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Anna Elisabetha Kammerer 1653 - 1704

 Anna Elisabetha Kammerer was born 30 October 1653. Her birth record is the earliest documents we have for Graben. It is torn and appears to have water or mold damage. The document is difficult to read. She married Hans Peter Weidmann about 1674 in Graben, Karlsruhe, Germany. Anna gave birth to 5 children. She died 8 June 1704.

Three of Peter and Elisabetha's children lived. Apparently the Weidmann children liked the Scholl's. All three married Scholl's. 

What happened to their children?

Hans Matthias Weidmann 1675-1743 married Anna Catharina Scholl and had 8 children
Johann Peter Weidmann 1678 Dec
Anna Margaretha Weidmann 1681-1768, married Johann Andreas Scholl and had 8 children
Maria Elisabetha Weidmann 1685-1753 married Hans Georg Scholl and had 5 children
Johann Martin Weidmann 1685 Dec

Notes of William T. Wyatt Jr:
Marriage: Graben Parish Register; 1645-1800; item 2; 3 Dec 1685 christening record of twins Maria Elisabetha and Johann Martin Weidmann; FHL film 1238310; notes -- parents identified as Peter Weidmann, citizen and procurator, and wife Elisabetha (born Cammerer), no other marriage record.
Death: Graben Parish Register; 1645-1800; item 2; death record; FHL film 1238310; notes -- says Elisabetha Weidmann, born Cammerer, born 30 October 1653, age 50 years 7 months.

Document related to Anna Elisabetha Kammerer:

Anna Elisabetha Kammerer birth 30 Oct 1653 film 4137289 page 206
Anna Elisabetha Kammerer close up birth 30 Oct 1653 film 4137289 page 206

Translation Robert Seal:
No where in this record do I find the names "Anna Elisabetha" together. One of the baptismal sponsors is named Elisabeth and one is named Anna Barbara. I am interpreting the father of this child as Antoni Kammerer, whose name appears twice in this record: once in the left margin and again in the body of the record. "Antoni" appears to be a Latinized form of "Anton". In FamilySearch Family Tree, this child's father's name is "Anton Kammerer". His 1689 death record shows his first name as "Antoni".
Here is a transcription of what I can read:
[In the left margin]: Antoni Kammerer.
den 30 Obris eine Junge Tochter getauft Antoni Kammerer. Gevatter Leute _____ M. Augustinus Langnerus Pfarrer nebst? seine Hausfrau Elisabeth ____ ____ Conradt Heÿl undt Anna Barbara S______. __ 1653.

On the 30th of October a young daughter [of] Antoni Kammerer was baptized. The baptismal sponsors ____ M. Augustinus Langnerus, pastor, together with his wife Elisabeth ____ ____ Conradt Heÿl and Barbara S______. __ 1653.
My comments: See the following link for "Anna Elisabetha Cammerer" in FamilySearch Family Tree:
Now it is likely that this child is named after the two female baptismal sponsors, one being named Elisabeth and the other being named Anna Barbara, but how would one know the order of these name: is it "Elisabetha Anna" or "Anna Elisabetha"?
Pastor: The Graben Pastor from 1652-1654 was Augustin Langer von Bamberg It was in Bamberg where the famous witch trials of the 17th century claimed about one thousand victims in Bamberg, reaching a climax between 1626 and 1631, under the rule of Prince-Bishop Johann Georg II Fuchs von Dornheim. The famous Drudenhaus (witch prison), built in 1627, is no longer standing.)

Who is Johann Conrad Heil?
Conrad Heil  was born about 1626 Germany, using his death date minus the number of years lived. He married Anna Jacobea Cammerer about 1660. They had four children. Conrad died 8 Oct 1673 in Graben.  He was 47 years old. On the 9th of September 1689, in the morning between 7:00 am and 8:00 am, the blessed Anna Jacobea, surviving widow of Hanß Conrad Heÿl, citizen here, died in her Savior Jesus Christ, in the damp, and to be precise in the forest, who on the 10th of September thereafter according to Christian custom was buried.
Anna Elisabetha Kammerer death 8 Jun 1704
film 102078289 page 401 
Translation by Robert Seal:
8 Jun Elisabetha Weidmann born Cammerer, 3am born* on the 30th of October in the year** 1653. lived At the age of*** 50 years 7 months.
Kent: If Anna was born 30th Oct 1653 and died June 8 1704, (which is what FS has based on this document) she lived 50 years 7 months 9 days.
Comments: *This word in the orginal record is the Latin abbreviation "nat." = nata = born. Nata is the feminine form; natus is the masculine form.**This word in the orginal record is the Latin contraction "ao." = anno = in the year.***These words ("at the age of") in the original record are represented by the Latin abbreviation "aet." = aetatis = at the age of; but I usually translate this simply as "age".There is no indication in the original record whether the date of "8 June" is for the death or for the burial
Pastor: The Graben Pastor from 1703-1706 was Johann Alb. Obermüller. He was born in 1666 in Langenburg and died in 1729 † in Liedolsheim. Pastor Obermüller served from 1703 to 1706 in Graben , 1706 in Brötzingen, 1719 up to his death in 1729 as Pastor in Liedolsheim. Johnn had a son who was the treasurer and later writer Christian Obermüller. Pastor Obermüller make arrangement for Anna Elisabetha Kammerer's final resting place. His handwriting can be seen above.