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Johannes Sidler 1583-1625+

Johannes Sidler born in 1583 married Katharina Kleiner born 1584. They had 11children from 1606 to 1625. Katharina died when she was 44 in 1627. That was 2 years following the birth of her eleventh child. Johannes lived to be at least 42 because he had a child at that age but no death date has been found. (Temple Record Sidler and Hegetschweiler, by Julius Billeter, page 7)  

One of Johannes's god parents was Pfarrer or Ottenbach Pastor Johannes Blunschli, (dean of the chapter since 1571,) who died 1604. (see Pastors)

A search has been made for their marriage date in the Zürich Archives datebase but none was located. They may not go back that far. They probably married a little after 1600.

What happened to their children?

Hans Sidler b 1606-1682 married Adelheid Lichtin, had 2 children one of whom married, lived to be 75 years 11 months 16 days
Jakob Sidler b1608-1693 married Vronegg Urmi from Rifferswil or Baaragg, had 7 children, lived during persecution of the Mennonite Church, lived to be 85.5, large posterity
Ludwig Sidler b 1610-1688 married Elsbeth Schneebeli and Verena Grob, 11 children with first wife, 5 children married, lived to be 77 years 11 months 29 days
Rudolf Sidler b 1612-1675 married Veronica Frey, 4 children, 3 married, large posterity, lived 63 years 7 months 12 days
Fridle Sidler b 1613-1666  married a  Lunern Obfelden girl named Barbara Stähli on 12 October 1641. They had 10 children, 7 married, large posterity lived to be 52 years, 1 month 26 days. 
Hans Heinrich Sidler b 1615 infant death
Anna Sidler b 1617-1665 her mother Katharina died when Anna was 12 years old, married Jakob Bär, according to FS has 15 children (unverified), her first 5 children died in infancy, some twins, lived 47 years 10 months 13 days.
Verena Sidler b 1619 infant death
Othmar Sidler b 1621 infant death
Barbara Sidler b 1623-1623 lived 3 months
Walthar Sidler b 1625-1628 lived 3 years 

During their lives:
Everyday food for the poor in the Middle Ages consisted of cabbage, beans, eggs, oats, and brown bread. Sometimes, as a specialty, they would have cheese, bacon or poultry. All classes commonly drank ale or beer. Milk was also available, but usually reserved for younger people. (Wikipedia)
1618 -1648 The 30 Years' War all over Europe, Swiss confederacy a "peaceful island"

Documents related to Johannes Sidler:

Johannes Sidler born 22 September 1583  film 8104328 page 707

Sidler and Hegetschweiler Temple Record Book by Julius Billeter page 7