Monday, February 24, 2020

Hans Ulrich Sidler 1712 - 1744

Hans Ulrich Sidler was born 25 July 1712 and died 8 December 1744.

Hans Ulrich Sidler death 8 Dec 1744 film 8014328 page 620
hitziges Fieber = fever

Translation by Wolf:
(1744) den 8. Xbris
wurd begraben Ulrich Sÿdler von Ottenbach Dorf(?) ...(?), aetat. 32 und 9 Monath
an einem hitzigen Fieber
So you are correct: he died from a fever - more specifically hitziges Fieber = typhus.
Note: Ulrich is listed in several Gedcom databases as Hans Urlrich, born 25.07.1612, son of Conrad Sidler and Elsbeth Müller, married 25.11.1732 Anna Hug.
Note: Which brings me to "Dorf(?) ...(?)": not sure about Dorf - and the word after that will not be the father's name - could it be "docter" - would he have been the "village medic"?