Friday, March 20, 2020

Eva Mina Magdalena Catharina Kaiser Oct 1817 - 1852

Eva Mina Magdlena Catharina Kaiser 14 Oct 1817 in Eschelbronn, death 21 Dec 1852

Documents related to Eva Mina Magdalena Catharina Kaiser:

Eva Mina Magdalena Kaiser born 14 Oct 1817
film 102060896 page 180

Translation by Robert Seal:

24. 1817, on the 14th of October at night at 10:00 pm a girl was born to the local citizen and farmer Johann Georg Kaiser from his wife Elisabetha, née Scholl, and on the 15th of October [1817] midday at 12:00 noon was baptized: Eva Mina Magdalena Dorothea.

Witnesses: Carl Scholl, citizen here, Martin Kaiser, citizen here, then Johann Adam Maurer, citizen here, and his wife Eva Mina.

[signed]: Frank?/Hrank?, pastor.

Left margin: died 21 Dec 1852. T.? Frank?/Hrank?

My comment: The pastor's surname is more likely to be "Frank" rather than "Hrank" but I am not completely certain of what the first letter of the surname is.