedent: Jakobina Nagel, née Scholl. Widow of the deceased Christoph Nagel, mason here.

Age: 62 years, 6 months, 12 days.

Remarks: II, 175. Buried by Pastor Maÿer of Linkenheim.

[signed]: Zimmern, deacon.