Saturday, December 14, 2019

Heinrich Sidler 1663 - 1731

Heinrich had three wives and each wife had two children. His death date is unknown.

Heinrich Sidler was a Wagner. That means he was a wagon builder or a cartwright. Heinrich's grandfather Jacob Sidler born 20 March 1608 was also a Wagner. A cartwright, or wainwright, is a tradesperson skilled in the making and repairing of carts or wagons. They lived in a time of great religious persecution of the Mennonite Church by Swiss citizens.

The entry also says he was a Küfer or a Cooper.  Coopers were tradesman who made casks, buckets, barrels, and containers for flour, gunpowder, tobacco, shipping, wine, milk, and other.

Documents related to Heinrich Sidler:

Heinrich Sidler birth 16 August 1663 film 8014328 page 193

Heinrich as a child. Sidler and Hegetschweiler Temple Record Book by Julius Billeter page 18

Sidler Hegetschweiler Temple Record Book by Julius  Billeter page 23

Heinrich Sidler death 10 January 1731 film 8014328 page 401