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Hans Matthias Scholl 1664- 1669

Hans Matthias Scholl was born 5 March 1664 to Hans Matthias Scholl and Eva Meinzer. He died on the 10th Feb 1669. Matthias lived 4 years 11 months 5 days.

During his lifetime:
Graben Castle 1600s
Graben Castle seems to have come through the war reasonably well, because there is always the military demand as a quarters and finally the Jesuits
when they served on the base. Afterwards, however, it was probably neglected. In 1666, however, it was restored to a habitable condition and fortified to such an extent that it was also habitable offered protection. It could not really prove its worth with any of them; at the next it has already been destroyed. In 1661 Louis XIV took over the government in France. The foreign policy goal of the later "Sun King" was hegemony over Europe and the consolidation of the state in the northeast and east. The Rhine was to form the natural border of France. (Graben by Konrad Dussel)

Birth and death of Hans Matthias:
The Graben Pastor who served in Graben between 1663-1671 was Sebastian Aepinus Aping. He filled out Han's birth and death records. You can easily see the similarity in style of handwriting in the two documents. As you pour over these records it is interesting to see when Pastors (Pfarrers) either die or move to another location. Both the style of handwriting and sometimes the format of the birth or death records can be completely different. Not the case here.

Documents related to Hans Jost Scholl:

Hans Jost Scholl birth 6 Mar 1664 in Graben  film 102078298 page 213

Translation by Robert Seal:
Date: 6 March [1664].
Child: Hanß Jost.
Parents: Hanß Mattheiß Scholl, Eva.
Baptismal sponsors: Mattheis Stophel Zimmermann together with wife; Hanß Conrad Heil together with wife.
My comments: "Stophel" is a shortened version/nickname of "Christoph"; it is also spelled "Stoffel". See the first record at the top of the page for the child Hanß Michael, son of Mattheis Stophel Zimmermann. In this record, Hanß Mattheis Scholl, serves as the second baptismal sponsor for the child. Then two months later Mattheis Stophel Zimmermann returns the favor and serves as baptismal sponsor for Hanß Jost.
Pastor:Pfarrer Sebastian Aepinus Aping

Hans  Jost Scholl death 10 Feb 1669 film 4137289 page 257
Translation by Robert Seal:
10 February [1669], Hanß Jost, son of Hanß Mats Scholl, [died], his age 5 years.
My comment: "Mats" is a form of the name "Matthias".
As recorded by Pfarrer Sebastian Aepinus Aping