Wednesday, December 25, 2019

BYU 2020

Class 1
Digitize Your Family Records at the BYU Family History Library

It isn't as hard as it sounds. You can organize, categorize and digitize your histories, photos, slides, books and random papers quickly and efficiently with the help of some amazing technology at BYU.  Learn best practices in digitizing your photographs, slides, and family histories using the document feeder, slider feeder, flatbed, book scanner and the slides/negatives flatbed.  This technology can cost thousands of dollars but is free for your use at the BYU Library.  This class will be hands on so come prepared to digitize a family record. 

Class 2
Go on a European Family History Adventure

Learn how you can get the most out of a foreign trip and turn it from a tourist destination to a family history experience.  Have you always wanted to walk the same streets your ancestors walked?  Do you want to see the same sights, and buildings they did? How about eating the same foods and learning more about what daily life was like for them? You can even attend the same church they did. Sounds impossible. It isn't. We will show you how to plan, organize and execute the trip of a lifetime. What preplanning will make your trip a success? How far in advance do you need to begin your research? We will cover tips for keeping travel and accommodation expenses low and how to meet local people that will further your research and add depth to your family history.  Two examples of such trips will be shared.

Class 3
Bring Your Family Line to Life by Writing their History

Okay, you have done the research and know a little about where and when your ancestors lived. Don't stop there, now it is time to breath life into their story. Using internet resources and making contacts in foreign countries you can find out what they ate, the clothing they wore, where they went to church, the taxes they paid, and how they lived as well as how they traveled, infant mortality, schooling, and occupations. Throw in the historical events of their lives and you have a living history, rich in detail. This research will turn dry facts into a panoramic view of their lives and give your family a history worth reading.  Real examples will be shared.