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Veronica Häberling 1670 - 1728

Veronica was born 25 December 1670 to Hans Heinrich Häberling and Veronica Gutt in Ottenbach. She received communion as a teenager and went to church at the Ottenbach Reformed Church. Häberling is one of the founding families in Ottenbach and many relatives can be found when looking at the records.

Veronica Häberling (Vernoica on her birth and death records) married Jakob Sidler 6 December 1890 in Ottenbach. He was a Sekelmeister or treasurer in Ottenbach. They had seven children all who lived into adulthood.  Six of the seven children married. She lived 57 years 6 months 1 day. Her husband Jakob Sidler lived another 13 years on his own.

What happened to Veronica's children?
Othmar Sidler 1691-1746 married Elsbeth Sidler, had 10 children, 4 married, he was a sekelmeister, adjudant in Ottenbach, he lived 54 years 1 month 28 days, 
Anna Sidler 1693-1762 married Heinrich Sidler, 6 children 17 days, lived 68 years 11 months 18 days
David Sidler  1696-1720 
married Elisabetha Funk on 8 May 1719, had one child, Elisabetha on 11 February 1720 in Ottenbach.  7 months 16 days later David died in Flandern which translated means Belgium, David lived 23 years 10 months 8 days
Katharina Sidler 1698- at least 1737, married Melchior Sidler, had 7 children, 3 married and large posterity
Anna Sidler 1702-1752 married Heinrich Sidler, had 7 children, lived 49 years 11 mo 7 days
Hans Kaspar Sidler 1705-1768 
married Veronica Schneebeli who was four years younger and they had 5 children. She died in 1746 when she was just 37 years old and a year later, married Elisabeth Schneebeli of Affoltern, a relative but not a sister to his first wife. They had one child in 1751. Hans died 17 years later in 1768,. lived 62 years 10 months 2 days, large posterity
Melchior Sidler 1707-1765 married Anna Schneebeli, 8 children, lived 57 years 10 mo 4 days

During their lives:
1727 Ottenbach plans for the construction of a Reuss bridge which fails because of the resistance of Lucerne.  Ottenbach can continue to ferry their goods and citizens beyond the Reuss.  (Ottenbach Municipality website)
1700. In Muri Monastery, counseling takes place between Lucerne and Zurich MPs about tithing from Ottenbach.
1712. For the sake of the war, the following is determined: The tithe, who belongs to the church there on Merisch wander Boden from Ottenbacher goods, is readily available; Lucerne again receives a travel certificate for moving the tenth to Ottenbach. (Obfelden, Gedenkschrift zum 50-jährigen Bestand der Gemeinde, Oktober 1897)

Documents related to Veronica Häberling:

Veronica Häberling birth 25 September 1670 film 8014328 page 207

Jacob Sidler married 6 Dec 1690 Verena film 8014328 page 355

Sidler Hegetschweiler  Billeter - 025

Jacob Sidler and Verena Haberling 1708 Church Census
film 7765851 page 656 

Veronica Haberling death 26 March 1728 film 8014328
page 400 number 7