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Jakob Sidler 1812 - 1869

Ottenbach Kirche
Johannes Sidler b 1777 had an older brother named Caspar born in 1772.  Caspar married Elisabetha Hegetschweiler in 1799. She gave birth to a still born child on 24 September 1800. Two days later Elisabetha died at age 23. Caspar and his second wife, Margaretha Berli, had three children. Caspar died in 1811 at 39.

Fourteen months later, when Johannes was 35 years old he had a child out of wedlock with his older brother's widow, Margaretha Berli. He fathered Hans Jakob Sidler on 14 September 1812. (Temple Record Sidler and Hegetschweiler, by Julius Billeter, page 74 and Zürich Archives Family Record E III 88.19, S. 434 and E III 88.19 S. 550.)

Jakob Sidler married Anna Sidler  9 October 1836 in Ottenbach. They had five children Verena born 5 March 1837 (joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on 30 March 1856), Barbara born 17 June 1842 (had an illegitimate son named Jakob), Anna 12 December 1844, Lizabeth 8 December 1846 and Johannes born 20 March 1854.  All girls married.

Verena Sidler age 19, born 5 March 1837, oldest daughter of Jakob Sidler born 1812 baptized 30 March 1856 by D Bonnelli, confirmed H Bar. (Note: Verena's father Jakob Sidler lived with Barbara, Anna and Susanna because he was their half brother. Verena is Johannes granddaughter.) (page 21 microfilm 128145)

Jakob died 28 December 1869. He lived 57 years 3 months 14 days.  Anna died at 85 on the 19th of January 1900 which is a record in the Sidler family. She lived 31 years without Jakob. (Zürich Archives E III 88.19, S. 55

Documents relating to Jakob Sidler:

Jacob Sidler born 14 September 1812 film 81269555
page 898 second from bottom copy

Jacob Sidler married 1836 film 8126955 page 875

Zürich Archives E III 88.19. S.550

Hans Jakob Sidler Family from Sidler Temple Record book by Julius Billeter page 80