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Margaretha Grob 1637 - 1683

Margaretha was born in 15 July 1638 to Heinrich Grob a miller in Ottenbach. Her mother was Barbara Saltzmann. No doubt Margaretha grew up knowing a lot about how wheat and barley are ground up. In fact she most likely was involved in working in the mill.

Hans Rudolf Sidler married Margaretha Grob, in 1662 when Hans was 27 years old and Margaretha was 25. They had eleven children. 5 didn't grow to adulthood. Margaretha died in 1683 at 46 years old. When she died her oldest son was 20 and her youngest was three. This left the raising of the children to the second wife Jlli. Margaretha Jlli served as the stepmother for 9 years 1 month 27 days and then she died leaving Hans Rudolf to finish raising the children. 

What happened to their children?

Heinrich Sidler 1663-1731 had three wives and each wife had two children, death date is unknown, he was a Wagner
Jakob Sidler 1665-1741 was born 1665. when he was 25 he married Verena Haberling from Bickwil who was 5 years younger, was a Seckelmeister or cashier in Ottenbach, had 7 children, Verena lived to be 58 dying in 1728, Jakob died in 1741 at almost 76 years old, he lived alone for 13 years.
Anna Sidler 1666-1728 married Marx Frey, had 8 children, large posterity,  lived 62 years 1 month 4 days
Vronegg Sidler 1668-1669 deceased at 1
Melchior Sidler 1670- m
arried Barbara Frey, had 8 children, 1 married Barbara died 10 days after delivering her last child, his exact death date unknown
Jakob Sidler 1671-1672 died at 1
Anna Sidler 1673-1738 married Ulrich Frey, 5 children, lived 64 years 5 months 17 days
Vronegg Sidler 1675-1676 died at 1
Heinrich Sidler 1677-1678 died at 1
Heinrich Sidler 1678-1683 died at 4
Joss Sidler 1680- died as infant

Second wife:Margaretha Jlli 1687-1692 Hans Rudolf's second wife, unknown birth date, from Haptikon, had one child Marx below, died 1692, unknown years alive
Marx Sidler 1690 died as infant.

Documents related to Margaretha Grob:

Barbara Salzmann born 19 February 1604 in Mashwanden,
Zürich Switzerland, which is 3.5 miles south of Ottenbach,
film 8125638 page 14 first entry

Heinrich Grob and Barbara Salzmann with 2 children 1634 census film 8126308 page 293, Apparently Heinrich has a brother who married Barbara's sister. They are all living in Ottenbach. Hans Heinrich Grob and Barbara Salzmann have two children, Verena age 3 and Barbara age 1. The other couple Joss Grob and Verena Salzmann have three children Joss age 7, Margaret age 4 and Hans age 1. Also living with them is Felix from anonymous, a boarder and possibly the grandfather or another relative. The last column tells who answered the catechism's 10 questions

Margaretha Grob birth 15 July 1638 film 8014328 page 132
Den 15. Höimonat = Heumonat = hay month = when the grass 
is cut and dried producing hay for the cattle = July

Heinrich Grob and Barbara Salzmann 1640 Ottenbach census with Margaretha film 8014135 page 369 entry 152 Translation: Heinrich Grob a miller and Barbara Salzmann have Joss (sein bruder in der ) or (Heinrich)  has Joss a brother who is a miller in Affoltern.  Heinirch's older children are Margaretha, has passed catechism and is 16, and his kinder or children Verena who passed catechism and is 15 and Barbara age 7 Younger children of the couple are Hans 5 and Elisabeth 3. They are minors. The reason for a parentheses is unknown.

Hans Rudolf Sidler Family 1670 Ottenbach Census

1682 Church Census Rudolph Sidler b 1635 family
film 8126301 page 735

Sidler Hegetschweiler Temple Record by  Billeter page 18

Barbara Salzmann death 31 July Ottenbach 1672 film 8014328 page 372

Heinrich Grob death 8 May 1876 Ottenbach film 8014328 page 375

Margaretha Grob death 14 April 1683 film 8014328 page 379